Monday, December 13, 2010
Winter's blast brings the best (and worst)





For many parts of North America, major snow storms are a part of life every winter, and this weekend was no exception. We asked iReporters to share the best and worst aspects of wintry weather.


Midwesterner Scott Healy says winter brings out the "best in people," but can mean traffic nightmares - illustrated by this jack-knifed semi-trailer. Scott was stuck for nearly 14 hours Sunday at a gas station along Route 30 in Indiana after officials shut down traffic.


iReporter Patrick Ryan Wilson, who shared video of wind-lashed waves crashing along Chicago's lake front says living in The Windy City means "you have bragging rights about how cold it is where you live until you run into someone from Minneapolis, and then your bragging rights go away."

Pinaki Das says the best thing about wintry weather in Ontario, Canada is its natural beauty. "Everything outside turns white and snow covered - mother nature is so beautiful!" That is, until "the snow melts and driving becomes crazy and risky!"


When you live in a place named Mountain City, you're bound to see a little snow. Tennessean Phillip Mullins shared video of blistering snow whirling outside his home. Yeah it's pretty to look at, says Mullins, but the "worst thing is you're stuck in the house until it goes away. I don't really have anywhere to go except to the mailbox."


A heartfelt thanks to the many dozens of iReporters sharing their stories and images of wintry weather with CNN. We'd love to hear your story too. And by all means, stay safe (and warm) out there.

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