Thursday, November 18, 2010
Overheard on 'Teen Mom' charged


COMMENT OF THE DAY: "I give America 75 to 100 years before it falls apart. It started in the mid-80s and has now progressed full force by the division between those who are educated enough to see this downfall and those who are not educated enough to even think critically. ... Goodbye America, it was nice while it lasted." --unsigned commenter


MTV's "Teen Mom" Amber Portwood faces felony domestic violence charges in her Indiana hometown because of incidents on her reality TV show -- where she is seen shoving, punching, slapping and choking her boyfriend, a police spokesman said. Several comment threads emerged, with a lot of frustration expressed in regards to this story.


Check out the following snapshots of readers' response to this and other stories:


'Teen Mom' star charged with domestic violence felonies


Readers shared many gripes about the role of TV in society and a perceived different standard for domestic violence by women, against men. Ray2447 said, "Shelter and services are virtually nonexistent for male victims of domestic violence and their children, so those options out of a bad relationship, which are routinely available to women, are very often not available to men." AdmiralP wrote, "Granted, I do not think that anyone should be abused. However, the amount of men that report abuse are dwarfed by the amount of women and children abused by men. Not to mention the fact that most shelters, if they cannot accept men, will direct anyone in fear of their safety to a shelter that can house them."


wagirl wrote, "Love that people are thinking the punishment is too harsh or that she should get off completely. If she were a man doing the same thing to a woman, you people would be calling for capital punishment! Double standard anyone?" txntv responded, "Yes, yes, it is a double standard and I am OK with it." The same commenter noted that "my wife watches, I promise," adding that he had seen the clip. "She slapped him around a bit, but a freakin' felony?" rrod182 wrote, "The problem is it happened on TV, and if nothing is done about it then we are basically saying in our culture and to our children that it is acceptable." In fact, a lot of concern was expressed about showing such incidents on air. thinkingreal said, "I don't condone what Amber did. Oftentimes, it was hard to watch her being physical with her boyfriend and I felt that he had the patience of Job to take that abuse. That being said, leave it to MTV to exploit the situation and then cut her loose. In their other shows, they either remove the violent person or get them help. I have yet to see any help for this girl. Ratings rule in TV land."


Family waits to see if mother, accused of blasphemy, will be hanged


Our most-commented story today was about 45-year-old Asia Bibi, sentenced to death for breaking Pakistan's strict blasphemy law by insulting Islam and the prophet Mohammad. The crime is punishable by death or life imprisonment according to Pakistan's penal code. "Whenever I see her picture I cry," her daughter Isham Masih told CNN. "I want my mother back. That's what I'm praying for." We received well over 4,000 comments in response. The vast majority expressed outrage, one way or another. Sblount63 wrote in response to another commenter, "The United Nations has weighed in. The whole world is weighing in for this lady. I have been reading this story over a period of many months. Let's hope and pray her life is saved. Her daughters and husband need her."


CrazyDays asked, "So, where is the outcry from Christians around the world? If you threaten to burn a Quran, Muslims around the world threaten all manner of consequences for the act. But threaten to actually execute a Christian and there's no response from Christians?" Some, like NikolaiJumba, said the country should be left to make its own decisions. "It's their country, their values, their laws. Let them deal with it. We have convicted rapists and some murders walking our streets. Let's get our priorities right." Anchorman89 concurred.  We also heard from lots of people debating how Christianity and Islam get along, or don't get along. m1sterlurk said, "There's two kinds of people: People who believe that God created man in His own image, and people who believe man created God in his own image." sandman12 said, "I'll bet you if Jesus and Mohammed got together, they'd get along. All this religious fighting only corrupts the minds of our young children."


Imagine a moon base in 2069


A design competition, created by the nonprofit urban planning group SHIFTboston, asked participants to imagine a moon colony in 2069. Some dreamers and science lovers pitched their own ideas in the comments area. (A different piece on the capture of antimatter atoms was steadily gaining comments as this piece was written.) Mcrobolo wrote, "it sucks that I could be dead before any of this happens." We also had quite a few commenters stress practicality. sr439 said, "Lets solve all the problem on Earth first, before we start to expand ourselves to the moon, and start to mess that up too." drainedout2 said we should "ask these same people to create ideas to create jobs in this country. It's going to take a lot of imagination." pmichner pointed out that the grass isn't always greener on someone else's planet: "And all the moon residents would complain 'Aww! I want to live on Earth!' Humans always want what they don't have."


JonsZX2SR was a bit more optimistic. "We should have encouraged this kind of thought in 1980, instead of engaging in political fighting on this planet. My question is, why 2069, why not 2044 or even earlier? The sooner mankind diversifies off planet, the sooner we unlock our potential. Imagine self-sustaining habitats on the moon and Mars, as well as low-G cities embedded in the larger asteroids by 2020." formosa said we're not quite ready for that yet, except for a small outpost on the moon or possibly Mars: "Michelangelo designed flying machines in his time. But the technology was 500 years behind. We can talk about warp engines and space travel, but we may be thousands of years behind in technology." But all sparky45 could think about was the TSA pat-down for that flight. "Now hold still while we insert the lunar probe."


YOUR TURN: Now that you've read what other people are saying, do you find that your views align with theirs? Think of this as a wishing well in need of your 2 cents. Post a comment below or sound off on video.


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November 18, 2010
Click to view dwight's profile

Blame it all on religion's that have come after the days of the Roman, Greeks and other socially intertwined gods and goddesess that each were responsible for the creation and actions of various parts of the Earth of which some were under the charge of a male godlike figure and others were under the female godlike figue.


