Friday, December 31, 2010
Overheard on Billy the Kid will not be pardoned


Comment of the day: “Billy the Kid would have gotten out earlier if he had offered a kidney to his brother.” -- Surthurfurd


No pardon for Billy the Kid


Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico decided Friday not to pardon the legendary Wild West outlaw Billy the Kid in the death of a law enforcement officer more than a century ago.


Former New Mexico Gov. Lew Wallace is thought to have promised a pardon to Billy the Kid, formally known as William H. Bonney, if Bonney testified before a grand jury that was investigating another killing.


Many CNN responders sounded off of the governor’s decision.


Quiltpix said, “Bonney broke the contract by escaping house arrest and killing more people, so of course the pardon promise was no longer on the table. Richardson was absolutely right to look into this carefully and deny the pardon.”


Cowboy2 commented, “Nice, thousands of people out of work and the governor is worried about pardoning the murderer of two lawmen from over a century ago. Way to go Richardson the Kid!”


IxNay replied, “Come one, this is all good for tourism. I imagine this keeps a number of people employed and brings in tourist dollars. Besides, how does considering this take him away from other issues?”


Lawtoad commented, “Good point. You also need to consider that Bill Richardson is the outgoing governor with little to actually do in the final days of his administration. Here in New Mexico the attention has brought a small wave of increased tourism, and promoting tourism is a good thing.”


Sufoacirema commented, “No pardon for that cold blooded killer. Enough with the bleeding hearts.”


The best (and worst) films of 2010


Movie reviewer Tom Charity shares his picks for the top 10 movies of 2010 and his five worst movies of the year. Charity’s picks range from top blockbuster hits to small independent films, and he asks the audience to share their top picks of the year as well.


Some CNN responders agreed with several of Charity’s choices, while others strongly disagreed.


MtnSoldier commented, “The fact that you left off  'Inception' makes you and your list totally irrelevant. It's obvious to anyone who saw the film it was one of, if not the best, film of the year.”


BWOzar said, “I think everyone takes a little something different from 'bad action movies.' I for one far preferred ‘Predators’ to ‘The Expendables,’ but I completely agree with you that ‘Skyline’ was one of the worst movies of 2010 and the entire decade.”


ThePigMan commented, “ ‘Scott Pilgram vs. the World’ is by far the best movie of the year.”


Angryart commented, “Finally, someone gets it. ‘Grown Ups’ was absolutely dreadful. So bad in fact, that my wife and I only got 20 minutes in before turning it off. What a waste of a rental.”


CEY said, “I took my 13-year-old son to see ‘The Last Airbender,’ and was surprised at how much I enjoyed it myself. I also took both of my sons to see ‘The Prince of Persia,’ and I think I enjoyed it more than they did! Lest you think my tastes run the way of 13-year-old boys, I must now state that I am dying to see ‘The King's Speech.’ ”


Slimjurado commented, “Anything the Coens touch is magic.”


SteveChicago said, “I am a little surprised that the movie critic did not have more foreign films in the list, especially one with subtitles. Must have not gone to a good film school.”


Catkid replied, “Typical male choices. Time to get a female reviewer.”


Ring in the new year single and happy


Licensed marriage and family therapist and author of "Beware of Dogs: How to Avoid Dating Disasters" Barbara Hayes tells readers that they can be single on New Years and still be happy.


Several CNN responders agreed with Hayes and shared that they will be ringing in the new year without a significant other.


jasp8019 said, “Barb, for the past week I have been gloomy because I am single and I have no woman to kiss at the stroke of midnight. For the past six New Year’s Eves I have ended up kissing wrong women. For the past week, I have been trying hard to control and not end up with a date on New Year’s Eve with some Ms. Will-do-for-now. You just made my day. I love the tips on pampering myself and doing something different.”


ForASong commented, “It's better to be alone on New Year's Eve than to wish you were.”


fxsmit9 said, “Forget the status of being single, it’s not a curse. I married the wrong woman and not one New Year’s we spent together have I ever enjoyed. Single is so much better than being in the wrong relationship. There are plenty of single people who will be out and about sharing your freedom to be able to choose mister or miss make-me-happy-for-tonight.”


Apocalypse12 said, “Better to be single and kiss the wrong person goodnight, than to be in a relationship and having to kiss the wrong person goodnight every night!”


Compiled by the moderation staff. Some comments edited for length or clarity.

January 3, 2011

Apolcalypse12 Hey this made me laugh great statement thanks

February 12, 2011
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