Monday, December 20, 2010
Overheard on Boomers vs. Generation X

COMMENT OF THE DAY: "I blame Generation X on Dr Spock. Instead of encouraging their creativity, we should have made them take the trash out." --Zenmistress

For many baby boomers, the proverbial glass is four-fifths empty. A Pew Research Center study shows that 80 percent are pessimistic about the future of the United States. The study shows that they are more worried than their elders and a lot more concerned than the Millennial Generation, which was only 60 percent pessimistic. This story set off a war of generations, with the boomers and Generation Xers trading barbs and still others wondering where exactly they fit along the pantheon of named age groups. Some also shared personal stories about their lives.

New study finds baby boomers are in a funk

DonBeal put the blame on boomers. "Our parents were called the Greatest Generation, but what are we going to be called? We are walking off the stage with the United States in decline. We have a federal deficit that is going to be a burden on our children that they may be able to deal with only by having a further reduced standard of living, and we could not find the courage to deal with it. We baby boomers have failed. We are a money-grubbing bunch, only concerned with ourselves." 4wonderland said, "I'm a boomer and very happy with my life. I didn't get greedy but invested well and paid attention. I didn't lose my shirt or my retirement. I worked for a non-profit helping women and children most of my life so I feel that I contributed something to my fellow humans. I don’t like the way the world is heading but no generation likes what the next one is doing anyway." NotaBoomorX wasn't sure of their generation. "I'm 45 and I'm supposed to be a boomer? Uh, wrong pal. I didn't march in anti-war protests. I got to enter the job market right after the go-go '80s and the older boomers (screwed) up the economy. Generation X? Yeah, let's just skip the tatoos, OK? ... What the hell is my generation called?"

Some blamed other generations. mrdinkers said, "I'm a baby boomer and more angry than pessimistic. In my view, the generations are getting stupider, lazier and greedier with every decade." Yodanonymous quipped, "Boomers may be losing hope, but those of us in Generation X and beyond never had any to begin with." To that comment, Zenmistress replied: "Hope is a choice ... Maybe if you didn't spend so much time playing World of Warcraft, you might have accomplished something by now." Mikeb1 wrote of Generation X, "We carried the boomers. Everything in your life since the '80s ... has been funded by money borrowed from my generation and the next. What we have done is make your lifestyle possible."

DeaconLynch wrote, "Some of the comments here between boomers and Gen Xer's are a bit much. And personally I don't think it's right to throw an entire generation under the bus. What I will say is this: America has changed. In their day, working toward retirement was an achievable goal, but not today. People younger and younger are discovering it's not even in the cards." fireybuddha said, "My mom, who was 4 when the great depression came to town via their radio, told me I'd experience hard times like that, that the pendulum always swings. I told her it wouldn't happen like that -- not again. We'd learned too much."

And, finally, there was YoungSinatra: "I missed being a baby boomer by one year. Technically, the boomer cutoff is 1964. But I must say this is the most word-for-word accurate article I've read on CNN. I think almost 100 percent of what they said is true about me. Wow. Nice to know I'm not alone."

Senate votes to repeal ban on gays openly serving in military

The military's prohibition of openly gay people serving within its ranks is one step closer to ending, after the Senate voted Saturday to repeal the armed forces' "don't ask, don't tell" policy. We received almost 10,000 comments on this story throughout the weekend. The majority of our commenters seemed to be in favor of this action, although there was a vocal portion of the community what was quite incensed.

conoclast was one of the excited ones. "Lame-duck or not, the U.S. senate has finally done something for the good of the country." And judeluke2000 had this to say about all that: "Human beings exist as male and female for a purpose. Their difference in gender is the source of their union. There is no true physical union between two men or two women. Homosexuality is totally contrary to the truth about human life." TheVoices chimed in, “For those that think it will harm the U.S. military, look at Great Britain, Australia, and Israel. All three have a great military, and all three allow homosexuals to serve openly. This is not as much of a big deal as you think. I also find it funny that it seems that most people complaining about DADT being repealed didn't serve.”

whatithink said, "Lawsuits from normal soldiers will make this ‘victory’ a moot point. In the end, you can't force anyone to be housed in close quarters with someone that may be sexually attracted to them. Whether homosexuals can ‘control themselves’ or not in these intimate situations does not matter. The fact that there is potential for discomfort on the part of normal soldiers is enough to stop this. This is one case where their argument for "genetic" homosexuality will actually hurt their agenda." 1979canadian responded to whatithink: "The U.S. is not blazing any trails here. Gays and lesbians are permitted to openly serve in around 40 countries already. Some, like Canada, have for almost 20 years. I have never heard of any such military instituting separate facilities or anything like that. That's because facilities are separated along the lines of sex/gender, not sexual orientation, given that having certain ‘equipment’ goes along with how the facility is set up (urinals in male washrooms but not female ones, etc.)."

