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COMMENT OF THE DAY: "Can't we all get along for 4 hours?" – Fallowt


Airport odyssey reveals how awful and annoying we are reader Fallowt says flying is inconvenient and that security and crowded planes make travel even more annoying, but he adds that "whining about it doesn't help and just adds to the misery." reporter Jessica Ravitz's experiences flying in and out of some of the country’s biggest airports -- and the travelers she encountered on her 5,900-mile trek -- inspired people to share their own stores.


Pat-down backlash grows during holiday travel rush

The Transportation Security Administration's new security procedures and passenger pat-downs has generated a passionate discussion on There have been more than 4,300 comments on the story, and readers are split fairly evenly, with some saying the pat-downs cross the line and violate civil liberties and others who say they don't love the procedures but think the security is needed to ensure flight safety.


CincyCat  asks if the TSA conducts full body screens at Greyhound stations and car rental places. "If they are truly interested in ‘safety,’ then they should also be at least as strict at these places since far more people are killed on roadways than in the airplanes." Landser adds that "flying has become a pain. What people don't realize is that we have the power over government. Don't fly and let them join the ranks of unemployment."


Robf11 says that people who are complaining about the screenings should "get a life." "If someone were to get on a plane with an explosive and blow … the whole plane up you wouldn't be crying, but your family would be, because you won't be here. What the heck is more important, a little bit of embarrassment or your life? I mean really, look at the guy who had explosives in his underwear. Stop the whining." Reader dav  says that people who opt out of the full body scans and choose a pat-down should have to go to the back of the security lines. "Really hope you enjoyed spending several hundred dollars for your plane ticket so you can do some silly protest and miss Thanksgiving. The planes aren't going to wait for you! Maybe the rest of us will be able to lounge out on all those empty seats you paid for!"


Judge hearing arguments in Oklahoma over ban on Islamic law in courts

Readers also were talking about a federal judge who issued a temporary restraining order against a referendum that would ban the use of Islamic religious law -- also known as Shariah -- in Oklahoma courts. The report inspired debate over the place of religion in society, and if religious law -- Islamic or otherwise -- should be recognized in the U.S.


Noboat1 says that "the people of Oklahoma spoke, 70 percent approved the amendment. Since when does the judiciary trump the will of the people? Something is wrong with this picture, if the court rules against the electorate, look out, cases like this will spread across the country like an out of control virus. Say goodbye to freedom and democracy as we know it (not that it's not on life support anyway)."


curtiscan responded by saying that "if 70 percent of the people vote for slavery in the U.S. then I imagine we should just go along with it? If 70 percent want to change the Constitution, then do that -- but in the meantime, the law is the law. We don't live under mob rule; we live under the rule of law."

Dmwin says that "people of all faiths and cultures come to America for freedom. Unfortunately they face persecution in their own countries and America.” However, jes77 argues that “if Muslims that want to continue their following of Shariah law, then they need to return to their country of origin and do so. They should never expect laws which have governed the U.S. for generations to be modified to fit their desires. Either abide by U.S. laws or leave the country. It is really that simple."


Your turn: You've read what other people are saying, but what do you think? Let us know in the comments below, or you can sound off on video.

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November 22, 2010
Click to view NewsThristy's profile

People - We are at WAR; if you don't want to be "patted"; DRIVE. Until we have full laser body scans - this is the only way we can be sure, we all get there - safely.

November 22, 2010
Click to view Apoluss's profile

I am not mush to talk about security because I believe in it but

Having so many thing done to you just to see if you not a terrorist is

Pass the I live free words.

Simply in a different jail?!

November 22, 2010
Click to view sjkst34's profile

If the war we are fighting is to maintain freedom and liberty in America...i would say the TSA is one of the enemies...A Police State isn't really what so many American's have give their lives for is it?

November 22, 2010
Click to view navyTroll's profile

Sadly the world population is being subjected to the high cost of tight security measures at all points of their countries entries, including humiliating security frisks before boarding a plane. Ironically, much of it can be eliminated when the news media ceases to cower away from the truths about Muslim countries funding terrorism in the name of Islam. All around the world no other religion is causing so much fear and hate to another human being as does the religion of Islam. And the country most responsible for this worldly mess is none other than Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has the world worst human rights abuses, and unless terrorism is a direct threat to their repressive human sovereignty and security they remain silent. Recently, the Saudi government alerted the CIA about a concealed explosive fabricated inside of an ink cartridge. What the public does not know, is that that information was passed on, only after President Obama cowardly signed on a deal to sell them 60 billion dollars worth of arms. You have to be naive to believe, that the Saudi government will not secretly funnel these new weapons to the terrorist against Americans. 

