Friday, December 24, 2010
Overheard on The long wait for Santa


COMMENT OF THE DAY: "Santa will be here around the 32nd of NEVER." --CynicLgrrl


Editor's Note: CNN iReport makes no claims as to the location of Santa Claus or the nature of his existence. That's for you to decide in your mind and heart.


It's holiday time, so we thought we'd include something fun and sweet: comments about our dear old friend Santa Claus, who's being tracked by NORAD for yet another toy delivery run. That Santa, he's a talented man. We just saw him surfing with Frosty and other friends, and doing a variety of other things here at CNN iReport. He's got stamina. But it was nice to read about people's memories of Santa Claus, and of course to read their cynical jokes. It's all good. Check out what readers had to say about this story:


When will Santa get there? Ask NORAD, Google


texasghost1 wrote, "Pretty funny. I'm not that old, but I remember as a kid watching the local news and they had one of those 'aircraft tower' style radars to show where storms were locally, and they would stick a little Santa Claus on the radar to tell kids they better get to bed cause he is on his way. Now you got the Internet that will tell you minute by minute. How times have changed."


Really2009 wrote, "This is a very cool deal for the kids, who've asked that I (who has been keeping a vigilant watch since 4 a.m.) let them know when the big guy gets close, so that they can go outside and play until then, while I, the 30-year-old+ father, am still tracking Santa at this very moment. It's clear that I am way more interested in his current whereabouts than they are. I think Santa will recognize my efforts, and reward me handsomely. The kids, nothing but entry-level presents for them. They'll learn. One day, they'll watch for him the way I do. I just hope Santa hasn't sent them to the 'bargain bin' list by then. How many mismatched socks can one kid have?!"


cerulamania wrote, "No way he's getting past my motion-triggered flood lights, barbed wire and shotgun towers. BRING IT ON." Jessy responded, "Sorry to burst your bubble, but Santa exists outside the normal place of time and space, which is how he is able to travel around the globe in one night and he is ageless. I don't think your automated defense will be able track him in time. Santa will land on your roof, go down the chimney, put presents on your tree, stuff your stockings, get back on the roof, on his sleigh and leave the area long before your shotgun towers will be able to get a lock."


Others pondered the challenges of the bearded elf. Sgtgismo wrote, "Now that is a lot of people to deliver to with almost seven billion people in the world now. His job does not get any easier. In the U.S. alone there were 123 million people in 1930, and now we have about 308 million people plus the world's population. It is still a mystery to me how this ageless Santa Claus can deliver to more than triple the population and still makes them all. He must take vitamins galore, and eating that food at every stop is not good for his health. When he comes to our house there is no time for conversation. To all, a very wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!"


Santa truth: Your kid may already know


"Don't Stop Believing" isn't just a Journey song. You don't have to listen to the headline of this story. But Santa Claus is definitely a highly contested topic. There were also really cute responses to this story. earthshoes said, for example, "I have great memories of leaving milk and cookies out for Santa when I was a a kid, going to bed and staying awake for as long as I could listening for him. In the weeks leading up to Christmas I remember dreaming of where he lived and what his life might be like. The first short story I ever wrote revolved around Santa. It is a great memory and when I found out the truth I didn't mind it at all (I only wished I could go on believing forever). I offered the same opportunity to my four sons who embraced it and ran with it. And as each of them found out about him, they helped keep the story going for their younger siblings. When the jig was up, we explained the tradition of Santa to them, of what he symbolized and his role in history in different cultures (based on real people). We talked about the spirit of giving. They loved it."


Santa was a teaching opportunity for jamiess. "When my oldest admitted he didn't believe, I didn't want him to ruin it for his little brother, so I said, 'That means you get to become Santa ... what would you like to sneak into everyone's stockings?' This year, my 10-year-old hasn't spoken up, but he is smart enough to know, so without saying one way or the other, I asked if he'd like to sneak a gift into the stockings. It has provided the perfect transition. I believe there really is a Santa: it is the part inside of us that wants to make others happy without needing to be thanked."


The best and worst Christmas films


Everyone has their faves. Cateyes4866 and several others recommended "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation." Here's a few more suggestions from our readers: kakilicli said, "My favorite is the 'Invader Zim Christmas' with the catchy song 'Bow down before the power of Santa or be crushed by his jolly boots of doom.' Can't beat that one!"


KristaP wrote, "Every year, since I was a child, my family watches the same four movies: White Christmas with Bing Crosby, It's a Wonderful Life (my personal favorite :), Rudolph and A Christmas Story. I also love The Family Man with Nicolas Cage. If you haven't seen it, check it out. Its a great story. I never get sick of watching them, and they just make the holidays so much better. Merry Christmas!"


MrIndependan says, "Bad Santa, Die Hard, The Ref, Elf, and Scrooged deserve to be up there under some of the best Christmas movies. 'A Christmas Story' was definitely a good choice."