novembereign started a heated thread by writing, "I really cant wait for Obama to sign this into law, thereby alienating himself with every straight person who votes that doesn't really think being gay is normal." LJ28 said, "You are forgetting that it took all the people in the house and senate to approve it too. The reason it passed is because our country is founded on protecting the civil rights of everyone. Thankfully the experts on homosexuality don't agree with you. hammerTime21 also had something to say: "Republicans aren't stupid. They would love to encourage as many gays as they can to join the military. Then they vote to go to war whenever they can."

Bad weather vs Lady Gaga

We got quite a few comments on our stories about the weather being frightful everywhere and about Lady Gaga not being able to get her trucks to her concert in Paris. Craig wrote, "Well I'm sure Parisians are upset, but Lady Gaga having talent or not isn't truly the issue. I'm sorry to Europe for the bad weather, but the fact is the show will be rescheduled so Lady Gaga ought not get upset over this. When it says she's stuck on a bus I don't feel too sympathetic. No doubt it's a luxury tour bus, not some icy-cold school bus like we rode on every day." A few other commenters debated the need for 28 trucks to come with her.

Beyond that, Richard in Texas was among those talking about the weather itself. "It's everyone's dream. A white christmas. Even when its summertime. Where are all of the tin-foil hat people?" People like Sean in AZ and MiloB of Phoenix, Arizona, and lolita of Las Vegas, Nevada, chimed in to brag about their gorgeous weather. Brian retorted that it's only because "Mother Nature is scared to enter Arizona in case her papers aren't in order." Several commenters batted around the feasibility of global warming as a possible cause for oscillations in temperatures and bizarre weather patterns, while Denver, Colorado, residents bemoaned the need to head to the mountains to see snow. Finally, there was abidal, enjoying 68-degree temperatures, while Anchorage Ak was experiencing "a balmy 10 degrees F and snowing." 

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December 20, 2010
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You want to know the truth?


You let the Republicans change the rich's tax rates, starting with Reagan and finishing with Bush-era tax cuts.  YOU CANNOT AFFORD A QUALITY LEVEL OF SERVICE WITHOUT PAYING FOR IT.  PERIOD.


Know why we built all those schools and roads in the 1960s?? Because we had the money to do it!  Enter the Republicans.  Go for broke!

December 20, 2010
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The ungrateful younger generation! Social security payments should be tripled for the over 75 gang. The youngsters can pay for it via payroll taxes. The older crowd made the world safe for the assorted lunacy that is going on in Washington. Besides, the geriatric warriors will hurl themselves into the shopping malls and spend wildly, thus stimulating the economy, and keeling over from the excitement much earlier than they might otherwise... thus decreasing budget overhangs. Yes. They are willing to sacrifice their lives to get the budget under control. No greater love, etc. There they go, trembling and drooling in their dementia, throwing money around for nothing of real value. Real patriots! The sniveling complainers? They voted for Obama, the oldsters knew better and are now chortling, glesphing, harschking, and gumming their food into swallowable dimensions as they refuse to beckon to the seductive call of the Grim Reaper. The game is too hilarious to check out prematurely. The illegal aliens, God bless them, do all the really hard work in our country. What would we do without them? Advice to the young and idealistic: Vote every one in public office out of office Clean sweep. Get serious with Iran because the need to avoid nuclear horror should be high on the priority list... or else. The younger generation should be called the "Or Else Generation" because if it fails to comprehend the risks, well, they will inherit the consequences. Inishfallen. 

December 20, 2010
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The "Baby Boomers" were correctly tagged as the "Me Generation" about 40 years ago...and they managed to earn the label.  The two great deficiencies of the "Greatest Generation" were the failure to confront racism and the failure to discipline their kids. 

December 20, 2010
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Baby Boomers? They have robbed generations to come with their focus on "me". "I don't want to pay the price for my mistakes. We need to rob the future generations so we can be comfortable." Baby boomers have left this nation's future in question due to their own self focus and whining. It will take generations to clean up the mess they left. I will be glad to see them gone.

December 20, 2010
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The only short fall of the Greatest Generation was raising self absorbed little children. Smoke a joint and have a love-in lead to doing some blow and selling some junk bonds and now we have a country over its head in debt. By far Americas disgrace and worst generation!!!!!!!

December 20, 2010
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"The illegal aliens, God bless them, do all the really hard work in our country." You lie. All the boomers on my street get their yards mowed by the "illegals" you mention. Boomers never did hard work. They sucked on the tit of their parents and are now sucking on the tit of their grandchilren. Lazy turds.