In the meantime, the largest news media organizations in the US continue to publish daily articles and cartoons about the wrongs of the Jewish, Catholic and other religious faiths, while cowardly hiding away from ever publishing many of the evils that Muslims commit under Islam, such as child abuses in Madras’s funded by the Saudi, the treatment of foreign workers as slaves and their silent sexual attacks, and the list of Saudi Islamic wrongs is endless.

Bombs will never change the mind of a brainwashed Muslim terrorist; only the truth can do that. Please publish the truth Mr. President that the Saudi Government is using the religion of Islam, like a nuclear weapon against the free world so it can remain in its abusive power over its people. While Americans are being sacrificed putting out Islamic terrorist fires around the world, the Saudi underhandedly continues to ignite these fires with their silence and schools of hatred. 


November 22, 2010
Click to view george165's profile

The top rated comments oppose the scanners.  This is not even split.  Most people hate this! 

November 22, 2010
Click to view sunrise125's profile

To all you fools, including newsthirsty who think that a minimum wage, $10/hr uneducated government employee gropping you increases security, get educated.  The American public is not so much protesting the scanners (which I think are a great use of technologly as much as the unnecessary gropping that we are having to submit to.  In no other arena would anyone have to submit to such a thing, except jail.  Last time I checked I was an American and that provided for certain rights.  The Patriot act is another way of saying Big Brother answers to no one.  I am a business traveler as well as a Trusted Traveler with HomeLand Security and I should not have to be felt up to board a plane when I do not set the fricken detector whichever one is in use, off.  Enough with the TSA already!!

November 22, 2010
Click to view regio13's profile

My nubian goddess with the afro again.  She can give me an "enhanced" pat down any time.  Better pat down my crotch again.  I just might have a bomb in there.  Better be extra careful.  Just in case.

November 22, 2010
Click to view stewRN's profile

im a flight attendant.  honestly i just want to go to work without the fear that ill be molested in front of everyone so the TSA can make some kind of point.  i will participate in opt out day.


i will refuse a private room choosing to do this in front of everyone.


if i feel violated ill simply gather my things and turn around and go home or back

to a hotel i will personally fund and find my own way home that will not include flying.  The flight can cancel as far as im concerned.  I'm not the only Flight Attendant that will choose to opt out.  Enough is enough.



November 22, 2010
Click to view DeeAnn61's profile

When I go through the airport in Feb and I WILL be sexually molested by TSA THUGS because I have titanium in my spine, when they touch my private areas I am going to scream "RAPE! RAPE!" at the top of my lungs and I will not stop, I will force them to cover my mouth with their hands to shut me up and then I will sue them all into oblivion. CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE FTW!!!

November 22, 2010
Click to view DeeAnn61's profile

How long before we have to remove our tampons?

"She's got a fuse!" screams a TSA THUG as they draw weapons on you..

November 22, 2010
Click to view edmarc's profile

Groped or goosed?   I choose neither. 

November 22, 2010
Click to view hunabkubeing's profile

I've never been affected by a terrorist nor has anyone I've ever known. Therefore I have come to the conclusion that they do not exist. For this reason I should not be searched. That and the fact that I have PTSD, get random surges of adrenaline and am a trained fighter.

November 23, 2010

Loved the SNL skit on this. Screw the TSA scanners. The TSA is for child molestors.

November 23, 2010
Click to view punekar's profile

I am all for security.

I don't understand how I can explain 'inappropriate' touch/touching by strangers to my child and then take the same child through a 'pat-down'. I cannot bear to put my child through this. Its quite traumatic for parents like me.


November 23, 2010
Click to view sifukt's profile

maybe those who are employees have a designated security check, frequent fliers, etc. or do a survey by the people as to how they want to be checked. but again people are being american at their worst, smart remarks etc. what do we want. something to happen so we can say the government didnt do enough. what do americans want do we want to be destroyed because we let our freedom blind us. anyone whos been in the military or overseas knows that the threat has always been there and we have been lucky. we should be grateful we have not experienced war etc. lets come to an agreement on how this should be done and let the experts test the scanners for radiation so that people can go thru them without fear. or we can just wait for something bad to happen then blame the government then say we dont want government just stop being hypocrites. having served in 3 branches and traveling lets be real america we are behind been behind 20 years if it works overseas then we should try it too. after bullets dont care what race, religion, you are terrorist do what they do to make a point and they come in all colors and religions, there purpose is not racist, simply ideology. so lets suggest the tsa find maybe a hand held xray or if you think its so bad take a trip to other countries, i bet mexico would do us worse. 

