Monday, December 27, 2010
Overheard on Tough choice on Christmas Eve


From Kristy Griggs, special to CNN:


Comment of the day: “Glad this baby was not found in a dumpster, especially on Christmas. Kudos to Safe Haven Laws.” --softblonde

Mother gives baby to California firefighters


A 27-year old woman in California made a big decision Christmas Eve. She surrendered her six-hour-old daughter to firefighters in Los Angeles. Although information about her circumstances has not been made public, the firefighters said the newborn is healthy and did not appear to have been neglected or abused. In California, a parent or legal guardian can surrender a newborn at fire stations and hospital emergency rooms with no fear of arrest. Most CNN responders agreed that giving up the child took courage.

jchilli25 said “I am so glad she did this. [We] had a local story last week where the mother left a baby at someone’s doorstep while they were at work and the baby died. Think what you will of her, at least she gave this little one a chance to live.”

Myopin strongly supported the woman’s decision: "Kudos to this mother. This is the most selfless act there is. She knew she couldnt take care of this baby, for whatever reason, and took it to the fire department which was the exact right thing to do. All my love and prayers go out to her, she will be blessed beyond imagination for this and so will that baby."

But some readers saw a double standard for would-be moms versus dead-beat dads. BS76 says, “So a woman can give her kid up no questions asked, but if a man wants to do the same he's a "deadbeat" and has to pay or go to jail? Yeah, that's some great "equality" for you.”

Other readers pointed out that Safe Haven Laws aren’t always perfect. So a woman can give her kid up no questions asked, but if a man wants to do the same he's frame as being a "deadbeat" and has to pay or go to jail? Yeah, that's some great "equality" for you. Jmons wrote: “We had this law in Omaha, Nebraska and it turned into a nightmare for us. While we had intended to rescue brand new babies, as was the case here, people from all over the country were driving here and dropping off five- and six-year-old kids. I think someone tried to give us a 17-year old. I love the law but I hope L.A. finds the way to word it right.”

Pakistani officials say suspected drone strike kills 18


If the latest U.S. strike is confirmed, based on a count by the CNN Islamabad bureau, it will bring the number of drone strikes to 108 this year, compared with 52 in 2009. CNN responders discussed the efficacy and location of the attacks.

AlreadyInUse was concerned about what she views as an extension of the Afghanistan war. “Congress declared war on Pakistan? When? Oh well, it's not like constitution ever tied anyone's hands. Joecanadian had some tough words for the U.S.: “I wish Pakistan had drones to attack and kill Americans in America. Even things out a bit.”

justinrodrig responded to joecanadian by saying “They call their drones suicide bombers.” Other readers simply demonstrated their support for the apparent strikes, including TimeInTexas who wrote “Drones rock—fewer Americans in danger when using them. The only way to get a rat is to drive them out. Looks like the drones are doing that.

But Tonylord was skeptical, “I hope we are killing the terrorists instead of innocent civilians. I just hope we are not creating 10 new ones for everyone innocent life as a collateral damage.”

Icon Teena Marie dies at age 54


Celebrated R&B singer-songwriter, Teena Marie, was found dead Sunday at her California home. Many CNN responders recalled with great fondness the influence the 54-year old, four-time Grammy nominated artist had on their lives.

Frank9875 wrote that “Teena was a talent. It is unfortunate that anyone would feel the need to post a negative comment. I have a lot of memories from her hits over the years. Rap and Hip hop may have pushed her to the side, but she had the chops and I always thought with the right vehicle, could have hit again today as b... more Teena was a talent. I have a lot of memories from her hits over the years. I always thought that, with the right vehicle, she could have a hit again today as big as the Rihannas or the Keshas.”

Denisemonty recalled “I count myself grateful to have seen her live a few years ago. Girlfriend even broke out her bass and played the bassline for "Lovergirl." What an amazing talent. God rest her soul and be with her family, especially her lovely daughter.”

VICTORY58 also recalled seeing her live. I remember seeing her and Rick James in concert in Columbia, S.C. in the mid 80's! I really enjoy listening to her music! R.I.P.!”

Some CNN responders were not familiar with Marie as Ravi999 demonstrated: “Never heard of her ‘til today. Just listened to some of her songs. According to Wikipedia she also wrote, produced, sang and arranged virtually all of her songs. Respect. May you sing with the angels Miss Marie.”

Other responders took issue with the singer being described as a “black voice in a white body.” McGillicudy wrote “She was a white woman! OMG. Singing R&B?! Why can't she be just an American R&B singer?”

But DaddyR69 said “The loss of Teena Marie is not a loss to the black or white American community. It is a loss to the music industry and mostly it's a loss to the members of her family and her close friends! RIP. Thanks for the music.”


Compiled by the moderation staff. Some comments edited for length or clarity.

December 27, 2010
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Why does this story keep getting published 3 days in a row? There are safe haven laws in effect allowing for this to take place without consequences, and good for the mother who took the opportunity to do the right thing because of them, but enough already. So a baby was left at a fire station. And?

December 27, 2010
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This is funny, repackaging the news.  It's like Freedom Rock man... but the news.

December 27, 2010
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I thank cnn for posting this story. The more the word gets out about the safehaven laws, the more lives can be saved.I am the proud father of a adopted baby because of the safe haven laws. My little girl was the 16th baby saved by this law. There have now been 152 lives saved to date in Fla alone. Thank You Nick Silverio & asafehavenfornewborns in Fla for making me a dad!!!!!!

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