December 20, 2010
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@Squarf Us paying for y'all social security is already becoming a strain, with it going into the red. Now you want it to be tripled? You gotta be kidding! What a shame that medicine is getting better. The "Me Generation" is going to live longer.

December 20, 2010
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When will this end? How much longer will the rest of the people on this planet...who aren't "Boomers".. have to endure the stories, music, free spirit lifestyle of a vinyard owner, and erectile dysfunction commercials that are shoved down are throats through the media on a daily basis?

The "Boomers" are in such a hurry to take credit for making "changes" in this country 40 years ago....but don't want to take responsibility for the actions they took and the reaction it's caused.

But, I'd rather not get political....I'd like to express my personal dislike of this group.

Pompus...this is the first and most complete word I can think to describe this generation.

I was born in 1969, my folks are text book boomers...I love them deeply..have listened to the stories and CAN step into their shoes.

I get guys have done some great things....but my goodness...ENOUGH ALREADY...retire...shut up and let someone else have the soap box for a while....after all this time of listening to you and your advice...we've earned it.


December 20, 2010
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Boomers are ridiculous. They were the "ME" generation and now are enamored by their kids. Suddenly the environment is a concern? Laughable.


December 20, 2010
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I'm a "Baby Boomer" and I believe that my generation has contributed in bringing great harm to our nation. We supported some good causes (civil rights and environmental awareness)but have cavalierly destroyed families through divorce, abandonment, substance abuse and financial irresponsibility. In my opinion, we are the most self-absorbed generation in the history of America (If it feels good, do it)(What about my happiness?). I am a school teacher and everyday I see the wreckage in our current kids (what I call the "Abandoned Generation"). These kids just want someone to pay attention to them and be an adult and give them loving guidance. They really appreciate what you do for them because many of them have horrible homes compared to what we "Baby Boomers" grew up in.

December 20, 2010
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COMMENT OF THE DAY: "I blame Generation X on Dr Spock. Instead of encouraging their creativity, we should have made them take the trash out." --Zenmistress


GenX has and is taking out the trash - Boomer trash. That's all they have been creating. Further, now they have kids starting out in business. Huge disaster in the making.

December 20, 2010
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Boomers destroyed the United States. Xers are left to clean up their mess.

December 20, 2010
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I work in the Federal Government and work around lots of these boomers.  Many of them have retired by now, but the ones left are a drain.  They with gifted with some of the best pension plans in world history but won't retire because they've spent so much on vacation homes, RVs, boats, and crap like that.  And the way some of them function raises the question "how did you make it this far in life without running yourself over with your own car?"

December 21, 2010
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CNN screwed up in the original article. The generation that came before the baby boomers is NOT the "greatest generation." The greatest generation refers to people who were in early adulthood during the Great Depression and World War II. Baby boomers were born after World War II.


People who were in childhood during the Great Depression or World War II are part of the "silent generation." They were born during the years 1925-1945. They are too old to be baby boomers and too young to have participated in the war effort. The "greatest generation" was born from roughly 1900-1924.

December 21, 2010
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Awesome, an article that can turn each of us on one another. Good going CNN.


Here's a challenge:

Show you're the better generation by having a willingness to work across the aisle, generational gap, racial divide, or religious difference and sort out the problems that America faces.

December 21, 2010
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Generation X is lost. I'm 20 and really have no other hope but to learn another language and move out of the U.S.

December 21, 2010
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We are told to learn from those that came before us. Well, it appears that those people are pessimistic, teaching my generation that we must be pessimistic, or we won't survive. However, part of being young is having hope, being optimistic. Yes, we may be a little naive, but there was a time when baby boomers were naive, and some now have no savings to prove it. Maybe instead of you teaching us pessimism, you should let us teach you a little optimism. Because although we may only have a little hope, it is better than your compete lack of hope.

December 21, 2010
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I honestly get sick and tired of hearing from Boomers about how anyone younger than their generation messed things up for everyone.


Last time I checked, most people who are in charge of our nation (and have stood watch over all the chaos our country has faced lately) are Baby Boomers. 


But all you hear about are how the nation's going downhill because the younger generations are rude, unmotivated, etc. Last time I checked, it was the Boomers who introduced the idea of turning on, tuning in and dropping out. It was the Boomers who became known as the "Me Generation" and now it's an outrage that the younger generations are apparently self-centered and lazy?


But they're not lazy -- they're just waiting for the "wise elders" to step aside.

