Friday, December 10, 2010
Our Christmas wish: 12 Days videos


We're 10 days into our 12 Days of Christmas challenge and your photos, videos and animations of birds-a-calling and ladies dancing have everyone here on the iReport team full of holiday spirit.


Next week, we'll be looking for the final two days – pipers piping and drummers drumming – but this weekend, we're issuing an additional challenge to you: We want to see more videos!


We've loved Shari Atukorala's fun videos (check out her footage of a maid-a-milking) and David Donar's charming animations (his partridge in a pear tree is especially clever). And Jason Asselin was brave enough to sing The 12 Days of Christmas on camera.


Now we want to see your creativity in full force! You can dress up as a maid and drink some milk or attach wings to a pair of turtles, like Joe Nopic did. The sky's the limit.


You can film your interpretation of one or several of the below items:


- Partridge in a pear tree

- Turtle doves

- French hens

- Calling birds

- Golden rings

- Geese-a-laying

- Swans-a-swimming

- Maids-a-milking

- Ladies dancing

- Lords-a-leaping


Here's the fine print: For editing purposes, it's better if you film either one or all of each numbered item per video (i.e. one French hen or three French hens). Please upload your videos by Sunday evening and check back Monday, December 13, for the next new item in our challenge.


We can't wait to see what you come up with. Happy holidays!

December 10, 2010
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Hey Katie I just did the whole 12 days of Christmas, have I got to do it all over again????

December 13, 2010
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My Christmas wish.......

My christmas wish is to have you in CALABAR.@ the annual Calabar festival of fun, gyration, theatre performance. novelty football,children fiesta,Calabar carnival.

Shaggy,Marymary,2faceDbanj and other artistes will be there. I will also post instant reports on my iReport file.

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