Tuesday, November 23, 2010
Holiday travel photo scavenger hunt!

As Thanksgiving approaches and folks are getting ready for the dreaded holiday travel rush, CNN iReport would like to lift your spirits with a fun challenge. Voila, it’s the holiday travel photo scavenger hunt!


We want to see all the kooky sights from your holiday travels so we can get a glimpse into what it’s like traveling for Turkey Day, whether it’s via planes, trains or automobiles. Think back to the road trip games you used to play during family car rides. What other items should we look for? Let us know in the comments below.


To kick things off, we’re looking for these five items first: the most monstrous bag you see at an airport or on a plane; ‘Welcome to’ state signs along the highway; your best/worst airport or roadside grub; quirky roadside attractions; and the best airport entertainment (airport smoking lounge, jolly bartender – you get the idea).


A big, honking sign welcoming travelers to the cheese state was the first road sign to catch our attention from Jason Asselin. And Marie Sager remembered to stop and smell the roses on her road trip along Route 66 out of Los Angeles. Good BBQ and cool jams at the Nashville airport proved to be a two-for-one finds on the scavenger hunt for Chris Morrow.


As the game continues, follow us on Twitter @CNNTravel, where we'll be throwing out new items for you to find. And while you're at it, tell us how your travel experience is going. Are you running into traffic, an airport security snarl or is it smooth sailing where you are? Send us a photo or a video and let us know. Happy holidays!

November 23, 2010
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Drink on in Wisco

November 23, 2010

Glad to see my Wisconsin Sign was used!! Thanks CNN!!

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