November 23, 2010
Click to view iswimnaked's profile

Pat me...yeah, that's the place. Pat me harder...HARDER. You filthy Patter. PAT ME! PAT ME! Pat me like I'm a stinking terrorist.

November 23, 2010
Click to view brentmeister's profile

maybe im crazy...

but i dont  have a problem with any of the screening.

flying isnt some constitutional right.  if you dont want to go through appropriate security measures...dont fly.

the screeing, patdowns can be seen as intrusive...but we are flying during times of war.   we need to make sure we are safe at 30,000 feet.  As a people, we cant complain on Sept 12 that our security wasnt ensured/protected, and then complain today when pre-emptive security measures are being introduced to help protect us?  Remember, we had an idea that those 9/11 hijackers were up to something, but we didnt apprehend them because we didnt want to compromise their rights....  we cant forget that.  As someone who logs about 75k miles per year on flights, im all for any and all ideas, practices that make it more difficult for terrorists, trouble-makers etc etc.  Do we really think some security officer is getting some wierd freakish satisafction out of lookin at the xray image of our body? or the rubber gloved through the jeans tape on "the junk" is sexual?  cmon?


Non rhetorical question here: what is the alternative to using the scanners or the pat-downs?   if the pat-downs arent allowed, or the pat-downs cant touch private parts, doesnt that defeat the security intent...  "dear terrorists, because americans have found something new to complain about, we suggest hiding contraband of all types (bombs, drugs, weapons) in your private regions.  u cant be searched there."


These machines have been around for awhile now...we havent heard anything about em until this joker makes a stink about his encounter....this whole media frenzy was started by same wack job california guy who was looking to make a big deal about his screening.  my bet is that his intentions were absolutely to raise a firestorrm... thats why he recorded the screening.  when i saw him, and read the transcript of his encounter, i wanted to punch him the face.   Id guess the guy probably boards 2 flights a year, works at a bookstore and authors a few blogs.  he's lookin to make his mark as some type of movement leader.


since we are aspiring to live in a fantasy world on this topic... ill throw my suggestion out there...

new flight categories...  Airlines can charge more for seats on "INVASIVE but SECURE" flights.  To board these flights, you must submit to Scanners/Bdy searches/Luggage searches.   yes it takes longer to board the flight, and maybe some security guard gets a look at your naked body as it would appear in a scene from TRON.... but who cares? 


the other category could be "ITS ALL GOOD flights"... they are cheaper, theres limited security checks... and best of all, you and all the potential bombers can board the planes without being offended.  Hell, the flight is even cheaper than that annoying, offensive other flight.  dont be worried by the ticking sound from that dudes least he's not being violated.


not for nothin... but the average american idiot will wait 3 hours in line to get into Target at 6am on Black Friday, sleep overnight on a street to see the next Star Wars Movie or buy the newest iPhone, get patted down before entering a concert/sporting whats the big deal about a 40 minute wait, and 5 second security patdown to board a safe flight that'll be 30,000 feet in the air? 


once gain...americans have something else that isnt fair enough.

November 23, 2010
Click to view lkn's profile

I want safety in our airports.  I just question the limits that government/politicians will go to before we cry foul.  This past summer I was taking my 15 year old son to Disney World for a "Magical" vacation.  At the airport he was pulled out of scanner for a pat down.  They took him to a room and patted him down.  He said he felt violated. I asked to go along since he was a minor and they would not allow it.  The pat down put a cloud over his vacation.  Several times he talked about it and how he felt violated.  I felt as a parent my rights were violated.  They took my minor son into a room without me being present.  I cant imagine my sons feelings but I know mine I felt angry and as if I failed as a parent and could not protect him from this. 

November 23, 2010
Click to view Sardukar's profile

Make sure you don't drink and drive, careful when crossing the streets and check you breast, colon and prostate on a regular basis...that will save lives for sure.

November 24, 2010
Click to view KEEPUSASAFE's profile

I just got my bag searched at a local movie theater.  The reason given is that they had to look for outside food and beverages (which I didn't have).  When does the unlawful searches stop/start?  We need to stay safe, but where is the line? 

