Friday, November 19, 2010
Overheard on To circumcise or not to circumcise


COMMENT OF THE DAY: "I think we should circumcise San Francisco from the union. Just cut the whole city off and dump it in the ocean. Bet we wouldn't even feel it." --stonecrow


A man named Lloyd Schofield wants to add a new law to the books in San Francisco: A ban on all male circumcisions. Those who violate the ban could be jailed (not more than one year) or fined (not more than $1,000), under his proposal. Circumcisions even for religious reasons would not be allowed. Schofield and like-minded advocates who call themselves "intactivists" seek to make it "unlawful to circumcise, excise, cut, or mutilate the whole or any part of the foreskin, testicles, or penis" of anyone 17 or younger in San Francisco.


Discussion was, as you might expect, passionate. Check out readers' responses to this and other stories:


'Intactivists' to San Francisco: Ban circumcision


We received more than 1,000 comments on this controversial story and a bunch more comments on a blog post about the story's comments. Commenters were extremely passionate participants, making multiple posts and engaging other commenters for hours on end. Some were incensed about San Francisco's Happy Meal controversy, and saw this as an intrusion onto personal rights, whether for the family or the baby. Sentiment was split pretty even. Some said it was a harmless operation, while others felt violated and feared altering a very personal part of their bodies. Those in favor questioned whether it was a good idea to wait for a more-complicated operation on a grown male. RKW29 said, "Happy Meals or circumcisions, this is getting ridiculous. Show me some facts that professional circumcisions are dangerous, unhealthy, or has caused impairment or death and I might reconsider. Show me evidence that eating Happy Meals responsibly and only occasionally caused detrimental health effects. Let people live their life the way they want for themselves or their children. My common sense says this is not child abuse and I certainly have no memory of [my circumcision]." jake1969 thanked his parents for circumcising him, and said there were many health benefits including reduced risk of getting HPV, herpes and HIV. "Anyone who is circumcised have any quality of life issues? Yeah, I didn't think so," No24 wrote. SteveOBoston said he had no issues and felt "no longing for what might have been."


talon4 was among the commenters advocating against circumcision, saying it is painful, unnecessary and harmful to sexual pleasure. blueparadise called circumcision a "barbaric procedure" that is traumatic for young infants and that removes sensitive nerve endings on the foreskin. Jnsvd241 wrote, "99 percent of you guys are looking at this the wrong way. You are saying that they are taking away 'your' rights [to circumcise], when it is not your right in the first place." frentress wrote, "I have three sons. The oldest was circumcised and the twins were not. Their father, my second husband, forbid it. For the two of them it was hard for them to learn to clean the area as very young boys. They said it hurt when they had to pull the skin back to clean, but they learned and got through it. As teens now in high school football they say they have larger personal parts then other boys because the skin is there, so of course it gives them the ego. I have had partners with or without and find that the ones without a circumcision are more sensitive. It is a personal descision. If they get this law on people, what is next?!"


Scientists capture antimatter atoms in particle breakthrough


Scientists have captured antimatter atoms for the first time, a breakthrough that could eventually help us to understand the nature and origins of the universe. Researchers at CERN, the Geneva-based particle physics laboratory, have managed to confine single antihydrogen atoms in a magnetic trap. This sparked a tangential discussion about science and society. inc0gnit0 wrote, "Philosophy, science, and religion all ask the same basic questions: Where do we come from? What is the meaning of existence, etc.? Philosophy tries to apply the human intellect through reasoning and logic. Science tries to do through observation and experimentation." TheOverlord responded, "You could write a thesis about this topic so I won't jump in deep except to point out that science is a tool, a very powerful one but still a tool. In itself science has no purpose since it is simply a methodology for determining fact from non-fact."


