Tuesday, December 28, 2010
Overheard on CNN.com: Tech/weather ‘fails,’ Sir Elton’s baby success

Quote/Exchange of the day: “Give it a couple of years and things like Facebook will go the way of Krispy Kreme donuts. Fads never last.” –bbqbearII


“My grandpa said the same thing about that silly internet a few years back.” –Casa2613


2010’s top 10 tech fails


While technology companies continued to soar in 2010, there were some low points, even for the stars like Apple and Google. CNN tech writer Doug Gross highlights them in a list of the top 10 biggest tech fails of the year, starting with Apple’s iPhone 4 “Antennagate.” CNN responders had plenty to say about that choice, others that made the list and the ones they felt were missing.


smartdon007 was surprised. “Wow! CNN lists Apple failure? On any given day, CNN is always praising Apple. Today, two of the Apple products are listed in failure. Just makes my day!” yeshia shared “iPhone 4 is the best phone I have ever owned and I have had a mobile-cell since the days of the Brick-Phones! Antenna issues? What issues? Never had one.” admlshake said “I had (an iPhone 4) and traded it in for a different phone. I think the biggest problem people had was when the internal emails leaked from Apple it showed that they knew there was a problem with it, but shipped it out anyway.” amnesiac85 “I think that the Apple antenna problems were pretty overstated. I haven't had any sort of problem with my iPhone 4, neither have any of my friends or family who purchased them.”


Perhaps the most common tech “fail” responders agreed with was No. 10. CanDoAll said, “Ping has to be up there with all the advertising dollars spent on it being the next big thing.” Greg7388 wrote, “Ping is a joke. I tried to use it, but it's really useless. Without Facebook integration, it's not going anywhere.”


And the tech “fails” CNN responders wanted to see on the list? ddogsdad said, “You left off GOOGLE TV.” elazul2k added, “Include the iPad and you’ve got yourself a list. The thing didn't even come with flash. It was a big iPod touch more or less that cost twice as much.”



Holiday storm havoc continues


People across the Northeast continue to wrestle with the fifth largest snowstorm in New York history, with travel, commuting and power problems giving them nightmares. CNN responders who live in the affected areas shared their experience, while others felt that the weather story should have blown over already.


CityBoy34 said, “Only the island of Manhattan is plowed. There is a plow truck stuck down the block from where I live. None of the streets by me have been plowed and I live near a major bridge. The outer Burroughs are still buried. It’s kinda funny.” misshugrad was hopeful: “I'm at La Guardia Airport in NYC right now heading to DC on a flight I booked months ago and my flight it scheduled to depart on time at 9:04 a.m. *knocks on wood*” Vsaxena shared, “My parents said to hell with the airports. They just drove all the way from Indiana to North Carolina. Long and somewhat unsafe trip, but cheaper and a lot less hassle! Plus my dad is a meticulous driver. I don't blame them either. A few years ago I got stuck at O'Hare and it was a pain trying to get any rest through the night. Anyway. I hope everyone gets home safely.”


The less sympathetic responders also posted comments. westvil1 said, “OK. Got it. Snow disrupted life and caused some inconvenience. Time to man up and get on with life. And, yes. I am a New Yorker.”


gardiego added, “They were forecasting this storm the Wednesday before Christmas. So as far as the air travelers, they were given plenty of warning.”


youngest1 said, “Come on, folks. Its winter and blizzards happen.”


Elton John becomes a dad


Sir Elton John and his partner of 12 years welcomed a son on Christmas Day. Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John was born in California via a surrogate, and many CNN responders commented on the birth.


mizh said, “I wish them much happiness and I'm sure the baby will grow up privileged and never want for anything. You read these days about too many other children being fostered/adopted and then beaten or starved to death. This is one lucky little boy.”  Ziggi agreed, “Congratulations, guys! And best wishes to all concerned.”  MickOreilly cheekily remarked, “A couple things are for sure: That is going to be one rich and fabulously dressed child.”


Other responders were less supportive. Liberal29 wrote, “How selfish can you get? Elton is 62 years old and he'll be 80 by the time that kid gets out of high school. I'm gay and a liberal and a parent of 6 children, all of whom are grown now. Elton, I agree with your decision to have kids, since it's the best way to spend your life. I just wish you had made this decision a few decades ago.” epdm agreed, “I do think that undertaking parenthood at 62 is a questionable choice. Still, I hope it works out ok for him.”  Malofeo said, “Elton won't be raising the child, there'll be a nanny (or manny) to take care of all the day-to-day menial chores. He'll of course flounce around in public showing him off, much like a new handbag.”


And while there were plenty of anti-gay comments, epdm disagreed: “Am I the only rock-ribbed conservative out there who can't understand the irrational hatred expressed toward two consenting adults who want to start a family?”

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