Wednesday, December 01, 2010
Overheard on Reason for the season


COMMENT OF THE DAY: "The only thing in this article that catches my attention is that it costs $18,500 to promote Christ and $20,000 to denounce him!" --BetweenTheLines (Thanks to Lulis Leal for sending the photo)


An atheist billboard that calls Christmas "a myth" has sparked a growing controversy. The billboard is near the Lincoln Tunnel, a 1.5-mile-long twin tube that connects New Jersey to New York. The full message, which appears with a nativity scene, reads: "You know it's a myth. This season, celebrate reason." A pro-Christmas billboard was erected in response.


Dueling billboards face off in Christmas controversy


Readers were largely incensed by the billboard, and commenting atheists both debated the particulars of their views and joined the oppositional chorus regarding the sign's content and cost. PH opined, "I wrote a historical fiction novel on the Magi's journey to Bethlehem. While doing so, I spent a lot of time sorting through what few facts do exist regarding the Nativity, and was amazed to see how the story grew out of very few references in only two of the Gospels. Clearly, we as people - regardless of race, creed, or our place in history - are in love with the idea of the Nativity and Christmas. For this reason alone, we should set aside vitriol and simply enjoy the symbolism and message behind it all. I personally do believe in God, but I respect that not everyone does and I'm fine with that, and that's the meaning of Christmas."


Rick B wrote, "I am not much on religion, but this sign says to celebrate reason; however there is no reason in an atheist's argument. There is no way to have definitive proof that God does not exist." civiloutside said, "Actually, to be an atheist you just have to not believe that God exists - a subtle distinction but one I hope you will try to grasp. On the one hand, it's really easy to be an atheist since there is not one shred of proof that God does exist. On the other, it's hard because it means coming to terms with the fears that caused men to invent gods in the first place. There are a lot of emotionally satisfying reasons to *want* there to be a God, but none that rationally support the idea that it's true."   i, Jimbot wrote, "If you deem your 'one true religion' to be better than others, and that gives you cause to denigrate them, then you are no better than the Taliban." And jayww1998 joked, "I think all the atheists should protest Christmas and go to work on the 25th while the rest of us have it off spending time with friends and family. That will send a message."


Senate GOP pledges to block all bills until tax dispute resolved


Senate Republicans promised Wednesday to block legislative action on every issue being considered by the lame-duck Congress until the dispute over extending the Bush-era tax cuts is resolved and an extension of current government funding is approved. This story was most popular and got the most comments today. A majority of the commenters were upset with the Republicans, while some compared everyone in Congress to a bunch of whiny children.


jeffin90019 wrote, "Imagine the same scenario in the private sector: You and many of the employees hate your boss. So you send around a letter stating that all of you intend to block all of the work you are paid to do and make sure that nothing gets done. You and I would be fired. The GOP and its degenerate enablers give high-fives all around. The rest of us give them the middle finger. America sinks and the GOP is happy about it." Dawghaus said, "It isn't that the GOP is the party of 'no,' it's the Dems that became intoxicated with their congressional majority and used it for shoving an elitest liberal agenda down our throats since they think they just know what's better for us." BlueDogMS said taxes are in the eye of the beholder: "It's funny how liberals love taxes, except when they have to pay them." Lykos wrote, "The arrogance of these modern-day nobles (which is exactly how they view themselves) is astounding. They've already said their only goal is to obstruct government until they get their people back in power, like a 5-year-old holding his breath until he gets his way. Shameful, un-American behavior from elected legislators."


Interpol puts Assange on most-wanted list


WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is the subject of a wanted-persons alert sent to police agencies around the world. We've continued to see thousands of comments on our stories about the WikiLeaks issue. Many commenters seemed to support Assange's work, but others thought the leaks were dangerous to national security. iamsovereign said business owners have to keep some secrets, and so does the country. "It is not about how harmful the documents initially are. Or how they can directly hurt someone. They have already indirectly harmed the U.S. and strained political relationships. It is the butterfly effect." ak2190 said her brother is in the military and that she would "like to know the truth about what he'd fighting for over there." She added, "It has nothing to do with Assange. WikiLeaks is much bigger than just him and if he is taken out, it will go on. How about actually reading the documents and deciding for yourselves whether they are dangerous or not?"


ceejay0214 said, "Maybe they will get this traitor for something. ... What he has done is treason!" m1sterlurk said, "He's not a U.S. citizen, and therefore cannot commit treason against the U.S." And buckybaby wrote, "Everyone wants to blame someone else for uploading some leaked files onto a computer sitting on some desk somewhere. Nobody blamed Napster for anything when this happened to the music industry." Some, like s33k3r75, didn't think the revelations were earth-shattering. "Assange took precautions by looping in mainstream media to help scrub the cables and other documents for sensitive information thus minimizing the damage. I haven't seen anything really surprising or that seems incredibly devastating to world stability. Maybe he has other stuff that they really don't want leaked."


YOUR TURN: Now that you've read what other people are saying, do you find that your views align with theirs? Think of this as a wishing well in need of your 2 cents. Post a comment below or sound off on video.


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December 1, 2010
Click to view Yok's profile

Bible Thumper beware, suddenly people have the guts to claim what is really true. IT IS FICTION. Jesus was a man. He was a Jew. He told one hell of good story, and so did his friends. How else can you tell the Romans to go F themselves. Religion will forever kill, and one religion is never the right one. Because all of it is BS at the end of the day. So, as you get upset on what I say, think of this .... I dont care, I want everyone to have a great happy holiday, celebrate as you may, but dont be telling me that there is a GOD. Unless he/she/it is from another planet.