Barrinmw and several others bemoaned science education in the United States. "The truly scary thing in current times. The most advanced math you take as an undergraduate in college was created in the mid 1800's. The most advanced physics you take is 50+ years. To get into anything current you have to go into grad school and then, you only study what is new in your particular field. Scary when you really think about what that means." One unsigned commenter noted, "I cannot believe people were talking about traveling faster then the speed of light earlier in these comments. It's impossible by the way. And sorry for getting off topic." jphilly08 responded, "People used to think flying through the air was impossible, space flight was impossible, traveling long distances without a horse was impossible, curing diseases was impossible, talking to people far away over an electrical wire -- impossible! Sailing around the world, impossible! A black president -- impossible! Balancing the national budget -- impossible! You get the point."


Senate expected to pass black farmers settlement


The U.S. Senate is expected to approve $1.15 billion Friday to fund a settlement initally reached between the Agriculture Department and minority farmers more than a decade ago, according to Senate sources. Debate was lively, focusing on racial conflict as well as slavery and discrimination in U.S. history. Mickety wrote, "I am as white as they come. Seriously, if we were in the midle of black Africa, do you think we would get a fair shot at anything? Give them a break, pay them their money. As you know, they didn't get a fair shot here. Same for women and other ethnic groups." chuck916 wrote, "This country was built on the backs of African slaves and we get no thanks or apologies for it. This country became an economic powerhouse because of slave labor."


Some commenters thought the idea was insulting. believeyoume wrote, "Blacks will never reach equality and total assimilation, like they want, until they are treated like everyone else, and demand to be so. Just like Clarence Thomas when he didn't want to be considered at his university by any racial preferences, because he wanted to do things on his own merit, and not because he was black. There should be no such thing as subsidies, or tax breaks, or incentives, or whatever, for a race or ethnic group. That only further divides people." CrazyTown wrote, "When will we ever stop acknowledging differences in races and let the future children of all races and colors realize that all races are treated the same? Until this ever happens the United States will acknowledge and create racism. The days of favoritism or adjusted scores on testing, etc., should be banned as they are wrong. This just feeds the Klan or the Black Panthers or any or group to acknowledge and promote racism."


YOUR TURN: Now that you've read what other people are saying, do you find that your views align with theirs? Think of this as a wishing well in need of your 2 cents. Post a comment below or sound off on video.


Compiled by the moderation staff. Some comments edited for length or clarity.

November 19, 2010
Click to view joanhonolulu's profile

Yes it should be banned....mutilation...

November 19, 2010
Click to view jahenders's profile

San Francisco is amazing -- they work to ensure unfettered access (for anyone of any age) to a procedure that kills unborn children and access to a procedure to surgical change the gender of a person, and blather endlessly about "respecting diversity"; yet they then deny people the right to buy the food they want for their children and now are considering banning a safe, millenia-old procedure used for religious and sanitary reasons.   So, much for respecting the beliefs of Jews, Muslims, and many Christian -- only the views of atheists, pagans, wiccans, and the like are respected there.

November 19, 2010
Click to view powerpess74's profile

I think it should not be banned.  It is more sanitary, and most if not all women will say that they will not go down on a man if they are not circumcized.  Even straight from the shower, there is still an odor, not sexy

November 19, 2010
Click to view GCaple's profile

Neither one of these laws will pass a Constitutionality test for the same reasons that Roe v. Wade has been upheld.  Circumcision is a very private matter and any attempt to "regulate" it would be overturned.

November 19, 2010
Click to view Mickmaster's profile

I'll never understand religious people. They believe that there's an intelligent being who created everything for a purpose, then slice off pieces of his creation.

November 19, 2010
Click to view gottalight's profile

oh, I get it...  a transparent, juvenile attempt at marketing cnn as having "intelligent" or "more informed" viewers/listeners or whatever that dumb broad at NPR dumped out of her mouth re: bubble boy.  Bwwwwaaaahahahahahahahahahaha!  God!, give me strength to endure the idiocy of the media geniuses.

November 19, 2010
Click to view DrWardCiacII's profile

I think all union members should be circumcized. Certainly all Africans that is the best AIDS prevention.

