Thursday, December 23, 2010
Overheard on Denver's infamous airport horse


COMMENT OF THE DAY: "In about 1,000 years they are going to think that people around Denver worshipped an angry giant blue horse god. That horse statue combined with a stadium filled with blue horse symbols will suggest we were idiots." --GPeterse


Our readers are sure fired up about airport artwork. A particular piece, "Blue Mustang," in Denver generated the majority of the comments in a story about art projects in airports around the nation. The sculpture is famous not only for its azure controversy but also for the fact that artist Luis Jiminez was killed while working on it. The horse seemed to find a lone supporter in zivo24: "I live in Denver and I do NOT hate the 'damn horse' so please speak only for yourself. I happen to know many people who like it, but then most of the people I know are open-minded." Check out what readers had to say about this and other stories today:


Five airports with art worth seeing


The poor horse couldn't get a break. "It looks like a riderless horse of the apocalypse," wrote happytrees. "Something tells me that was the intention. Denver International Airport is completely overflowing with creepy art inside and out." beckybigs said, "I'm from Denver and all true Denver natives HATE that horse." jmitchellr noted, "While that is a great picture, the mustang at DIA -- more commonly called 'Bluecifer' because of its color and appearance -- is not good. I'd like to find someone who likes it, because everyone I know thinks it is hideous." kmcg wrote, "That mustang in Denver is HORRIBLE. You see it best entering the airport, and it's menacing, like, "Don't leave Denver  ... or else! I mean, the thing killed its maker! How is that good karma?"


We also heard from a lot of people in Detroit, who said their airport is overlooked as an art hub. writegud said, "With all the bad press Detroit has gotten lately, why not include their airport in this? Seriously, the tunnel in that airport is probably the only bright spot in that city! I live in Virginia, but I've connected through Detroit many times and it's pretty awesome every time I go through the 'rave tunnel.' " chopswell recommended the airport in Des Moines, Iowa. c0a0n0a0d0a mentioned the native art displays in Vancouver, British Columbia, while onthegoalot highlighted Atlanta's Zimbabwean art displays.


Desperate breast-feeding moms reveal secrets


Little Anika Reese was having trouble drinking breast milk, and her mother Suzanne worked hard to figure out what was going on. She finally learned that she had to remove her foremilk before feeding her baby. This story details how some moms learned tricks of the breast-feeding trade, which they then share with other moms via this piece.


Some talked about their own medical interventions with child-rearing. bookaday said, "OMG, it's moms like this that make me so mad! More than one says she felt like a 'failure.' Really? Does that mean moms who have to use science to conceive or maintain a pregnancy are failures?" NewsReaderTN said, "In the United States, most women view breastfeeding as an option, not a necessity, because they have been taught that commercial formula is just as good. That's just marketing because formula can't match mother's milk." AnikasFriend said, "For those of you who are critical of Anika's mom -- SHAME ON YOU. You have no right to judge this family's decisions. Little Anika was (and still is) a healthy and thriving baby who is developmentally right on track -- even ahead of other babies, now and back then."


30,000-year-old girl's pinkie points to new early human species


An overlooked female pinkie bone put in storage after it was discovered in a Siberian cave two years ago points to the existence of a previously unknown prehistoric human species, anthropologists say.


We received a lot of fiery commentary debating evolution and creation, and science and God. H2SS2H said, "Evolution is nothing more than a theory, and a very unproven theory at that." stockistev wrote, "I never understood why there are such colossal battles over religion and science. If God wanted us to know of his existence or a certain set of rules to follow he should have made it known. Therefore we'll be held accountable for our actions." nogoth took the middle ground: "Being both a christian and in a scientific field, I can't argue for either side (the fact that this article has evolved into this is a little silly but I'm ignoring that for now). We don't know much about God or evolution, and what we do know is theory and interpretation. Why does it have to be one or the other?"


There were also a lot of jokes, and a lot of speculation about why the pinkie bone was all by itself. BroadMinded said, "If it was found in a cave it could have been brought there by an underwater current." nvrdone responded, "I did a great deal of spelunking in Europe. Not all caves have underground channels and if this one did, they would likely already know that." nvrdone also wrote, "There could be many other reasons only a pinkie survived after so many thousands of years besides being carried by a non-existent underground river. Animals could have moved the bones. That is far more likely. Entire bodies do not remain after just a few decades, let alone thousands of years."


YOUR TURN: Now that you've read what other people are saying, do you find that your views align with theirs? Think of this as a wishing well in need of your 2 cents. Post a comment below or sound off on video.