December 1, 2010
Click to view migz623's profile

True or not, atheists are now as annoying as evangelicals with their aggressive attempts to get you to believe what they do. That's a lot of wasted money on both sides.

December 1, 2010
Click to view DoctorGonz0's profile

I'm down with whatever anyone wants to say.  I think my rights been assaulted long enough with these bible fanatics.  The moral majority has stolen hours of valuable entertainment from me and I want it back.


Jesus is the Rizzle for the Sizzle.  -Snoop Dog


December 1, 2010
Click to view conoclast's profile

In his infinite wisdom He made disease and mosquitoes and republicans!(well, maybe even He would shy away from making a republican) 

December 1, 2010
Click to view myearsring's profile

Free speech for everyone. Agree or not.

December 1, 2010
Click to view AmericanJack's profile

Drove by the signs today, looked up and paid no attention to either of them....just bigger and neater graffiti.  It's my life and no sign will change me. The people stuck in traffic could care less as well. Imagine sitting in in the same spot forever and seeing the same sign every day knowing you still have to get to the tolls and get through tunnel then get parked and then walk to work and.......!?  Boring! Just get the truck in front me them moving please!

December 1, 2010
Click to view lgbones's profile

Pretty sad tactic when the argument is to presume what "you know".  Totally immature. 

December 1, 2010
Click to view silverraven's profile

I tried atheism once but gave it up. Not enough holidays.

December 1, 2010
Click to view Skinski's profile

“...the ushering in of the new world order... will gather into its ranks all men of peace and good will … the embodiment of the emerging Kingdom of God on earth… It is a grouping of all those who... are free from the spirit of hatred and separativeness.” Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul, Esoteric Psychology II, Chapter III - Humanity Today, The World Situation,

December 1, 2010
Click to view Santiago1's profile

To my atheist friends, as a Christian, I sincerely thank you for your outward and blatant attacks on my faith. We only attack when we're threatened and we're only threatened by someone or something with more power than us. If Christianity truly meant nothing to you, you would ignore it or laugh it off. Therefore, your attacks only strengthen my faith that there is a God. To my Christian brothers and sisters, don't waste time and money responding to atheist billboards and promotions. Use your money and time to help someone truly in need.

December 1, 2010
Click to view zvkk2p's profile

Loving God and believing in Him is about faith. I can't see Him but I have faith that He is here with me right now. Because I do have faith, some of you may say that I'm only kidding myself, but it will be the same people who deny Him now who will fall to their knees accepting that Jesus is Lord in the days to come.


It is all too clear that we are now in the throes of the end times and that the Bible (Revelations) foretells of all that will happen in these times. When I hear the news stories on TV or read on the internet of the turbulence and strife that now engulfs our planet, I am so happy that I have chosen to come to the Father through Jesus Christ.


I'm pretty sure that a good portion of you who are now denouncing God will be praying for His forgiveness in the very near future. I would much rather choose to Love Him now than to be scrambling to find Him in the awful days ahead.

December 1, 2010
Click to view Skinski's profile

“'To be a leader means to be able to move the masses.' Hitler’s aim was first to move the masses and then, having pried them loose from their traditional loyalties and moralities, to impose upon them (with the hypnotized consent of the majority) a new authoritarian order of his own devising." Aldous Huxley, Brave New World Revisited

December 1, 2010
Click to view Skinski's profile

Massive persecution of Christian's is coming to America because true Bible believing and practicing Christian's will not fit into the new emerging global paradigm.

December 1, 2010
Click to view Alibiam's profile

Right on, American Atheists. Let the voice of reason be heard.

December 2, 2010
Click to view KCRep's profile

I really hate this sign.

December 6, 2010
Click to view Wintergirl13's profile

Everyone has right to there own religion. Evan if it is no religion. Its THERE choice. So for all of those people out there who say you have to believe, or if they shun the people who have none, you should be disgraced of what you are saying. They may have been raised that way, just like you might have been raised Catholic, Jewish, etc. What if all the Atheists one day started to look disgracefully upon everyone that does believe. NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO SHUN ANOTHER BELIFE! so knock it off!   

December 20, 2010
Click to view toddsaed's profile

Most comments  here demonstrate the abysmal lack of historical perspective that all news has,  the media actually functioning as war mongers and increasing tensions, which have now predictably ended.For example,  N Korea has no deliverable nukes, maybe a couple huge and unwieldy ones, with no way to deliver them, but the nuke issue keeps coming up, while the US has 10000.  Commenters thinks it would be a walk over because of technology to win in N Korea, but China would win, and  tell that to the Viet Namese, people win wars not technophiles with no soul. But the US population ,  being 24th in math and science , and maybe off the charts in geography ignorance , having been dumbed down to serve the bankster corporatofascists interests,  these interests who  want to create fear too,  and justify their war machine to distract from 20% unemployment, and the possible demise of the system, they only want control people, having no real self control, and dominate economically with violence and power. This is a recurring pattern and process in history, when systems evolve far enough  and are about to move to the next level, with the crises preceding that change , immigrants become scapegoats, the enemy out there becomes the battle cry to manipulate the masses, blaming and raging replace the civilized social contract that had existed, while the new one prepares to replace it. Generational gaps will be subsumed by the coming egalitarian socieites.

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