December 21, 2010
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As a generation, the Boomers are largely responsible for 1.) lowering the sexual norms in our country which has led to the disintegration of the family unit and 2.) an entitlement attitude which has resulted in diminished liberty and self-sufficiency.  Interestingly enough, the "Greatest Generation" was generally successful at living the two above mentioned principles.

December 21, 2010

I consider myself a gen Xer, though on the outskirts, born in 1981.  I'll be honest, I feel that the BBers do have a "larger-than-life" quality about them, and they most certainly will not fade quietly and will not "give up the reigns" until the bitter end.  I believe that their attempts and drive to rise above their parents station had mixed results, good in the short run, bad in the long. I think in the short term that the ability to provide so much for so long to their children is good, but in the end created an expected, yet artificial standard of living that is not sustainable for the younger generation.  This creates a certain amount of entitlement, and not how the world works.  The recession is a reminder of that.  The definition if hardwork differs between generations, I don't fully believe that the BBers understand the ability to complete large amount of work through our connectivity and re-defining what the work atmosphere is moving towards.  i can see how that is perceived as "lazy".   I believe their drive to have a better life definitely lead to a certain amount of greed and excessive behaviors in some ways, and I think that is well reflected in our financial history.  I think that this generational bubble forced the illusion of progress to maintain unsustainable growth and development.  This idea of them thinking they can march off into the sunset with unlimited prosperity w/ no consequences bugs me, and the resulting monster is their own doing.


In the end, i believe that the BBers were ultimately destructive, but hindsight is 20/20.  We are just starting to comtemplate the pollution, financial ruin that has finally come back to bite us during their watch.  The idea of growth over sustainability seems to be unique to the BBers and is a major flaw in the thinking we all still seem to have when it comes to goal setting for this country.  Maybe their depressed that they are getting old, and realized that the world they changed, changed on them. 


And it'll do the same to me, and hopefully i've learned the lessons and won't make the same mistake.  I didn't want this to seem resentful, becuase this is my parents generation, and i love my parents. I think the parental bonds between BBers and gen x are closer that any other, and thats a beautiful thing. but i think that the urge to be providers backfired and left us with the mess after the party.

December 21, 2010
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Hate to agree with all the other Genxers, BUT my boomer parents also represented the selfish impulsive me generation well. It's like they were children. The best role models I had growing up were my grandparents who were born in 1910s.    

December 21, 2010
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My Boomer parents and family members have a distasteful sense of entitlement, underscored by basic selfishness.  I may have come-of-age in the greedy 80's, but my fellow X-ers seem to actually CARE about the fate of the world.  The Boomers sold out while we were still kids and raped our resources before we even had a chance to stop them.

December 21, 2010
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Keep in mind, GenXers are not the children of the Baby Boomers (in most cases); GenYers are. GenX is a smaller group of people. We (I am a GenXer) have been overshadowed by the generations before us and after us, as those groups are much larger. In the 1990's GenX was referred to as Slackers. We now know that those Slackers were really individuals that were creative and innovative and did not subscribe to the norms of corporate America. I was brought up with strict discipline and responsibility, and my siblings and I left the nest before our 18th birthdays to start our independent adult lives. All of my friends did the same. I guess my family was not directly impacted by Baby Boomers as my parents were not in that generation. However, as an American, I have certainly been impacted. And as someone else commented, almost everyone in Washington at the moment is a Baby Boomer, so why are they blaming other generations for the state of the nation? And the Baby Boomers were "friends" with their children, not "parents." That is why the kids never moved out, learned to wash a dish, or appreciated what it takes to make a dollar.

December 21, 2010
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Boomers have messed up in about every way imaginable. The economy, enviroment, parenting (although my parents were great), our image worldwide...etc...etc. On top of that they have the nerve to call us Xr's failures before we even have a chance. Our world will remain a mess until they are dead and gone. They are all so narrow minded they couldn't see the future if it was right in front of their face. Yes us Xr's are more intelligent and compassionate and yes we will begin to fix their mess once they die and get out of the way. It's called evolution boomers, we are simply better than you.



December 21, 2010
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I believe in Boomers

December 21, 2010
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I am a boomer. I don't know which segment of my generation was polled, but I'm far from being in a funk.


I think that too much is being made over a sampling of people as the indicator of how a generation of people feel. As usual, not enough background information is given regarding the people who were polled.


I am the birth mother of hip-hop nation and gen x folks.

We are supposed to be different. It is a different time and things have changed. That's how it has been from generation to generation. We all face different challenges and changes. Either we are going to stop allowing the media to dictate what those changes are, and handle our business or we'll find that no matter which generation we belong to-we'll all go down.