Today's religion's all focus around the male godlike figure being in charge of all creation which if we look at political ideals such as Communism you will see not one female is allowed to be in charge but only men and men only are allowed to be "in charge" and what they is is what goes.


There are three religions today that surround this notion of creation which are Christianity, Islam and Catholiscm all of which do not allow the female presence of creation to be thought of but rather that the presence of the male creator is the only form of thought allowed.


How does it feel be a Communist in the form of Christianity, Islam or Catholiscm?


Looking to build a personal communion with your surrounding's? Look to the Greeks and Romans and other gods and goddesses of a real diverse nature. This time however the ancient gods and goddesses are not based upon skin color. Otherwise remain a Communist the rest of your life.

November 18, 2010
Click to view mwcfreedom's profile

"like a shipwreck we die going into ourselves,

as though we were drowning inside our hearts,

as though we lived falling out of the skin into the soul"...Pablo Neruda.  Enjoy civilization's final decline; as we are destitute of normalcy, and engorged with technology.  Our salvation lies within the decline of ourselves.

November 18, 2010
Click to view RingWangerz's profile



Nothing you said made any sense.

-Christianity and Catholicism are the SAME THING.

-How did Communism come into the conversation? because i am totally lost

-Your conclusion about greeks and romans makes no sense

-You don't have to put an apostrophe EVERY time a word is plural


November 18, 2010
Click to view Idiodcracy's profile

Only foreign violence is permissible.  All domestic violence must end!

November 18, 2010
Click to view Aidra's profile

I'm commenting only to disagree with the comment of the day. I believe the downfall of America goes hand-in-hand with Baby Boomers.

November 18, 2010
Click to view KofyBean's profile

<<..amount of men that report abuse are dwarfed..>>


That's cuz unless you have a video camera recording the incident, the man always gets arrested.

November 18, 2010
Click to view ShovelingSnw's profile

All you decline criers, who is going to take our spot ? That's what you have to ask yourself.  If you think the world is going to let China do it you are sadly mistaken. American be in decline, doesn't mean China's going to do crap.

November 18, 2010
Click to view nuclearfreak's profile

And I am commenting to Aidra.  It's not the Baby Boomers... It's the lack of effort of the younger population to pay their dues.  My parents paid their dues... people just need to get a job or starve.  2 years of unemployment benefits... yeah... IQ's are definately dropping throughout the years.

November 19, 2010
Click to view ColinJaed's profile

I know from personal experience the humiliation and frustration of not reporting domestic violence. When I finally had enough and phoned the police, she took the kids and walked away, and the police arrested me. I am 6'1", 250 pounds, she is 5'1", 130 pounds. I lost my children, and while I can claim some measure of self-respect and dignity for finally saying "Enough", I waited too long and turned the other cheek to often. There is little or no help for men; Child and Family Services knew what happened, but stood by and did nothing. The police apologized, didn't charge me, and that was it.

November 29, 2010
Click to view BFHirleman's profile

With regards to the comments on the Decline of America: You remember how Rome fell apart? Overexpansion,the largest empire in the world means nothing if you are too tied up in bureaucracy and internal faction fighting. They too had to outsource alot of things, including their national defense, sound familiar? Only differences so far is that we haven't sold off Oregon or any other land, something they were forced to do when the "barbarians" non-Romans who had been defending the Roman Empire came to collect, they were told to bug off. Instead they sacked Rome and took what was theirs by treaty. When you owe international debts and refuse to pay it's easier for the people you owe to take your most fertile lands and your tresuries than wait for you to honor your word. Oh, that's right, nobody believes in "honor" anymore. Well, China may not replace us, maybe the European Union or some other such political and military body will. Either way, look at Rome, then look at the current USA. USA in Iraq, Romans in Judea. USA in Afghanistan, Romans in Germania. They thought they were the shining beacon of freedom in the world too. But just like all political systems or plans: Sounds good in theory, but the greed of the race of humanity, Men and Women, Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, Arabic, etc. Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu. Greed destroyed the very Empire our Founding Fathers based our country off of, you remember Enron? No country lasts forever, not a single one. Empires rise and fall through out history, the USA is no different than any others, no better and no worse.

November 29, 2010
Click to view BFHirleman's profile

Ok, for one, the Christian story of Creation and the Great Flood is stolen from an even more ancient religion than Christ. Those stories have existed for thousands of years before Western men decided to turn the beliefs of others into their own for conversion. Look at the Saints of Catholicism, and the story of Christ. They all go back to older faiths: the Saints are like the ancient pantheons of gods and Christ is another rewrite: Hercules and many other Heroes. By the by, when you call somebody a "hero" remember that the ancient meaning of that word meant that they were born of the blood of a god and had special powers and were uncorruptible by the mortal world. Again, learn your history!!! I know it's hard, but put down the F*!@$%^ potato chip and pick up a book, after washing your hands. What's that? words? on paper? who would do such a thing?! I know, scary, but pick up a copy of the Egyptian Book of the Dead, not translated by Budge, he was an antiquities pirate and fraud, read the stories, see if they sound similar to the Bible, Quran or Torah. Then get back to me.

November 30, 2010
Click to view Johntitor's profile

Attention United States, THis is John Titor, yes im back. You really need to take part in what im saying. There needs to be a stop to the war with korea and iraq. Its going to lead to terrible things and tons of ppl killed. I can't tell you how to stop it, just make sure it's done. Your government needs to start telling your people whats going on. Stop hiding things from them. Please listen to this. It will save many lives and help out evertyone.

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