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Overheard on Birds falling from the sky


QUOTE OF THE DAY: “It's a sign of the Aflockalypse!” -- DoctorOD


Bird and fish kills in Arkansas


Just before midnight on New Year’s Eve, thousands of dead blackbirds fell from the sky in Beebe, Arkansas. That was just after 100,000 drum fish were discovered floating in the water and lining the banks of a 20-mile stretch of the Arkansas River near Ozark about 125 miles west of Beebe. The causes for both incidents are still under investigation.


CNN readers offered their insights and opinions about the kills, from end-of-the-world and government conspiracy theories to scientific explanations.


itsnewstome warned, “Someone besides the government should have a couple of these birds tested before they all disappear. I'm not saying it can't be some freak accident, but I don't feel comfortable with the only explanation coming from the government. Who knows what they could be testing?” jjr1968 agreed, “I'm not a conspiracy nut (really), but this is just bizarre. No, I don't believe for a second we'd be told the truth.”


Murtle shared, “Well, I'm in Paris, Arkansas, just across the river from Ozark. I heard about the birds and just now about the fish. Something kind of ‘fishy’ going on here. There are no such things as coincidences. Come on Arkansas Game & Fish Commission. What have you done now?”


Some readers had logical explanations.


rb7 said, “There is a large gas main that was repaired on the west side of town along the east property line of the CWS transportation lot. Natural gas will kill these birds as fast as anything else would.”


highanddry offered, “I think it is related to the string of micro-earthquakes in and near Arkansas.


nepawoodsconcluded, “Wherever a large flock of birds has been caught in a violent hail storm, this has happened.” And some readers found humor in trying to determine the cause. Extremophil wrote “The answer is very simple. Iran mistook the birds for fighter jets and shot them down with their high tech pellet guns.” jharral3 suggested ”Maybe they had too much eggnog during the holidays.”


producerman tied it to politics, “The fish were killed by the falling dead birds on the very day that the Republicans took over Washington. Coincidence? I think not."


TV and Kabul’s masked women


A new television show in Kabul, Afghanistan allows maskedAfghan women to speak out on the taboo subject of spousal abuse. Some CNN responders sympathized with the women and applauded the show, while others condemned the Afghan culture for allowing the abuse.



lyrker supported their efforts. “That would be a really tough show to do every day. I commend the creator for his choice to take on such a provocative subject. I hope it helps someone.”


federalist51 wrote, “This story is sad beyond tears. But I have to ask those opposed to the U.S. presence in Afghanistan: Would the TV program exist -- would we be reading such articles if the Taliban were still in control of that country?”


tropicul said, “Let's hope this show has a positive impact. Men in Afghanistan have to be brought up to date by about 1000 years. This article is so sad.”


ahmad18ny said, This is more of cultural problem in Afghanistan. Religion does play a part in it, but the Afghan culture is very primitive. Don't take my word for it. Ask any honest Afghan living in the West."


Snow removal and beer


According to a report, last week four sanitation supervisors opted for a warm car and beer rather than snow removal of a massive storm that pummeled New York. CNN responders weren’t surprised, but some were still outraged.


wallster wrote “So they're using an alleged story from the New York post to make their case. They cut workers and expected more to be done with less help? This is a clear case of Bloomberg getting caught cutting workers and it bit him in the can. To blame the workers is not only a lack of teamwork, it shows his ina... more They cut workers and expected more to be done with less help? This is a clear case of Bloomberg getting caught cutting workers and it bit him in the can. To blame the workers is not only a lack of teamwork, it shows his inability to lead.”


FarmMom quipped, “Uh, since when do four guys drinking beer instead of shoveling snow become national headline news? Next up on CNN: Two Minneapolis government workers caught surfing Facebook instead of doing their approved work? California city manager drinks martini on taxpayer dime at lunch?”


10001NYC didn’t see the humor, though. “I have lived through several major storms in NYC. Each time, prior to last week, the city has done an amazing job of cleaning up the snow. Something went wrong last week and although I am no fan of Blooomberg, I can’t imagine how this could have been his fault. The city has had a snow clean-up pl... more I have lived through several major storms in NYC. Something went wrong last week. People died because of the blocked roads. People could not get to work, businesses did not open and millions of dollars were lost. A snow storm is not the time for childish behavior and anyone who failed to do the job they were hired to do should lose their job.”


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January 5, 2011
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CNN please look into methane gas killing the birds and fish! The New Madrid fault could be leaking methane gas that's killing the birds and fish in Arkansas and Louisiana. The New Madrid fault is receiving lots of quake activity which could be the result of the Gulf Oil Spill explosion and the earthquake in Haiti. This is all happening because of a weaker magnetic field in the Earth's core. A pole shift could be eminent.


Ironically all anomalies: the earthquake in Haiti, the methane gas explosion on the Gulf oil spill, the death of the birds and fish, the earthquakes in Arkansas and Indiana are all occurring along the New Madrid Fault.


A massive earthquake could happen along that fault very soon as well.

January 6, 2011
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if something mysteriously happened that means that its suspicious. i think the dying birds and fish are poisoned. first i would check the dead animals toxicologicaly.It seems to be it's some kind of terrorist. 

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