December 21, 2010
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To make generalizations about these groups is unrealistic. First of all, the group boundaries are inaccurate. Most mid to late 40s people I know are nothing like people in their late 50s to early 60s in their attitudes. To group 40s with 60s (and call them boomers) makes no sense except artificially to set a boundary for statistical purposes (see the wikipedia entry for Generation X for a complete discussion of the origins of the term and the ambiguity of the age ranges). I really notice more of an attitude shift from people born in the 1950s compared to people born in the 1960s, not a 1965 cutoff. Second, there are people of both groups that have behaved unethically in terms of leaving a mess in their wake by thinking only of themselves and not how their actions affect others. These generalizations people cite are more about personal attributes and not generational attributes.

December 21, 2010
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Boomers = Soylent Green

December 21, 2010
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Want to know why there are so many boomer-bashing posts here?  Because they are all posted by the gen-x'rs.  The boomers don't have time because they're working to pay for the laziness of our offspring.  If there's a failing in the boomers, it was trying to befriend our children instead of disciplining them.  Most of them can't spell, don't know geography, and can't do math.

December 21, 2010
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Every generation has its faults, and the defining characteristics of a generation are determined as a reaction to the preceding generation.  The Boomers were idealists.  They'd change the world, or something.  They believed.  But in the end this idealism met the same fate as most other grand ideals: it wasn't focused on changing the world for the better, but instead getting the most out of the world for the idealist.  Gen Xers grew up in broken homes as latchkey kids during the culture wars of the 70's and 80's.  We saw how broken and failed the idealism of our parents turned out to be, and so we just turned cynical.  Witness the reign of irony in lieu of substance; the meditations over heat instead of light.  I am sure that Gen X will wreck the world in new and novel ways, but it was Boomers that foisted Reagan and Bush I on the world, and also Clinton.  These economic liberals created conditions that are truly, horribly punishing people my age.  I think the Boomers did a lot of good for the world by opening dialogues that they never actually saw through, and perhaps it is the liberalizing social attitudes of the Xers and the Millenials that will be the true legacy of the Me Generation.  The greed and looting of future generations and other labor markets, however, will be as much of a blight on the Boomers as the Greatest Generation's inability to confront racism and sexism.

December 21, 2010
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This is just an opinion of people I have observed. 


Start with the: 

"Greatest Generation"

At least that is what they have been called. The seemed to live with a strict since of family, honor, and duty.

Perhaps to much.

After they returned home as "victors" from their war, they began the Baby Boom. They raised there kids with strict rules of family and honor. And duty to country is expected no matter what, even if you don't believe in the war you are fighting.

To the extent their children rebelled and became the became the "anti-establishment, bra-burning, protesters, of the:

"Flower Child Generation".

Well bring on flower power the "Baby Boomers" have arrived.  These people believed in the power of themselves. They tried to change the world in a softer (if not goofier) sort of way. They protested whatever the cause for the day was. They believed the stringencies of their parents stifled their spirit. So they tried to do the opposite for their children.  The outcome of this was the excessive teens and twenty year olds of the 80's.

Other wise known as:

"Generation X" 

Good Lord, back up, do not make eye-contact,and move away quickly when a  member "Gen X" is around.

These people are a strange group. They do not seem to age as quickly (physically) as the other generations. Maybe it was something in the inoculations of the time. But they seem cynical, selfish, and have an apathetic indifference about them.

They watched as all the aspirations and  hope of the proceeding generations dissolve in front of them. They watched as all their heros and idols went away. It is no wonder they are "as they are". 

But strangly enough if you look at the dead and wounded of the current wars there are 2 age groups that stand out. The 18 - 21 year olds, and Gen X!


Now Gen X's kids are almost grown themselves. I wonder how they have been affected be this family tree?  


December 21, 2010
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So i never post but this just got to me. my dad is part of the so called greatest gen...and i'm part of gen Y.  so how is it that i have a father who worked two jobs and not because he had too but because he wanted to.  a full time firefighter and did concrete work on his days off.  put both me and my sister through college (yes my grammar sucks dont really care) he has never complained in his life that i can remember...doesnt ask or push the hero thing even though an injury in the line of duty gave way to 28 years with early retirement...i worked for him in high school doing concrete work an learned what real work was like. the skills he instilled in me help me make it through college and beyond.  after college when i couldnt get a job in my field did i i just found two jobs to get me by...a year later i landed a job with great opportunity i started in the mail room an not even two years later i hold a very respectable position in the company an im only 25.  I look at every opportunity as a learning experience no matter how much i may not like it...if you want this so called great country of ours to be great once more we need to stop looking at the lame goverment, get off your knees(so called god isnt going to do it for you), and stop saying your not given a chance i got a 17 on the act twice oh an now i make over 80 grand a year...i think it comes to work ethic and willingness to adapt to the changing world around it not that we can adapt that makes us human? i think so but just one guys thought.  ps gay rights and other bs is only a screen by government so you cant see whats really going on....just one guys opinion. 