November 29, 2010
Click to view BFHirleman's profile

Ok, pretty sure they wouldn't make you remove a tampon cuz I wouldn't want to clean that up. As well as, if you want to be stupid you should be glad you're here in America where we allow ignorance and stupidity to run rampant. We've tried the lowered security status thing before, and we always get the same result: Civilians killed aboard a passenger liner, Pearl Harbor, 9/11. So why don't you quit moaning about things and applying humiliating and degrading nicknames to people and understand, IT IS FOR YOU'RE SAFETY, FOOL! Because when you get on a plane and they haven't patted somebody down because people like you wanted to piss and moan until they stopped, then he stands up and detonates a bomb vest or shoe bomb or whatever, maybe just before your body gets torn to bloody fragments will you realize: "hey, maybe getting patted down wasn't so bad after all." How do they keep diseases from spreading? Prevention! No, not condoms, maybe it's about time you stopped being a member of the United States of the Offended and get off your lazy asses and try and do something to ensure you're personal safety! Like the old posters meant to shame men into volunteering for their countrie's service used to say: "What did you do during the war?" Did you piss and moan about how some stranger with a badge put their hands on you? Or did you suck it up and realize that the whole reason why it had to happen in the first place was because Americans were to busy with their heads up their asses to realize: Duh, somebody's trying to hurt me. First pull head out of ass, then try and use the brain for something other than a way to come up with abbreviations for texting and scams and try helping with something that doesn't just benefit yourself you stupid, fat, lazy, punks and get over yourselves!

November 29, 2010
Click to view BFHirleman's profile

Ok, Muslims are not the only terrorists. There have been plenty of Christian and Jewish terrorists too. Islam is a peaceful religion, if you'd bother to take the donut out of your mouth and open your eyes wide enough to read the Quran. What do you call the Spanish Conquest of the New World? When the Native Americans were given the choice: Convert to Christianity or die? And how about the more recent ones? Hitler was all for the Christian faith, not so much on the Jewish though. Or the militias and such like minded groups of idiots and bigots who hate anybody that's not them. Again, check your history, Aryans to Hitler were blonde hair blue eyed, not no hair and whatever color eyes you had the misfortune of inheriting from your mommy and daddy when they decided it'd be easier to keep the same last name in the family. KKK can go to the Devil as well, you lost, South isn't going to do anything again. If they do then what? A four year long bloody war that kills half the population and leaves the South in such a state of ruin that it takes well over a hundred years to rebuild? Think before you go to your next cross burning there Jim Bo. The Islamic terrorists are just people who cannot read the Quran, so it's easy to pervert the words if the person you're lying to can't read them. Kinda like the Mormons. Religious tolerance is one of the pillars of America. If we were supposed to be only Christian, don't you think there'd be a Cross on the flag? There isn't though, so maybe you should shut up, deal with the fact that people are different and hope like Hell that whatever you call God forgives you for you're intolerance of your brothers and sisters in the world. If you can't, well I wouldn't pack any winter clothes when you die.

November 29, 2010
Click to view BFHirleman's profile

In case nobody noticed, but back during the Cold War, we were a Police State. You could be banned from anything from voting to making a movie because you were accused of being a communist sympathizer. We were so damn worried about the "Red Menace" coming to America that we became an extension of what we fought to destroy from 1936-1945 (that's the full length of the war because some Americans didn't allow our unwillingness to fight to stop them from doing the right thing.) I'm not saying America is evil by any means. But again, "Government derives it's power from the consent of the governed." Joe McCarthy would love to be alive now, instead of "Have you ever been a member or affiliated with the Communist Party?" It'd be: "Have you ever been associated with Islam?" And how many of you cowards would turn in your neighbor on trumped up charges? Eh? You voted for the people who are in office, you have a chance to fix that problem in the next two years. Hopefully we show a little more initiative in this election for the good of our country instead of allowing paranoia and hollow promises to prevail upon our better judgement and lead us into a rather odd era. Anybody remember what Lenin was promising the Russian people before the Bolsheviks ousted the Czar and turned Russia into the United Soviet Socialist Republics? "Peace, Land, and Bread." Sound familiar? Maybe you should think harder next election, otherwise we may become the United Socialist States of America. If that happens, then dasvadania comrades, I'll be moving as fast as my family and myself can get the hell out of Dodge.

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