Thursday, December 30, 2010
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Comment of the day: "I'm amazed at the amount of people that are so quick to persecute these two, yet you step back and allow crooked politicians that you vote into office and greedy corporations steal out of your pockets every single day. These two girls are easy targets. How about going after the ones that matter?" -- Fricsaid readers had strong opinions on the stories featured today, and they weren’t afraid to voice them.


Kidney donation a condition of sisters’ release in Mississippi


Two sisters from Mississippi will be released after serving 16 years for an $11 armed robbery under the condition that the younger sister, Gladys Scott, gives one of her kidneys to her older sister, Jamie.


Each sister was given a double life sentence for the crime, but Gov. Haley Barbour has suspended those sentences. Barbour said the Department of Corrections believes that the sisters are no longer a threat to society.


Jamie Scott has been receiving dialysis treatment for her condition, which has been a substantial cost for the state.


Many CNN responders have sounded off on the sentences the sisters received for an $11 armed robbery.


Jaggers43 wrote, “Life sentences for an $11 armed robbery in which no one was hurt and yet we have convicted murders and rapists serving 7 years or less. Something is seriously wrong with this picture. I can't even imagine a prosecutor seeking a life sentence for this kind of offense.”


Troller commented, “How do you get two life sentences from an armed robbery, unless there was death involved, which wasn't mentioned?”


Other commenters with the crime and not the amount of money received from it.


samike007 wrote, “The comments on here are crazy. Talking about how the punishment was too severe. It's actually quite simple; if you don't want a punishment of any time, don't do the damn crime. I have no sympathy for criminals. Criminals take the chance of committing a crime because they weigh the chance of getting caught, the chance of getting off plus the cost of the punishment. If we up the cost of the punishment, making it too severe, the benefit will not equal the cost and therefore crime would drastically drop.”


Former Israeli president found guilty of rape, sexual harassment


A three-judge panel found former Israeli President Moshe Katsav guilty of multiple charges of rape and sexual harassment.


Katsav was president of Israel from 2000 to 2007. He resigned the presidency in June 2007 because of the sexual assault allegations.


CNN responders had very strong opinions about Katsav and how his actions reflected on the country of Israel.


rogerandover wrote, “This represents absolutely no insight into the nature of any religion, government or ethnicity. Men have been doing this stuff to women since cave drawings.”

thompsonch8 commented, “The state of Israel is the only country in the Middle East in which a president goes to jail when doing something like this…'nuff said. As an Israeli I'm proud that we still have a functioning legal system, which is loyal to the principals of justice and not only to money and power.”


2010: Year of the angry traveler


Travelers are usually frustrated with holiday travel, but extreme weather, increased baggage fees, scanners and pat downs have outraged many. readers were among the annoyed masses.

FreeJustice wrote, “Angry traveler? With customer service choices: a) radioactive nude photographs; OR b) personal molestation by an underpaid, uneducated stranger - you mean "traveling victim". That is my opinion.”


DRinIN agreed saying, “We want our government to catch the bad guys, and or find the bombs. That’s it! We don't what them to treat ALL of us like terrorists to do that. Use some common sense. Get some behavioral profilers trained and into the lines at our airports. Stop this stupid, ineffective, and wasteful TSA.”


And ron767 summed it up in three words. “TSA = Tourism Scared Away.”


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