December 21, 2010
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America's pretty much dead.  China owns us.  The boomers want to retire but can't.  All us GenXer's were raised by divorced parents.  When we have kids, will we know how to raise them correctly?  The "back that ass up" generation is miraculously going to revive our economy???

December 21, 2010
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no its people like you dallenchao why where in this mess

December 21, 2010
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I'm a late-stage boomer who helps students who are Gen X and Millenials.

This country will be saved by Internationa students (China,India) and returning military.

December 21, 2010
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When I was a teenager I remember watching the news and some economic analyst was saying we would be the first generation to not do as well as our parents......and it came true. This is the burden we had to start with, and it has gotten worse from there!

December 21, 2010
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note2cnn ha military everyone i know who went into the military between 03 and later are living on well fare or feeling sorry for themselves even though they not saying all must most are drunks an low not talking about officers they just think there better than everyone else... 

December 21, 2010
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I am a hunter, if you kill all the big deer you are left with a runty genes.  Lets start sending gays to fight our wars

December 21, 2010
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Thanks boomers for selling out then completely bankruptcy the country you guys are the best!

December 21, 2010
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I am a Boomer and I think I did a fairly good job of raising my 4 kids. They are all hard working and have all either attended or graduated from college while working. I live in a college town and I see many kids like this. On the other hand, many have fallen for the line from the "Left" that we should all be equal and the Government should take care of everyone, and God has been taken completely out of the picture. Life is not always fair, and the sooner you find that out the better. The last couple of decades has been an aberation and we are now entering the normal state of things, and our many will need to live without many of the frills that we have come to expect as normal.

December 21, 2010
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I'm 46, and there's NO WAY I'm a "baby boomer." Those people are self-absorbed sheep who call themselves the "greatest generation" just because they managed to win WWII and beat Hitler. Wow.....ride for forty years on one achievement while screwing up the country?


I"m sick of hearing Gen-Xers called selfish and childish. We're anything but. We were out worrying about the future as CHILDREN thanks to the nuke hysteria, crummy economy and lousy foreign policy the whiney baby boomers created.


The boomers are sheep. Drones. "The government will take care of us and Reagain and the Bushes only take a little freedom as the price of keeping up us safe."


You've left us the Nazi Germany you claim to defeat, idiots.

December 21, 2010
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As far as I can tell the only reason to slice society into different "generations" is to create yet another demographic to allow for finger pointing and complaints. Instead of just acknowledging that it is simply a continuum of new people being born every minute, we have this need to break it apart into cleverly named groups, highlight any perceived differences, all for the reason to make broad generalizations like, "members of Gen X are MORE likely to..." So what? It doesn't actually mean anything! Even if we divide it down into generation, sub-generation, ethnicity, religion, politics, gender, orientation, etc we still end up with a very broad spectrum of thoughts, beliefs, retail habits, philosophies, and opinions, just within those little microcosoms. Instead of this huge focus on why we are different, shouldn't we be putting that energy into the understanding that in the end we all really want the same thing?

December 21, 2010
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Generation X and everyone after them are deeply flawed. There is no longer any work ethic, it's all about being cool, getting high, getting laid, and living in the moment. Living in the moment is great sometimes, but it must be tempered with discipline, goals and a healthy sense of personal ethics. We're not really compelled to take responsibility for anything, and many of us have become borderline sociopaths because of that detachment.


However, this is a direct result of the dreadfully poor job the baby boomers did raising us. They spent so much time raising their children to be happy, they never concerned themselves with raising them to be good people. Life is one miserable catastrophe after another, and in order to succeed, you have to acknowledge that and utilize your resources to manage each problem until you're ahead of the game and can maintain a balance of happiness and determination.


The problem is that Generation X and those that came after them have brainwashed into believing that their self-esteem is of paramount importance, and that they're not responsible for compensating for their own flaws.


It's true that my generation (I think I qualify as generation Y I was born in 1982) is smarter and more educated than the baby boomers, and if we'd gotten a bit more stick and less carrot by our incompetent parents we would be accomplishing unimaginable things.

December 21, 2010
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Really, the only good thing about my generation living in snuggle time at rainbow cuddle junction is that the tyrants and mass murderers we produce will be more easily thwarted because we don't have the drive to go all in on it.