YOUR TURN: Now that you've read what other people are saying, do you find that your views align with theirs? Think of this as a wishing well in need of your 2 cents. Post a comment below or sound off on video.


Compiled by the moderation staff. Some comments edited for length or clarity.

December 24, 2010
Click to view Brasil2010's profile

He's moving as fast as The Mask did when he robbed the bank. Did London UK in 21 seconds flat!

December 24, 2010
Click to view kochu's profile

Why CNN contributes to stupidity?  At least, stop brainwashing the children.

December 24, 2010
Click to view iH8u4ever's profile

I hate Christmas

December 24, 2010
Click to view iH8u4ever's profile

I hate Christmas BIG time

December 24, 2010
Click to view commenter77's profile

Why do we tell our small children a fabrication that they will find out the truth about later? It doesn't make sense and teaches the wrong message.

December 24, 2010
Click to view THExFBIxLIES's profile

The Santa Deception prepares children for a lifetime of manipulation and lies by authority.  It makes them accept that it is OK for authorities to lie to them.  This, of course, makes them useful tools to those who wish to wage war, sell defective or dangerous products, foreclose illegally on mortgages, and so on.  If you want your child to be a tool, tell her Santa is real.

December 24, 2010
Click to view iH8u4ever's profile

how can a stupid reindeer fly

or an obese man go tru a chimney

None sense

another big nonsense also is GOD

thank you God for making this earth such a despicable to live in

Ban all religion but  ban ISLAM first

December 24, 2010
Click to view BJJCA's profile

I'm of two minds when it comes to the Santa Claus belief.


On the one hand, I wouldn't lead my children to believe in something I know to be (at least not literally) true, simply because the revelation that Santa wasn't real was DEVASTATING to me as a child. (It still ranks among the greatest disillusionments of my life to date.)


On the other hand, A) on the contrary, rather than making me accepting of deception by authority as some suggest, it made me unreletingly question, doubt, hold accountable, and critically analyze, authority in all forms, and B) children normally have imaginary friends regardless of what their parents teach them. It's a perfectly normal and healthy stage of their social and mental development. The only difference with Santa Claus is that they are led to believe by their parents - the supreme authority in their lives - that he is LITERALLY real.


So how much damage belief in Santa Claus really does to children is debatable and highly subjective in my opinion. I wouldn't tell my own children that he existed, but I'm not going to dictate to other parents how to raise their kids. And despite the disillusionment, belief in Santa Claus did provide some of the happiest, most magical memories of my life...

December 24, 2010
Click to view vir20's profile

I think the idea of Santa distributing gift is good, but the idea of fat jolly man smoking cigar flying with his sleigh and randeers is simply stupid. Santa has nothing to do with Christ or Bible. But creation of Santa myth does help millions of businesses selling their goods. Do children like Santa. Why not? They like to have toys and other gifts. It is better to tell the reality to them so they do not believe in fantasies all their life. One can give all he or she wants to without believing in Santa. Interestingly, no Muslim child is taken to Santa for pictures, but they don't mind if Santa comes to them with goodies. But I agree with a writer that if any religion to be vanished from Earth, that must be Islam. It has violent history. Mohammad was pedophile, murderer, and extortionist. He must never beome any role model.

December 24, 2010
Click to view alientech's profile

Never mind Santa, an agent of commercial interests. St. Nick was real but Christmas isn't about him.  Where I grew up, St. Nick would come on Dec. 6.  It had nothing to do with Christmas.  Americans have to screw up everything they touch, even Christmas.

December 24, 2010
Click to view Alf13's profile

that is sooooooooo  coooooool  ............

December 24, 2010
Click to view ms38654's profile

"Don't stop believing" = "Remain ignorant"

December 24, 2010
Click to view ms38654's profile

"Why do we tell our small children a fabrication..."

The idea of Santa Clause for small children is used to prepare them for the idea of God when they are more mature. Santa brings tangible gifts if you are good, lumps of coal if you aren't. God rewards the faithful with eternal life and heaven if you're good, hell and damnation if you're not. The parallels aren't mere coincidence, they are simply training aids for the next generation.

December 24, 2010
Click to view bobalooa's profile

Whaat's the matter Christmas haters? Mama didn't give you enough tit-time?

December 24, 2010
Click to view XXXXXXXXXXXZ's profile

Peace and love good will toward little puppies until Dec 26. Then, it is back on. Reality time. Your pet fish that escaped via the toilet bowl sends xmas greetings from the land down under. But, really hope you get something you really need for Christmas. Like, logical reasoning skills. Cause reindeer can't really fly free if santa crackin' a whip.