Compiled by the moderation staff. Some comments edited for length or clarity.

December 23, 2010
Click to view lucer0t's profile

Once night I was driving to DIA to pick up my girlfriend flying in from Miami. My 3 year-old Chinese-crested dog Sam was in the passenger seat. In my excitement, I forgot to warn Sam about "Mustang". That mistake will haunt me for the rest of my life. Sam saw the horse, sh!t on my leather and died instantly. I swear I could hear "Mustang" laughing in the darkness. One can not over-state how evil that horse is.

December 23, 2010
Click to view sporktine's profile

If you think the horse is terrible, you should see the mural near the international wing which depicts some kind of satanic ritual and a new world order.

December 23, 2010
Click to view Guybuddy's profile

That horse is awsome.I love it.

December 23, 2010
Click to view Jshanksmith's profile

Lucer, that is hilarious!

December 23, 2010
Click to view Leif2011's profile

I agree with Guybuddy. The horse is excellent. It symbolizes the historical wild frontier and is something that Colorado should be proud of. Even if you don't like it, no one lives in close proximity, so it's not the view from your bedroom window. It's just something you see occasionally. Anyone with time to formally complain about this horse really needs to join a book club or something...

December 23, 2010
Click to view Gahmboy's profile

I'm also a native of Denver and LOVE the horse! As do a great number of friends, family, passersby (I work by the airport) and others. Most realize what a terrific piece it is and that it says Denver has an attitude!

December 23, 2010
Click to view Schratboy's profile

The artist behind the horse was killed in the course of building it. His fiery eyes are reminder of our temporal existence, burning brightly only to be snuffed-out in a flash or slowly extinguishing on nature's scheduled last stop.

December 23, 2010
Click to view Vandy23's profile

Without the extremes, one cannot measure the middle . . .

The intent, focus and stamina of all things "Colorado" will not be denied - the horse stays as a bellweather of life and love here. Our aura . . .

Fabulous photo, CNN!

December 23, 2010
Click to view HarperH's profile


I will pay money to view the blowing up of that damned horse.  Evil tasteless thing.

December 23, 2010
Click to view bromance6's profile

This is not news.

December 23, 2010
Click to view roxie1944's profile

It does exactly what great art should always do- invoke emotion and conversation...I personally love it and that photo is amazing!!!

December 23, 2010
Click to view IndyMustang's profile

I've been to Denver, and when i looked over I thought what the hell is that?  Yeah, I thought it was pretty freaky.  A little bit demonic.  I heard that the sculptor was Pagan.

December 23, 2010
Click to view dosadai's profile

well i guess indianapolis worships blue and white horseshoes.

December 23, 2010
Click to view albertwertz's profile

I agree with Roxie. I dabble in the arts(that is drawing not magic) myself from time to time and think this is an excellent work of art because of this conversation. I love it because it is different and it is directly from the imagination. If this horse looked like any other, we would not be talking about it and people would not be giving it a second look. When I drive by it, I cant stop staring at it. Have an imagination people... I love it!

December 23, 2010
Click to view alienpro's profile

Are it's eyes supposed to glow red like that, or did it just sense a tasty baby nearby?

December 23, 2010
Click to view OrlandoVoter's profile

It is nice that for the first time in almost ten years, TEN years, The feeling in America has calmed. We have a President with a real good head on his shoulders, we are going to care for all of americas health issues, the republicans got their tax break, the weather is cooling in the south for once, I think 2011 is going to be a pretty good year. This Horse is a sure sign of it. I love this horse. HECK YEAH. America is finally starting to bounce back. This horse should be the symbol of our overcoming the recession. Merry Christmas or what ever your holiday fancy. 

December 23, 2010
Click to view powerman123's profile

I think it looks pretty cool. It might not be angelic looking but its definitely a nice piece of art, maybe its just out of place for an airport?

December 23, 2010
Click to view MileHigh5280's profile

I live in Denver and seriously, the damn horse is creepy. They could make it a different color. But the red eyes puts a twist. Also, why in the h3ll are there coffins on the damn murals with dead people AT our AIRPORT? You can see them coming from baggage claim. Seriously, WTF.................

December 23, 2010
Click to view fcotb's profile

Made a profile simply to post this-


I fly out and in of DIA a lot and I love that horse.


He's powerful, wild, and edgy.  I'm proud of the fact that it stands in such a prominent spot, and I love the fact that it makes a few people uncomfortable.


I kind of like the idea of him being the burnished metal underneath that blue paint as well.  He'd look wild reflecting a spectacular Colorado sunset.





