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Overheard on CNN: A blue Christmas

COMMENT OF THE DAY: Modern day Santas! Replacing the Sleighs with Jet-Setters! Loving it.--sweetbella


CNN rode along with Fat Albert, a Blue Angels plane that was used to deliver toys to children in New Orleans as part of the Toys for Tots program.  The story prompted readers to share their own memories of watching the Blue Angels as children. Check out readers' reactions to this and other stories on


On wings of Blue Angels, toy journeys from one heart to another


RPKAK remembered watching the Navy aerobatics team as a child. “The Blue Angels are awesome, and have always been. My family, going back to the 1960s, have enjoyed their demonstrations at the former Pacific Missile  Test Center, NAS Pt. Mugu to these days now. I am looking forward to their next local visit as are my two growing boys. Nothing like keeping family tradition alive and well.”


Shinytoys also had fond Angels memories. “My dad passed away in October of this year. Ever since I can remember … he took my sister and I to see the Blue Angels make magic happen at Willow Grove Air Base here in Pennsylvania. We would marvel at the "little blue rockets" and always be mystified and thrilled at their amazing air show. … I miss the Blue Angles terribly, but I miss my dad and the trips we had together more, to see this great spectacle of flying precision and pride.”


myhalo was excited to see the process of getting the toys from donation bin to child. “A great story for those who put toys in the Toys for Tots bin and then don't know the steps taken by the Marines to get the donations to needy families. What a great organization ... Semper Fi!”


But some questioned whether getting the toys to New Orleans by airplane was a good use of money. coloretaf said, “Great PR mission for the military. Granted, it probably cost a whole lot more to fly a C-130 from Atlanta to NOLA than it would to have just [to have] trucked the cargo, but it's a good chance for the public to see its military in action other than in war zones.” Devatra said, “I think what we need is food for the needy. I don't see priorities here. These kinds of [things] are making Americans more and more materialistic.”


Senate set to debate tax plan compromise


Readers were as divided as you’d expect over whether extending tax cuts would be the country’s only hope or would lead to its demise. There was sarcasm and snarkiness on an issue that readers clearly feel strongly about. Most were fearful that extending the cuts would be only a short-term solution and were worried that a long-term solution might not be in sight. And a few wealthier readers said they were sick of picking up the slack by paying higher taxes.


barko said, “Yes! When this passes everything will be all better. The rich who save thousands or tens of thousands in taxes will run right out and build factories with well paying jobs for all.” ProgVet was one the same page. “If this misguided compromise passes I will have significant concern for supporting Obama in the future. While he made a ‘tough’ choice it is not going to result in meaningful changes in unemployment, social security takes a hit, the rich inherit more and continue to pay less than the vast majority if Americans.


oaktontom saw things differently. “Gimme-ism is the disease; fiscal conservatism the cure.” jsscottIL saw the tax cut extension as “a necessary evil to help us short term. But it may cause even more issues when we get the bill.


Some wanted the wealthy to acknowledge what federal taxes pay for. underdogus10 said, “Tell me how the "self sufficient" wealthy could have attained their wealth without roads, electrical, labor (public educated or otherwise), raw materials (the means to capital), etc?” rs1201 responded with, “The ‘self sufficient’ wealthy have paid for these damn roads and whatever else you list 1000 times over without any complaining. … Just take care of yourself and don't expect anyone else to pay for you or your family. We, the ‘evil rich’ have had it.”



The internet and the ‘end of privacy’


Is privacy still attainable in the internet age? That was the question posed in this story, which ended up sparking an interesting conversation among readers. Many said it’s nearly impossible to maintain complete privacy, unless you decide not to have a presence on the internet at all.


AlteredEgo said, “The cat's out of the bag and it's hard to put it back. My wife doesn't use the computer and I can't find any record of her. Even though I refuse to FACE or Space, I'm all over the Net. Wish I could disappear. I'd throw this thing away!” canuck720 said, “…What many don't seem to understand is that as soon as you get yourself involved on a social networking site and have > 0 friends, your personal information could be out there. … For this reason, I do NONE of that. Google my name, you come up with nothing.”


thatguy371 said it’s all about the choices people make online. “The internet is indeed a two-edged sword, but if a person uses common sense they can still protect themselves. Main thing is to not buy into the arguments of people like Facebook founder saying it's important to keep sharing more of your life there. OF COURSE he's going to say that ... it makes his site more appealing to users wanting to learn everything possible about their ‘friends.’ ” JeramieH1 agreed. “People do this to themselves. It's not the ‘end of privacy’ if you're not making any attempt to keep things private.”


But gruneun pointed out that even those vigilant about their online identities might not be safe. “The larger problems are the people who put up your information without your consent: Mother-in-laws who sign you up for things, people who send out Evites, friends who post their party pictures to Facebook with captions, companies that release your contact info to third parties. Controlling your own dissemination of information is no longer enough.”


YOUR TURN: Now that you've read what other people are saying, do you find that your views align with theirs? Think of this as a wishing well in need of your 2 cents. Post a comment below or sound off on video.


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December 14, 2010
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Awesome is the world! Its  a collection of kiddies delight!

CALABAR FESTIVAL is a blue christmas  with a difference. The local santa claus are  called Ekpe TRADITIONAL DANCERS.Shaggy, Marymary,2face,Dbanj and other artistes will be at the CALABAR FESTIVAL 2010! I  will post shots and videos on iReport.

December 14, 2010
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It would be a great tribute to Richard Holbrooke if his family & friends played the song "SIMPLY THE BEST" - (by Tina Turner) at his funeral services.




Masood Farooqui

Karachi Pakistan

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