December 21, 2010
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This mess we are in now is to be laid to blame at the Baby Boomers. We do not work? Who do you think is paying for YOUR Social Security right now? What the Baby Boomers do not get is that they CAN NOT change the world. All they have done is screw it up worse without any consequence because the burden of supporting their decadent behavior continues to this day because they are the ones in office. Work or die. It is that simple. American families have lost sight in the past 3 generations of how a family is supposed to work. Together. Now it is every generation for themselves. While in Fiji we visited a native village where the Chief came down terminally sick. His daughter quit her job as a teacher and the life she had built for herself on another island and came home to her father to care for him and to provide for him. That is family. Not tossing ones elders into a nursing home. Sound familiar Boomers?

December 21, 2010
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I call this generation, the Rubicon generation. We have, by wise or unwise choices, created this enviornment to which these children are born. I've riden the Rubicon trail. It's a very tough go and is altered constantly by the one who went just before you. This has always been the legacy that we leave to those who are younger. This is going to be a tough go...but not impossible. I have genuine Hope for all our succeeding generations. And much as it frightens us; we need to acknowledge that they will do just fine.

We all should! This slamming everyone and the disrespect only fosters resentment. Everyone here knows that. Growing pains and lessons are so hard to undergo. But after they are learned, we can momentarily rest and catch our breath. Then it is on to the next.

There is not one generation that has not been associated with something. That is only how we mark should not be to brand and disparge those born to it. With age comes wisdom of one form or another and our job as the older ones are not to force lockstep compliance. That only creates the rut we are in now....instead it is to foster and encourage and to cheer the succeeding generations to reach beyond that horizon, to grow. But the growth to encourage should begin on the inside, not with the trinkets that distract us from the real issues.

I distictly remember that everyone's parents always bemoaned the fact that they could never get their children to they won't stop! Good for them! But with it comes the lessons of respect and responsibility, and honor. If we can foster the talking; then there is hope that we can stop the wars. If we can stop the wars...well you know.

December 21, 2010
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I'm  Gen X raised by Baby Boomers who were conservative, hard working members of society and continue to work to this day (and probably won't be able to retire financially).. I blame the terrorists who work in the while house and all the terror groups they support such as the fbi and dhs for the downfall of this nation.  This is yet again.. another attempt at the liberal media to rip this nation in 2.  Congrats you sickos. 

December 21, 2010
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Every Baby Boomer President has sucked worse than Tang. Gen X will clean up the mess left by "The Worst Generation Ever". Oh and I love the fact that Dennis Hopper is pushing mutual funds now. Can you say Sell Out? Like the entire Baby Boomer Generation......

December 21, 2010
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It isn't that one generation is better than the other, it is that we communicate and do things so differently that it is hard to understand one another.


Example:  My parents cannot understand at all why my husband and I aren't trying to climb the corporate ladder.  My mom keeps pushing us to try.  I tell her that we are comfortable where we are and like to have some semblance of a life outside of work.  We make pretty good money already and have a decent home. I don't want to work 50+ hrs a week and I don't need a huge mansion.  Also we don't want our future kids to be with daycare for 50+ hrs a week either.  To me she comes off like a greedy person who doesn't care about family time.  I am guessing from her perspective she is trying to make sure we don't ever have to worry about money I dunno.  Gen X'ers oftentimes value family and family time over things.  Or at least that is how we see it.


Another example:  My boomer coworkers called us Xer's lazy because we chose to come in at 9am instead of 7am (perfectly acceptable to our boss).  However, they would clock out at 4pm and we would be here til 8pm or later (we were actually clocking more hours).  Plus they were drinking coffee and chatting from 7 to 8 every single morning (still do).  We weren't doing less, we were just doing it on a different schedule.  Different doesn't equal lazy.


It is just a different approach in most cases.  We don't understand each other because we are way different.  It would help if we would quit fighting about differences and work together to fix the mess this country is currently facing.





December 21, 2010
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The older generations have run this country into the ground.  This intergenerational game of fiscal hot potato has to stop.  Those who caused the problem should bear the burden of the solution.  SS should be taken off budget and made a defined contribution not a defined benefit.  What came in last year goes out next year and not one penny more.  The so-called SS trust fund is just a bunch of IOUs that old people will expect young people to repay.  The first action should be to cancel out the SS and Medicare trust funds.

December 21, 2010
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These generations are arbitrary. Society operates on a continuum...there is little need to philosophize about groups we ourselves put together.