November 19, 2010
Click to view 47anthony's profile

No!! Absolutely no! And it is not matter of parental decision. What if parents are idiots? This is a matter to be regulated by federal (not state) law. It is a great shame that this kind of issues are even discussed... in supposed to be a civilized country...

November 19, 2010
Click to view BlueK's profile

This is way more thinking about genitalia than I really wanted to do today.

November 19, 2010
Click to view michael3893's profile

Its a useless procedure.

November 19, 2010
Click to view Philtbn2's profile

After reading the above comments, and then suffered through the subsequent posts. I have come to the following conclusion: After much thought and genuine reflection on all of the above subject matter, considering the people making the generous offers of their wisdom and advice on these matters of import, The Human Race Is Officially Doomed. No species can exist when represented by such complete morons...

November 19, 2010
Click to view drinkesb's profile

Turtle-necks went out in the 80's kids.  I say, Off With Their Heads!

November 19, 2010
Click to view waggendog's profile

Yea...  this isnt an issue that'd rub anyone wrong.  People wanting the government playing with all our penis's....  San Fransico....  "We want our government inspecting our genitalia by law" should be the new bay area motto.

November 19, 2010
Click to view Carolleigh's profile

Cleanliness in young boys is much tougher when all is intact.  Circumcision is done with an anesthetic - two of my three slept through it.  Never a whimper...didn't seem traumatic at all.  This is totally a family decision - government, STAY OUT.

November 19, 2010
Click to view Skeptic82's profile

I always have to look at it this way:

Lets pretend circumcision, as a medical procedure, did not exist.  It's never been done, no one knows about it, it sounds as odd as cutting the lobe of the ear off.  Ok, got it?  Good.


What evidence then, would lead scientists and doctors to recommending cutting off the foreskin of the penis after childbirth?  I man, in the context above, -can you fathom it?  There are probable slight benefits to any number of procedures you could dream up.  I mean, any mass you cut off is less mass that could potentially get infected or cancerous.  But do we use that justification for anything?


The purpose of this thinking game was to show that the only reason circumcision is so vehemently argued by proponents is because the evidence to support it was gained after the fact.  It's confirmation bias.  Both sides have valid arguments, but when you change the context, the proponent side crumbles into oblivion...

November 19, 2010
Click to view ArmyBrat's profile

There's nothing wrong with circumcising males if the right person does it.  I'd never allow a surgeon to do it since they use electric scalpels and that leaves them with poor hand control.  They should use a qualified, "moyel", a Jewish male who specializes in this procedure.  However this does NOT apply to females since the reason to circumcise females is not a commandment from God but rather a tribal practice to control female sexuality.  They do not want females to enjoy sex, just produce babies.

November 19, 2010
Click to view Lerianis's profile

There is no reason to circumcise a male, period and done with. It is the allegory to FGM in a female, a non-necessary surgery that is not done for any good reason.


Just leave the kids wieners ALONE and allow them to decide for themselves whether to get circumcised or not when they are old enough to decide.... about 13!

November 19, 2010
Click to view palplus's profile

I have seen the most important advantage of not having circumciation is when you get older.  About 50% of people by age 50 gets enlarged prostate.  One of the side effect can be that when you urinate, it sprays allover.  If you have the extra bundle of skin, you still can direct the flow where you want.  Think about it.  Nature creates nothing for no reason.  Also it is a good protection.

November 20, 2010
Click to view Progressive7's profile

Hmmm, right wingers are outraged that junk food like Happy Meals are in danger of being prevented from poisoning children yet they largely favor cutting off the end of baby's penises at birth. Maybe these people really are self-loathing hypocrites. Just a thought . . .

November 20, 2010
Click to view BAH24's profile

Anyone who says there's "no good reason" for it doesn't know how to research for themselves.  It has been proven to be cleaner and more sanitary to have a circumcised penis.  Female circumcision has no good reason, I agree.  But there is clear evidence on the benefits of circumcision.

