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COMMENT OF THE DAY: "I miss the '90s. All you had to do then was be a paradigm-shifting self-starter who could think outside the box." --turtlemouth


It's a tough economy, and people are doing what they can to stand out in a tight job market. To aid in that pursuit, CNN caught up with LinkedIn to find out what were some of the commonly used words that may not be as, um, "results-oriented" as the speaker planned. With apologies to human resources, check out readers' reaction to this and other stories today.


LinkedIn's top 10 overused résumé phrases


Readers weren't sure what to make of the list, which includes perennial favorites such as "team player" and "proven track record." We did hear from a lot of people who conduct interviews, and they offered some interesting insight into what they're thinking when they scan your resume.


ascoutdad concurred with the article. "As a recruiter, I totally agree that original and creative wording about specific accomplishments reflects that the candidate cared enough to think more deeply about communicating who they are and what they can offer the prospective employer among literally hundreds of candidates."


But bbizman99 said using certain words is important. "As someone who interviews people I am looking for skill and knowledge words on your resume. I will determine your personality when I interview you in person," adding that computers scan resumes for certain words. jennm58 says she's worked with resumes for more than 20 years and one possible explanation is the words are in the job description. "Many times a job duty in a job ad will specifically say, 'team player,' extensive experience required, great communication skills and attention to detail or follow-up."


SteveChicago said buzzwords can be useful from a job seeker's perspective as well: "We use those words for the HR idiot who is reading our resumes. You need to get past that person so that you can actually talk to the person that is going to hire you."


Finally, Ana23 said she was an executive recruiter and offered the following advice: avoid typos, make the format easy to read and quantify your skills with numbers and facts. "A resume that has these three things will tell me within 30 seconds whether or not the writer has the skills I'm looking for, regardless of your use of 'buzzwords.' When I have a stack of 100 resumes (not uncommon these days), it's much-appreciated and puts your resume in the YES pile."


Portrait of a fallen soldier: 'She's finally going home'


We heard from quite a few moved readers after this iReport was highlighted on It featured the story of a painter who was so taken with the death of a soldier that he made a portrait of her. iReporter Michelle Michael followed this story from Germany to Baltimore, Maryland, talking first to the artist and then to the family when they received the picture.


The resulting video package received a lot of praise from the community.


rbailey67 wrote, "Great story, Michelle, and very emotional, especially when her mother touched her face and held her hand. Being a retired soldier, this hits home and is personal to me. Thank you for sharing this with us."


We also heard from anonymous857, who wrote, "I was part of Lt. Perez's notification team when she died. It was a heartbreaking task, but we were impressed with the dignity and strength of her family. I'm heartened to see that her contributions are not forgotten and she continues to have a positive impact even after death."


Senate passes controversial tax cut deal


People have been debating the ins and outs of the tax cut extension being worked out between President Obama and the lame-duck Congress. When the Senate passed the deal Wednesday, our comment boards lit up. Many commenters started to crave breakfast foods when they read the story. For some, it was a veritable pork barbecue.


Soj wrote, "Did you all see that compomise when it left the Senate! It had bacon hanging all over it. Now they all can go home and salt their meat down."  CityBoy34 replied, "Yup, and its not an exclusively Democratic bacon package. The Republicans, who vehemently vowed to become bacon-free, added lots of pork chops and apple sauce to that bill."


willtell called it "ugly sausage-making, but this is the art of compromise. Nobody gets everything they want, but we move forward as a country. I'm actually proud that both sides could meet somewhere in the middle. Hopefully more to come. When they negotiate, we the real middle class americans win. Things get done."


Many responses implied that politicians are out of touch with the rest of the population.


bgnelson said, "ALL of the people in the house and the senate will be sitting in their mansions on christmas watching their kids open christmas gifts. What about those of us who have applied for hundreds of jobs just to be ignored, and have lost our unemployment?" agnosticguy4 responded, "The GOP told Obama extend our tax cuts or 2 million Americans would lose their unemployment bennies during the holidays! And they got away with it!"


Some said they were upset that Obama compromised, or thought he was being too Republican. centerllink wrote, "Obama = new face of the GOP."


Some Democratic-leaning commenters were really steamed at how the deal worked out overall.


Joedaman wrote, "Bipartisan? I bet over 80 percent of Democrats are against this so called "compromise.' If it's just Obama and the Republicans, it isn't a compromise. Democrats had no say in this." 3lwood said, "It's an illusion that this bill was controversial. Look at who supported it in the end. And just scroll through this comment board. There is such a variety of positions, Republicans for it, Republicans against it, Democrats for it, Democrats against it." 


Florida school board members recount meeting horror


An ordinary school board meeting in Florida turned to horror after a gunman, Clay Duke, 56, entered the room. Video of the incident shows Duke spray-painting a "V" on the wall in an apparent reference to the film "V for Vendetta," which is the same image he reportedly uses on his Facebook profile. Duke demanded that "six men stay," and pointed his gun at them. The entire incident got a big reaction from readers, and gun ownership was one of many issues that came up. Readers buzzed about the board members' calm demeanor and debated the spunk of board member Ginger Littleton, who attempted to use her purse to knock the gun from Duke's hand. Littleton was not shot and was allowed to leave the room.


kleepen wrote, "Littleton's attempt was as smart as [Gen. Robert E.] Lee's 'Pickett's Charge' at the Battle of Gettysburg. Funny thing is that [Maj. Gen. George G.] Meade let Lee get away after the idiotic and poorly planned attack as well." Snooks101 called Littleton's actions a "dumb thing that she tried to do," and Aisley wasn't sure what to think: "What an experience for the board members! Thank God no one got hurt. And in regard to the lady and her purse, she is either the most courageous or the most stupid woman in the world. Either way, I won't judge her, as I do not know what I would do in a situation like that."


There were a lot of commenters, though, that were in very big support of Littleton.


evsdawg said, "Granted, it was a dumb move, but I am sure the folks looking down the barrel of the that 9 mm appreciated what she tried to do. Instead of running, she saw some thing that wrong and tried what she could do to make it right. We need more people like her in society. I would like to shake her hand. Yes, she might be stupid and moronic but she has a big heart. She should be praised instead of being put down as fool."


bonedoctor questioned gun use. "Based on this story's comments, regardless of whose side you're on, it looks like almost everyone agrees that all the world's problems can be solved with a gun. That fills my heart with so much hope for the future. Tonight I think I'm going to go out and celebrate ... by buying a gun."


YOUR TURN: Now that you've read what other people are saying, do you find that your views align with theirs? Think of this as a wishing well in need of your 2 cents. Post a comment below or sound off on video.


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