Thursday, December 09, 2010
Europe digs in










Parts of Europe are blanketed in heavy snow today. CNN iReporters from France, Germany and Luxembourg shared images of the white stuff piled up in their neighborhoods.


Paris was hit particularly hard Wednesday. Heavy snow paralyzed travel in the region as officials suspended air traffic, closed several highways and shut down the Eiffel Tower.


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December 9, 2010
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that isn't that bad of snow according to these pictures.

December 9, 2010
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Fabulous iReports from our friends across the pond. I love the white stuff and am super envious. Go out and play in it!

December 9, 2010
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why such a big deal europes always been cold from france and upward.

December 9, 2010
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it looks really nice...i live in Costa snow here..only a beautiful summer weather..and some rain too...

December 9, 2010
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I saw worse in Bavaria three decades back. Have the Europeans gotten that soft?

December 9, 2010
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Great timing...hope it all sticks around so they can all enjoy a "White Christmas"!!

December 10, 2010
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enjoy it while it last you wont see many of those global warming

December 11, 2010
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@L121  I dont think you have ever been to Europe.  The climate in Paris: In Winter, sunshine is scarce; days are cool but generally above freezing with temperatures around 7°C. Light night frosts are however quite common, but the temperature will dip below −5 °C (23 °F) for only a few days a year. Snowfall is rare, but the city sometimes sees light snow or flurries with or without accumulation.


In big parts of France, Spain, Portugal and Italy it never freezes or snows.

December 11, 2010
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And Paris is in Northern France.  In Southern France it will never freeze or snow.

December 11, 2010
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The climate in southern France:


Marseille has a Mediterranean climate, with mild, humid winters and hot, dry summers. January and February are the coldest months, averaging temperatures of around 8 to 9 °C (48 °F). July and August are the hottest months. The mean summer temperature is around 23 to 24 °C (75 °F). In July the average maximum temperature is around 30 °C (86 °F).


So, the French are not really used to this snow and cold weather.  Unless you live in the mountains.  So please stop these ignorant comments.  Do some research first.

December 11, 2010
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I'm dreamimg of a white Christmas, as long as it's someplace else.

December 11, 2010
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The environmentalist warned us about global cooling back in the 70's said the planet was doomed.


But did we listen? Oh NO....

December 11, 2010
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December 13, 2010
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Im very Happy thats its snowing because i had a snowday and im hoping for another ! i have a great feeling too !

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