November 20, 2010
Click to view DTruthBTold's profile

Pfft if you are too chicken shit to be circumcised don't criticize others who wants to do have it. Period.

November 20, 2010
Click to view DanteXXi's profile



IF I was born with it - THEN I believe that Nature meant for me TO HAVE IT.  Although I WISH that Mom had left me "in-tact" she did NOT do so and that REALLY was HER decision as a Mother to make - But from the looks of it and from what I have been told "the little bit of skin" that the Dotor took off my Dick was not "missed" AT ALL.  I believe this REALLY is a matter for THE PARENTS to decide and NOT a decision for the Government to make.

November 20, 2010
Click to view crisy003's profile

You know, me and my boyfriend have talked about this for when we hope to have kids someday. He was circumcised as an infant, and he says without a question that he wants his own sons to have it done as infants as well. I say, don't make it illegal. Some people feel strongly about having it done. All my other girl friends say their guys were circumcised and they don't see anything wrong with it. So really, maybe we shouldn't worry so much about banning it, but rather improving the quality of the people who perform the surgeries and ensuring that our nations future men have will have this procedure done properly.

November 20, 2010
Click to view Luke7's profile

Pretty much everyone that's been circumcised has little to no choice but to advocate it, since they don't have it anymore. But most of them didn't even get to decide, yet now since there's no way back they just throw the 'sanitary' and 'it looks better' arguments all over the place. How exactly is it more sanitary? you just scarred your penis for life, the foreskin moisturizes the glans without it its just a dry tree bark, you also lost sensitivity yet there's no way for you to tell now!


Lets take the female genitalia, how do you think women 'get wet', it also helps keep the vagina clean naturally, if you were to somehow mutilate part of it for sanity's sake you are an idiot that created a problem out of nothing, same goes to the penis.


It is there for a purpose, if the foreskin was supposed to go the way of the umbilical cord then it would have come to that but obviously it serves a greater purpose

November 20, 2010
Click to view josslynL's profile

i'm going to be real. a circumcised penis LOOKS better than an uncircumcised penis.

November 20, 2010
Click to view mejazzbo's profile

Many years ago when our son was born we decided not to have him circumcised. We thought it should be up to him when he is old enough to make his own informed decision. That being said, I don't think it is the governments place to make decisions of that nature for anyone.

November 20, 2010
Click to view MrMercutio's profile

No circumcision until 17.. then you should have it available on health service free of charge.. Only problem is there are bad parents out there who do not teach good hygiene to their young sons. Government should have no say in this private matter.. Back off..

November 20, 2010
Click to view bitnar's profile

Oy vey!

November 20, 2010
Click to view larena's profile

OMG I can´t believe this banning this do you know that is healthier to have it done,

wow shocking very shocking thanks

November 20, 2010
Click to view osabama's profile

After reading all the posts here, I have observed a distinct pattern of people's behavior. Those who opposed circumcision are uncircumcised, whereas those in favor of circumcision are themselves circumcised.

November 20, 2010
Click to view northernrny's profile

As a physician, I don't believe that it is a parent's choice to perform elective surgeries on their children.  If an adult male wants to cut, puncture, or in any way adulterate his body, in America, he can do that.  There is no more complication to performing circumcision on an 18 year old who chooses to be circumcised than there is on an 8 day old who did not choose to be circumcised.  We would be outraged if parents randomly decided to remove non-essential organs such as gallbladders from their children as an elective procedure.  Circumcision is no different.  Children that are educated and cleaned and adults that are clean have no greater chance of infection or illness than someone who is circumcised.  It is time that we stop the common practice of this procedure, and classify it as the elective adult cosmetic procedure that it is... along the lines of getting an earring or tattoo!

November 20, 2010
Click to view Beuregard's profile

I'm 75, and was born at home under the care of the family doctor.  He told my mom that in his opinion, circumcision was only a way to increase the doctor's billings.  Today, it is a quick $50. The justification is the same.