December 24, 2010
Click to view BlueK's profile

I've stopped believing.  After witnessing (courtesy of CNN) the things people can do to each other and experiencing the things I've been so (un)fortunate to experience...yup...I stopped believing.


Believe in the idea, but the execution (thus far) has been a real let down.  That's why I'll be sleeping in until dinner, watching reruns of The Office and doing a little work at home.  Merry Christmas to me.

December 24, 2010
Click to view riverrat1's profile

if santa enters U.S. airspace, he will be shot down as a terrorist.

December 24, 2010
Click to view SMSHCT's profile

Ahhhhhhhh Christmas


Walgreen's is open all day to squeeze out the last dollar


Says it all

December 25, 2010
Click to view QuarryDiver's profile

I am 41 yrs old. I personally STILL believe in Santa. Not Santa the person, but rather Santa, the spirit of kindness, mercy, caring & giving that should not only be extended just during Christmas, but rather all year. It is so sad to see so many people so wrapped up in themselves that they can't see beyond themselves. What a dull, sad & depressing world that must be to live in. I have personally decided not to let that attitude beat me down. I choose to live in a beautiful, mysterious world filled with daily miracles. If I'm crazy for that, so be it, I am truly happy & deep down contented, which harms no one.

December 25, 2010
Click to view USArmy1477's profile

OK...SERIOUSLY? Some of you 'people' are just weird or stupid...Santa and Christmas are detrimental for kids? Setting them up for a lifetime of lies? Teaching kids about corrupt authority? Get a grip on reality! The ONLY thing that sets children up for ANY of that is the inability of the parents. I would NEVER dream of depriving my children of the magic I was fortunate enough to experience. There is no debate when it comes to the 'Spirit' of giving and that is emboddied in Santa. Sounds like many of you NEED counseling, and yes Im blasting on here because alot of you are infecting this forum with negative behavior that so many of us cannot believe a human being could criticize. Im sorry for those of you that had rotten childhoods. My God I am just fortunate and my children will transition over to the giving side of this, until then, the magic stays in my household.

December 25, 2010
Click to view jason22's profile

Oh great, another brainwashing season. Christmas fulfills two duties: 1) Consuming 2) Subjugation. Modern christmas, unlike valentines day, mother's day... etc, which are purely about filling the coffers of retailers and manufacturers of carp, is only half commercial. The other half is about instilling the concept of the carrot-and-stick-god in toddlers at an early age. Santa Claus is a mini god that paves the way for unquestioning acceptance of the disgustingly self serving and subjugating Christian god.

December 25, 2010
Click to view DamnYank's profile

pretty soon santa's gonna become a god to be worshiped

December 25, 2010
Click to view csquaredc's profile

I told my fiancee that she will have to be the one in charge of explaining Santa and God. I'm an Atheist and she's a Roman Catholic. We couldn't be further apart in the religious belief sector but I promised her I wouldn't be a killjoy in her obvious good intent to make our future kids happy (and herself).

December 25, 2010
Click to view yesroh's profile

But Santa is a fantasy.  Everyone but children who are lied to knows that.  Why does the press try so hard to push a fantasy?  Don't they have better things to do?  Why is it parents in America can be considered doing the right thing when they systemtically lie to their children about this, knowing they'll have to recant when their children are old enough to figure it out for themselves?  Yet, parents are afraid to speak to their children about Jesus Christ, a real, living person.  The world is nuts.  And they wonder why their kids are screwed up.

December 25, 2010
Click to view MarylandUSA's profile

One of my heroes is a genius boy who stopped believing in Santa upon observing, in the library, that every book about him was listed under Fiction.  I tell my children that if they smell a lie, they should respond, "If it turns out you've just lied to me, will you give me a thousand dollars?" If the person replied, "Why would you think I'm lying?" it's a safe bet s/he's lying.

December 25, 2010
Click to view profesorjery's profile

santa turn out to be a child molester in our modern day society.i remember a  real santa clause named michael jackson.he was bought up on charges because he let little kids stay over and have cookies and milk .they sat on his lap while he read them stories. this he did withuot malice  and love. but this modern day santa is a darn liar and a con man he  put little kids on his lap while he call them little whores ho ho ho and get his jollies off.he promised them many things and never deliver he play this lying game of broken promises yet this santa clause, the child molester and con man is worshiped for what we put a real santa clause named mr. michael jacjson in the groung 6ft under.

December 29, 2010
Click to view ecotraveler's profile

Following Santa's journey on Christmas Eve is one of those little things in life you only get to do for a few years with your kids, but the happy memory of that event lasts a lifetime. It's getting harder and harder to steal a moment for some one-on-one happy time with our kids these days. Thanks cnn, for tracking him on this ever so hi tech map so we can bring it into our homes - closer to the milk and Christmas cookies. Hoping next year more ireporters can send in snaps of him dashing away from all over the world. For kids of all ages:) Happy New Year


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