December 23, 2010
Click to view kmcg's profile

That picture is NOT what that horse looks like on an everyday basis. In reality it looks like a cheap, poorly painted and poorly maintained mini-golf prop - except for the terrible glowing red eyes.  -kmcg, author of comment and girlfriend of a sculptor.

December 23, 2010
Click to view MrDextrose's profile

Maybe the guy died because he copied the Prancing Stallion at Ferrari's world headquarters and Enzo's ghost was PO'd that he screwed it up so badly.  So his "great art work" is just another cheap copy of the real thing.

December 23, 2010
Click to view CWBarrett's profile

It's a statue for God's sake. Jesus freaks need to get over themselves. Were are the moderate Christians when you need them?

December 23, 2010
Click to view AbdulAziz504's profile

Everyone knows Denver Intl is a front for an underground Illuminati base. The horse isn't half as scary as the mural on the wall to the entrance.... The Nazi Monster slaying children... I'm not making this up google it yourself.

December 23, 2010
Click to view adamrussell's profile

Looks like the apocalypse from Revelation.

December 24, 2010
Click to view OrlandoVoter's profile

Adam, no kidding right. Now at least that would be something.

December 24, 2010
Click to view darwinmonkey's profile

People are worried that in a 1,000 years future historians will think we worshiped a blue horse and this bothers them? How about that currently millions of people actually belive that on Sundays when the rite spells are cast crackers and wine literally turn into the flesh and blood of a 2,000 year old dead guy. The list of foolish things we put stock in is endless. Please don't use magic thinking a basis for logic, it makes our race look stupid.

December 24, 2010
Click to view Julyfly's profile

I'm not from Denver but I think he horse is wonderful. I plan to make a trip especially to see it!

December 24, 2010
Click to view pm921's profile

I LOVE that Blue Mustang - and the rest of the 'cryptic' artwork at DIA.  No namby-pamby artwork for us!

December 24, 2010
Click to view ceridwyn's profile

that horse owns. would be wayyyy better than a "no soliciting" sign. those jw's would never wake you up on the weekends if that baby was parked in your driveway

December 24, 2010
Click to view schmidtface's profile

wtf is wrong with airports? really..I know this isn't a new thing but it's the first time seeing it here, people reading this need to check out the rest of the stuff going on at this airport including the nazi holding a machine gun swinging a machete at the white dove of peace, oh don't forget to check out the free mason dedication!

December 24, 2010
Click to view gigotz's profile

First off, who cares what anyone a thousand years from now thinks. Second, lighten the hell up! It's a statue not the boogeyman.

December 24, 2010
Click to view debatelord's profile

Haha, this article is awesome. I'm from Denver but go to school in Virginia, so I see that thing every time I fly home to visit my parents. It's definitely creepy, but kind of cool too. I love the picture of it CNN has in this article. The thunderstorm in the background makes it look like a nuclear bomb is going off behind it. Demon Horse of the Apocalypse indeed!

December 24, 2010
Click to view AaronG's profile

I am a native Coloradan, and I love the horse. CNN, do some followup here. Of course more internet people are going to show up if they get a chance to post negative things.


Heck, the creepiness is one of the reasons I like it. Hopefully it will ward off all the people from Jersey and California filtering in.

December 24, 2010
Click to view Wirelessphil's profile

Do the horse eyes really glow read or is that photoshop?


I have nothing against the horse and I don't even live there.

December 24, 2010
Click to view Odin63's profile

Wirelessphil -- they really glow.

December 24, 2010
Click to view Odin63's profile

The horse at DIA, known variously as "The Demon Horse", "The Zombie Horse", or "Bluecifer" is striking at first glance from a distance, but hideous and even scary the more you look at the details of it.  Denver got fleeced on it.

December 24, 2010
Click to view whatiswhat's profile

haha, by reading this column is it just a case of speak for yourself case.

December 24, 2010
Click to view ManitooJoe's profile

I love CNN.

What can I say.

December 30, 2010
Click to view livinintahoe's profile

I like the picture it is cool, and that is what makes art, someone seeing the beauty in others creation & Work. I have not seen this yet, but hope to sometime...but not anytime soon.....cuz if I had to sleep next to this thing while stranded, or see it 1st thing when ya wake up, I may feel different..but I don't, So thanks for sharing : )

January 5, 2011
Click to view ziekiel's profile

This horse is amazing and should never be taken down. It should remain as a tribute to the artist who died creating it. I'm not from Denver, but I'm still a Coloradoan and I love this thing.

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