Reviewing the comments, it is incredible the uninformed opinions.  One, cleanliness is key.  To almost all the issues.  Clean it well, and it doesn't stink. Period.  Same with a vagina.  Clean it well, often, and it does not harbor bacteria, etc, and the probability of infections go way down.  The data that is used to suggest that intact men get more infections does not correct for personal cleanliness.  Any more than the data that says pills are not a perfect contraceptive corrects for the people that forget to take it.


As for appearance, sweetheart, that is, a "helmet fan", just learn to peel it back.  You will be glad you did.  The protected helmet is smooth, generally, while the unprotected one starts to look like a wrinkles cauliflower ear.

November 20, 2010
Click to view BarryC16's profile

There is no medical reason to continue this barbaric practice. Europe and the rest of the world refuses to do it unless parents petition their doctors. Primitive religious practices are no basis for surgical proceedures.

November 20, 2010
Click to view Zero10's profile

How the hell does circumcision prevent HIV? Magic? I'm glad my mother kept my twinkie in the wrapper. And to the people that say it's dirty, TAKE A SHOWER. Circumcision is evil and archaic, it would be like snipping off the hood of the clitoris.

November 20, 2010
Click to view RationalGal's profile

How about letting each parent decide what to do with their child? Yeesh.

November 20, 2010
Click to view KCArrowhead's profile

Some are in favor, some are not.

Claims that it is harmful cannot be proven.

Neither can claims that it is harmless.

It is, however a procedure that is hardly an uncommon one, and one that has been practiced for millenia.


With this in mind, I don't think any governmental body has the right to intrude into families private choices in this matter.  Inasmuch as there is a religious component to this as well puts it on shaky constitutional grounds.


Obviously though, San Francisco is filled with meddlesome activists who have no problem dictating to you how you should lead your life - as long as it follows the progressive playbook.


As for me and mine, circumcision hasn't bothered me a bit.  It does its job just fine, and I have no complaints.

November 20, 2010
Click to view cjosephgray's profile

So let me get this straight, San Francisco: it's not okay to circumcise a baby, but it IS okay to destroy it altogether with abortion. Got it.

November 20, 2010
Click to view Skywola's profile

My parents, for reasons unknown, had me circumcised, and given the choice, I would not have wanted it.  So I can say that I unambiguously stand against this horrendous practice.  As those who do it in the name of god support circumcision, I suppose they would also support cutting off the babies arm if that were tradition too.  These are the people who support war if they believe it is god's plan, who do all they can to impose their ways on the general population, swear it is all done because they have "faith", but then defend it as if it were "fact".

   They believe in one tyrannic "perfect" god who demands that everyone grovel at his feet, and call that love, they think that the world was created by this tyrant, and done so within a matter of days, and, that the earth is less than ten thousand years old, dispite the multitude of evidence to the contrary. 

   I wonder if any of these cowards would agree to have their index finger cut off, if it were deemed "god's plan".  It is easy for them to say that if is justified, when it is not them personally that it effects. 

   These people are no less sick than the people who support female genital mutilation.   There is not anything, other than the sex of the baby, that separates them from one another.

November 20, 2010

I don't care anymore.


Just can't be bothered...too much stupidity, too much noise, too much garbage & it stinks.


We have real problems to focus on; if you can't fix the problem don't create another one that you can fix just to give the pretext of doing something.


This is the city that wants to ban toys in happy meals yet gives out needles to herion addicts. Pay attention stupid I'm talking to you!


Smarten up; stop sniffing each others farts & do something about the war of terror.

November 20, 2010
Click to view LeilaBoBeela's profile

Circumcision should be done at the age of consent in my opinion (so should ear piercing), but I don't know if there should be a law that says so.  My husband is not circumcised - I've had it both ways, and given the choice I say I prefer the man that satisfies me.  (those mentioning smell - I've never experienced any off odor myself, but my partner does practice generally good hygiene). 

