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Overheard on CNN.com: Sarah Shourd speaks


COMMENT OF THE DAY: I hear what she is saying, and I know what she went through must have been extremely difficult…however, the real world doesn't work the way she would like it to. The realities of diplomacy are a bit more complicated than "why can't we all just get along" and "make peace not war." –lev3161


Many readers responded strongly to an opinion piece by Sarah Shourd, an American hiker released from an Iranian prison in September after being detained with her fiancé and a friend (who remain in custody). In the column, Shourd called on the United  States to form diplomatic ties with Iran.


Freed hiker: It’s time for U.S.-Iran ties


“I'm sorry, I'm not aware why we are supposed to feel sorry for this woman,” said chinupcheerup. “She went hiking on the border with Iran, and was arrested for it. The idea that any other outcome would happen is ridiculous.” truthhurts99 agreed: “So a person with a history of making dumb decisions is now trying to dictate foreign policy?”


Bombardier74 thought Shourd suffered from Stockholm syndrome, a psychological condition in which kidnap victims develop sympathy for their captors, while cancertoast said, “I am sorry, I cannot believe a single word she says until her friends are released. If she still sings the same tune, then I will believe her.”

A few jumped to Shourd’s defense or agreed with her argument. Jeffcalgary said, “Voices promoting diplomacy (are) always a good thing. Why do so many people on this forum think that violence is the only way? Don't you realize that you can't afford it?”


VCMD responded, “History is full of lessons that compromising with evil does not work. A lot of countries initially forged relationships with Hitler. Did it work? Same happened with Mussolini, Lenin. If the U.S. was not strong, we all would be speaking Russian now. Diplomacy works only when both parties are sincere.”


WikiLeaks' Assange jailed while court decides on extradition


The arrest of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in London started another round of heated discussion. WikiLeaks has been under intense pressure from the U.S. and its allies since it began leaking U.S. State Department documents last month. The readers seem evenly divided, with some applauding Assange’s arrest while others said they thought sex-crime allegations in Sweden were just an excuse.

Reader inividi said, “Pathetic. This judge should at least fabricate some elegant excuse for keeping

Assange in jail. Shame on British justice.”


ScottyB85 said, “I still don't understand why people view him as a hero. He just released a ‘most vulnerable target’ list. What common man will benefit from that?! There is no way he reads them all. He should not be allowed to play God with these documents.”


heinzel questioned whether the issue could be easily debated along partisan lines. “You people are really confusing. From the comments it seems like this issue is clearly divided between party lines. Yet each comment is different, accusing the other party of supporting or not supporting Assange. Let me ask loud and clear. Do Democrats support Assange, or do Republicans support him?” Reader crackiswhack responded, “I'm a Democrat and I don't support him. Neither does my wife, her family or many of our friends. For the record, neither do my parents and siblings, all Republicans. I think people who break every issue down into two parts, across party lines, are ineffectual, intellectually vapid morons who are more concerned with feeling like someone is listening to them scream than they are with coming up with any solutions.”


'The Walking Dead' finale breaks ratings records


The news that AMC’s zombie gorefest, “The Walking Dead,” posted the highest ratings ever for a basic cable show in the 18-49 age demographic prompted readers to share their love for the program. But they weren’t shy in expressing that they think it shows a lack of brains -- pardon the pun -- in waiting until next October to air new episodes.


Reader Greg said, “What? Next Halloween? Seriously? By that time I'll probably have forgotten a lot of what happened. That is why I try to never get hooked on cable shows. I loved ‘Walking Dead,’ but I can't guarantee I'll still (be) enthusiastic for it a year from now!”


But flightstudent78 said any wait will be worth it. “Hell yeah, I'll wait another year for season 2. It's a great show, which fleshes out human relationships in a dire situation, instead of just focusing on zombies all the time.”



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