December 21, 2010
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My God!! Why is everyone pointlessly complaining? Give some credit! I'm 34. I was not raised with racism, I believe men and woman to be equal in stature. These are revolutionary changes in ideology that was carried through by 'baby-boomers'. Most boomers were not raised in wealth and worked hard to get it. Not all of them got it either. They were given the story that if they work hard and play by the rules, then they will have a stable future and comfort. After spending their entire life earning that comfort, they found it to be a lie. Their is no security or sustainable middle-class without socialism.(Socialism is NOT communism by the way). So now they fight to try to keep what they have. Can you really blame them for that? Capitalism in America is an 'every-man-for-himself','survival of the fittest' system. Instead of complaining, work on solutions. Educate the young about the world and how economics work. Have mandatory microeconomics classes in high school(credit card companies will hate that!). Have mandatory world religion classes in school to spark diversity in thought. Educate your children about the psychological manipulation of advertisements on TV and the internet. That happiness doesn't come from inanimate objects.

December 21, 2010
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Baby boomers have to be the worst generation of humans ever. They fought many illegal & unnecessary wars; created religious, racial, class, ethnic conflicts thru out the world. Robbed this world of its resources, destroyed climates, wiped out hundreds of animal species, created economies that allowed them to fill their bellies while handing us the bill. You all have single handedly destroyed America and what is supposed to stand for and you have the nerve to tell us that we are lazy and a bunch of whiners?? U can take ur version of America and shove it. We are the ones who are out there fighting the stupid wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. We are the ones who will have to settle for lesser jobs, live in smaller homes, drive smaller cars, not have any social security, and have a terrible health insurance system, all because of your greed and stupidity. The baby boomers deserve to leave this world miserable and broke.

December 21, 2010
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I am an American, who also happens to be a babyboomer. I have no children nor grandchildren to worry about, but I am deeply concerned about the state of our national decline.


America was always the Land of Opportunity, but that seems to be slipping from our grasp. From the deportation of our manufacturing base, to our national debt, to our reliance on foreign oil, we have a serious economic crisis on our hands; the worst I have ever seen.


Prosperity cannot be imported and it cannot be borrowed. These policies have been tried for the better part of three decades, leading to disastrous results. If we are indeed to rise once again, prosperity must come from our own hand. That means we have to make stuff - a lot of stuff.


There is a tremendous hole in our economy. It is impossible to create sustainable growth by being the world's consumers - we've been there, we've done that.


The factories of years gone by are long gone and leveled. That means our only alternative is to begin anew, with an eye toward efficient and competitive manufacturing processes; quality products; and, leading-edge technologies.


Sound expensive? It will be. Could you squeeze two bucks a week from your budget to ignite a new era of invention and innovation? Because if America's economic revival is important to your future, I've got a plan.


Hence, Two Bucks and a Plan.


I might be a babyboomer, but I will never stop believing in the people of the red, white and blue.







December 21, 2010
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I have never read so many broad sweeping generalizations in my life, and many of them negative, overly critical, and even outright nasty. Why must we form broad classifications and peg people into huge lumps of generalized categories, and then turn around and pit those contrived "groups" against each other in verbal battles? Isn't it bad enough we have a left and a right in constant blame and bickering, yowling like angry cats? Now some vague grouping of ages and time periods is fabricated and divided (as though time came in defined segmented lumps instead of as a flowing progression). For what purpose? Do you really think any particular time period in human history is without fault and imperfection?


When an older family member says, "in my day," I remind them this still IS their day... they are alive, taking part in the world. If you look around you, we have a blending of generations participating in life and society all at one time.


What in the world is wrong with humans today, of any "generation", when we waste our time arguing over who is better. "Us" of course "we" are always better. So many people seem to be going out looking for something, anything, to use as a tool to make themselves feel superior to others by hurling accusations, blame, and insults at those they perceive to be on the other "side" or differing "group."


Thank you, Missirose, for the best and most sensible comment I read on here today. To those bashing other generations, get a grip on your perceptions that your group is superior. Go play, be happy, do something useful, call your grandmother, pay your bills, read a book. Oops, if I am to be defined from my younger generation, I am supposed to misuse the word epic somewhere in my comments. Please get an epic grip.

January 4, 2011
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"I really cant wait for Obama to sign this into law, thereby alienating himself with every straight person who votes that doesn't really think being gay is normal."


And that group of people who don't think being gay is normal gets smaller every year, so I don't think that Obama or any future presidents who pass legislation in favor of gay rights need to be concerned about what the bigots think.


Once upon a time, the majority of Americans thought that the races shouldn't be mixed in military units for the same reason those who oppose gays in the military do today... that it would weaken unit cohesiveness. Then the races were integrated in the military, and military personnel by and large adjusted the change. Nowadays Private Ryan Smith doesn't think twice about serving with Privates Jorge Hernandez, Jun Yamagata, and Awotwi Onobanjo. Private Ryan Smith will adjust to a soldier who video chats with his husband back home, too.

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