November 20, 2010
Click to view SeekTruth911's profile

It should be illegal for parents to make the choice.  It should be the choice of the person being affected.

November 20, 2010
Click to view lms's profile

While SF is at it, they should alos ban other forms of personal mutalation such as tattos and pierceings.

November 20, 2010
Click to view BAH24's profile

If this law passes, the next one should be that we leave the umbilical cord until the child is old enough to decide whether they want their belly button to be an inny or an outy.  Both choices have equally little effect on the well-being of the child, and both can be made by parents without the child's consent.  If you're going to do this do it all the way.

November 20, 2010

California has some of the most strange people, laws and opinions in the world. This is why Hollywood has been so successful in destroying America. They put all of this homeosexual and perverted type crap in movies, television and even in cartoons. I vote that we circumsize Califronia from the union and discard. We will all be more healthy, easier to clean and with less HIV and AIDS.

November 20, 2010
Click to view plugugly's profile

San Francisco is the most Socialist city in North America.  They feel it is their duty to intrude into every facet of the lives of their citizens.  This is just another example of that intrusion.  The people of San Francisco elected these people, let them figure out what to do.

November 20, 2010
Click to view hadas50's profile

Amputating healthy tissue, without medical reason, often without anesthesia, without informed consent of the patient (an infant), with no regard to possible complications, loss of sensation, impaired coital mechanics and loss of bodily integrity.  And yet...female circumcision is not allowed.  Curiouser and curiouser.

November 20, 2010
Click to view Kamikaze74's profile

I'm circumcised. Don't remember it happening. Never had any problems. Some girls I've met don't like guys that are uncircumcised but I've never met a girl who doesn't like a circumcised guy.

November 20, 2010
Click to view casmith07's profile

I myself am not circumcised.  I went through a period where I considered it as a teenager because I was self-conscious about it, and thought everyone else was.  Turns out it was really around 50/50...many parents aren't circumcising their boys anymore because it isn't necessary.


Yes, there will be an odor, etc. if you do not wash yourself, but the same can be said of any many that does not properly wash his undercarriage, or woman for that matter.


I don't think it should be banned for religious reasons...centuries old tradition should be preserved.  I also don't think they should seek to ban it if they seek to also allow abortions...but there is something to be said for the argument that female circumcision is banned, but why isn't male?  It COULD be argued as genital mutilation either way.


And the commenter that said he was circumcised because it reduces his risk of contraction of HPV, Herpes, and HIV?  Yeah, okay...dream on, buddy.

November 20, 2010
Click to view casmith07's profile

Oh, and I do agree that there could be a consent age for a boy to have a circumcision - make it around the same time that a Jewish boy has his Bar Mitzvah - that is when he "becomes a man."  Fair enough, if you ask me.


Oh, and sex while uncircumcised?  Ain't no feeling like the natural glide, baby ;)

November 20, 2010
Click to view MotionMatt's profile

My 2 boys are not circumcised, because when it came time to decide I figured more penis(with foreskin) is always better than less penis(circumcised).  ;-D  Plus, it's their body, let them choose.  I know I wouldn't want anyone cutting anything off of my penis w/out a darn good reason.

November 20, 2010
Click to view aginghippy's profile

To those of you who insist that a parent has an inalienable right to do to their child anything they wish, without government intervention: Would you abolish CPS? Would child abuse be a parent's right? Can an American parent circumcise their daughter if they uphold some Muslim belief that it acceptable to destroy her ability to enjoy sex?

Male circumcision is child abuse. It is mutilation of the baby's genitalia for no legitimate reason. If not for some asinine "covenant with God", we never would have heard of such an imbecilic practice. As far as any hygienic justifications, teaching a male child how to wash properly is all that is required. There is NO sound evidence that uncircumcised males are more susceptible to disease. The fact that male babies have been abused in this fashion for millenia is a weak argument.

November 20, 2010
Click to view SeekTruth911's profile

Just for the record, the umbilical cord comparison is imbecilic.  It's an apple and oranges argument and if you don't understand that, I implore you to read a simple biology book.

