Monday, November 29, 2010
Overheard on WikiLeaks madness

Comment of the Day:

"So lets see, the president of France is an emperor with no  clothes, the president of Afghanistan is a paranoid flake, Putin is Batman to  the Russian president’s Robin, Saudi kings wants Iran beheaded, what exactly was  leaked that wasn’t already known and common knowledge to the masses? Unless you  are really blind you already know these "secrets.”  --waggendog

WikiLeaks’ release of some of the more than 250,000 cables sent by American diplomats from  2006 to February 2010 inspired much discussion. But many, including waggendog,  didn’t think the leaks from the whistle-blowing website were so explosive.  Here’s what others thought about WikiLeaks and the rest of the day’s top  stories:


Feds open criminal probe into WikiLeaks disclosures


There was a split between those who thought WikiLeaks was irresponsible and  founder Julian Assange should be punished, and those who thought that if  American had nothing to hide, it shouldn’t worry so much about what the cables  say.


Simon2010 thinks WikiLeaks is a perfect example of what the First  Amendment was written to protect. “Congratulations Julian Assange! You deserve  to be the TIME Person of the Year! It's funny how those who claim to promote  freedom of speech in the world are doing everything they can to silence you.  Keep 'em coming!”


heathey2 countered by pointing out the potential  consequences of the releases. “Perhaps you want to explain to those who could  die as a result of tensions in the Middle East because of these releases. If you  see broadcasting the property of somebody else to others as acceptable then you  are just as bad as he is. He has broken laws. It's like copyright but a whole  lot more serious.”


An interesting side conversation cropped up over  whether WikiLeaks is actually journalism. Mcdo4 called those behind WikiLeaks  “cowards,” adding that “they certainly live up to journalists’ bad rep,” while  567123 said Assange & Co. are “maybe some of the true journalists left in  the world.”


'Cyber Monday' is mostly myth


Commenters reacted to a story saying that Cyber Monday is more marketing ploy  than actual big shopping day with an almost unanimous response: Well,  duh.


“Wow, it is a marketing gimmick? No way!” said Bobington. “Did we  really need a report to tell us this? Black Friday is also a marketing gimmick,  is someone going to release a report on that too? Basically instead of wasting  your time writing reports like this, you can sum it up in one line: ‘People are  stupid.’”


Many used the story as an opportunity to bemoan how commercial  the holiday season has become. makemlaff said, “This season depresses me. I wish  it were more like Thanksgiving, where the whole point is to get together with  the people you care about and be grateful -- instead of this power-shopping,  deal-getting, wild-eyed, rabid, retail FRENZY it's become. Bleh.”


There’s  a simple solution to the insanity of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, clovers said: Put your foot down. “Regardless of the cost to me, I will NOT have  retailers telling me when I will shop. I'll shop when and where I want. If I  don't like the price of something, I won't buy it, it's that simple.”


Leslie Nielsen, star of 'Airplane!' and 'Naked Gun,' dead at 84


Finally,  readers were saddened by the death of actor Leslie Nielsen, and enjoyed sharing  their memories and some of their favorite lines from his movies.


“Always  loved your work, sir,” said fidgetwidget. “Heaven is a much, much funnier place  today and comedy won't be the same here without you. Good night and sleep  well.”


JonfromLI recalled the umpire scene from “Naked Gun,” which he  calls “one of the funniest scenes in any movie.” “I can watch that scene 10  times in a row and still get belly aches from laughing so hard.”


And tipa052863 referenced what was arguably Nielsen’s most famous line, from the  movie “Airplane!”: “Goodnight Shirley. We love you.”


Your turn: Now that  you've read what other people are saying, do you find that your views  align with theirs? Give us your two cents. Post a comment below or sound off on video.

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