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Overheard on Neanderthals' modern meals

Comment of the day: “If cooking vegetables means you're evolved, does that mean over-cooking them implies that you're really evolved? If so, Applebee’s is really, really evolved.” –2tired2care


Study: Neanderthals cooked, ate vegetables


A new study found that Neanderthals were more like modern humans than previously thought.


Neanderthals ate various plants and included cooked grains as part of a diet similar to modern humans, according to researchers at George Washington University and The Smithsonian Institute


Many CNN responders found the study thought provoking.


IndInDallas wrote, “I found this interesting, since my reading in anthropology has been speculating for at least 30 years that Neanderthals both cooked and ate other foods beside meat. We are, by scientific description, omnivores, and so were they.” GPBurdell said, “How come Neanderthals ate veggies but we can’t get modern man to do so? More proof that we’re going backwards not forwards.”


Other responders, like our quote of the day commenter, found the more humorous side of the story. LiberalOne said, “I bet they could knock out a kickin’ string bean casserole.”


Police: Man hits teen over phone dispute on plane


A 68-year-old man was arrested and charged with misdemeanor battery after police say he struck a teen who would not turn off his iPhone while their plane was taxiing for takeoff.


The incident took place on a flight from Las Vegas to Boise, Idaho, and many CNN commenters had no sympathy for the teen.


omazzoni wrote, “I'm glad he smacked that kid....Let that dude out of jail. A nation of wimps is what we are becoming. If the kid had a problem with the old man, he shouldn't have told on him, he should have taken care of business himself. But I suspect that's the reason this 15 year-old has an iPhone to begin with, mommy and daddy have coddled him his whole life. I hope he smacks that kid again when he gets out of jail.”


cbbhs1982 commented, “Why is this even an issue, I would have hit the kid as well or taken the phone out of his hands.”


One responder saw the incident differently. diddykong wrote, “Lay a hand on me while on a plane and it will be on like Donkey Kong. Nobody appointed you sheriff last time I checked.”


Frustrated travelers continue to battle blizzard aftermath


Travel, or the hindrance of it, has been a hot topic in the news, and CNN viewers had strong opinions about the stories of airplanes being stuck on tarmacs for over 10 hours. trav202 wrote, “It seems criminal to keep people sitting on a plane for 11 hours. I would have lost my mind.”


We even received a comment from a traveler who was stuck on an airplane.


Mabcabr commented, “...I arrived on a TAM flight from Sao Paulo. We were stuck as many others, for 4 hours after we landed on time at 3:45PM yesterday, an eternity, but nothing compared to those 11 hours from Cathay Pacific Airways. …It is 6:50AM now on a Wednesday and I'm still at JFK. Scary enough, I'm taking the same Cathay Pacific flight to Vancouver that was supposed to depart last night, at 10PM.but it has been delayed TWICE already. What frustrates me is not the waiting, but the lack of respect to the passengers as I mentioned. And if we, the users who give the companies/airports their profits, do not do anything, the situation will only get worse. Maybe we should be advised to pack in our carry on a tent, an air mattress, a 24-hours food supply and LOTS of painkillers! Welcome to the new way of flying.


And although we have received many views from passengers, today we received a comment from a flight attendant.


MaryPHL wrote, “I'm a flight attendant and believe me, crews hate this too. Despite what many passengers think, we don't get paid extra on delays, we don't love getting stuck at an outstation, and we don't withhold information. I was on what was supposed to be a 2-day trip to Panama, turned into 4 days. That's 2 less days with my baby, 2 days more of paying for meals, and a whole day of delays on the airplane while passengers yell at me because I don't know how long the delay is going to be. If I knew, why wouldn't I tell you? What would be the point of keeping the secret? FA's and pilots love their jobs 99% of the time, but there are times like this that are rough. Please be kind to your crew!”


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December 31, 2010
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this is not about that. the same thing that happened to that girl in vegas is about to happento me,and i didnt do a dam thing to to deserve it. when this gets posted and you read this just know my life is in danger i am trying to get help. but nobody will belive me or care. they say i am crazy i dont even trust my family.i keep getting email from schools film schools telling me to tell my story.from one of the biggest schools its called full sail university big names have gone there.all i can say is the police are behind this and i have been trying tell people they really cant do anything because they have weopons money and power.i dont have one nor do i need one god will deliver me rhe worst thing that can happen is i get called crazy one more time. but a while back i put on the internet i would take a million dollar lie detector test and posted it it bought me a little bout thatand i have been leaving paper trails but it dont make me joliet police are behind this.i dont even trust my family.i have none.look what happened to my niece krystal and its not my fault. they cut her face up.   

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