November 20, 2010
Click to view acfan101's profile

Americans are strange. If you cut off the foreskin of a boy, it's perfectly normal. But if you cut off the clitoris or clitoral hood of the female (which is homologous to the foreskin of a male) then it is a heinous crime. Also to the people saying "what's next if this law is passed? outlawing the cutting of the umbilical cord?" The umbilical cord naturally falls off after a couple days. And for all you christians out there saying that it's for religious purposes:


Corinthians 12:18: But in fact God has arranged the parts in the body, every one of them, just as he wanted them to be.


and from Deuteronomy 23:1:  No one who has been emasculated by crushing or cutting may enter the assembly of the lord.


HAHAHAHA!! I'll see all you christians in hell!




November 20, 2010
Click to view TommyRocket's profile

I believe strongly that circumcision is a personal choice. THE PERSONAL CHOICE OF THE MAN WHOSE PENIS IS AFFECTED. End of story. If it is illegal to tattoo an infant, why is it NOT illegal to circumcise him?


All other arguments can be debated through education. 90% of European men, except for Jews and Turks, are intact, and HIV and disease rates are lower across Europe than in America and Africa (where circumcision is a part of many tribal cultures.) This should be evidence enough for the common man. Other argument are purely about cosmetics.


The foreskin has an anatomical function. And the damage caused by its removal can only be assessed in adulthood. And while many circumcisions cause no problem at all for the adult male, how would you feel if your child's penis became infected and caused serious damage? (It has happened.) Or if the glans penis turned black and fell off. (This has also happened. There are several websites dedicated to examining the damage caused to the penis at infancy because of this "simple" operation.) And, again, many (such as myself) will not know the damage caused by this surgery in adulthood, where complications of surgery begin to emerge as the genitals mature to adult size.


I would never subject my child to this unnecessary risk merely because we, as Americans, have been uneducated for more than 5 decades about this body part.


Think about it: is a parent's personal choice more important than their child's adult anatomy?

November 20, 2010
Click to view PeterBre's profile

I really feel bad for all circumcised teenagers that have to use all kinds of lubrication when they could just masturbate whenever and wherever if they were not circumcised.

I also think that armpits smell and we should remove all the sweat glands from armpits from all newborns because of hygiene. Not to mention bad breath, so I also vote for removing all teeth because they might go bad if not brushed so why take that risk.


November 29, 2010
Click to view BFHirleman's profile

Ok, this really has nothing to do with the topic what so ever, just thought I'd mention that some of you people need to go back to elementary school and relearn the proper usages of the English language. If ignorance is bliss than you people must be in Heaven. Because I can't believe how ignorant and intolerant half of you sound and the other half that do have good opinions can't them across due to you're lack of understanding of basic words. Maybe there is a reason that the US is rated tenth in education. Because obviously the educational system in America is a joke! How does it help anybody if you make them all winners? You can't, there always has to be one without the victory in sports or achademics. Instead we coddle people into a state of ignorance that would horify a cave man should he be able to look upon us today. Same thing with the handicap stickers, if you're "handicap" is that you can't walk because you sat on your ass and ate too much as a kid, well, that's your problem. My aunt had cerebral palsey, she couldn't walk. Yes, she had a sticker in the vehicle we used to transport her, but we never abused it by taking advantage. If alls yous cans do is talks like thises rights heres than maybe you should go back to school and try not worryind about getting your whick dipped in Mary Jane Rotten Crotch and focus a little bit more on what the underpaid and overworked person at the front of class is telling you. Otherwise keep your bloody mouth shut. Just because you have the Freedom of Speech, which is an oximoron by the way, doesn't mean you have to pollute the air with your incessant banter about whatever reality t.v. show you watch or whatever else makes you feel special. You are special, but do so quietly, those of us who know how to use our brains for more than just space filler are trying to think. Have a good day.

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