Wednesday, December 15, 2010
Southeast bundles up





"Thinking of moving further south," wrote Cheryl Devlin of Coral Springs, Florida when she discovered her ice-covered car on December 8. "Virgin Islands look attractive."


It may be the season for hot chocolate and carol singing, but in the southeastern part of the U.S., not everyone's used to a potentially white Christmas. States from Virginia to Florida are experiencing record lows, and it's not even technically winter yet.


Devlin lives about three miles from the Everglades "to avoid this kind of stuff," she says. "Who sells an ice scraper down here? What do you use down here, your nails?" she asked.


"I have been in Florida for 12 years and have very seldom seen it this cold, especially this time of year," agreed Dane Woodard, who lives a couple miles from Daytona Beach. He shot the photo of ice-covered branches above. 


Up in Georgia, one family was enjoying the southern snow.


"Snow rules!" wrote Susan Gober, whose kids had fun sledding in Tiger, Georgia. The frigid weather isn't quite as rare where they live as in Florida, but it's still a relatively uncommon occurrence.


"We are all snowed in," she said. "The snow was blowing so hard, you couldn’t see anything."


And one Atlanta resident jokingly considered ice-skating on his frozen community pool.


"We are experiencing high winds along with the cold weather, resulting in bone-chilling fun," he said.


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