Tuesday, January 04, 2011
In search of the gadgets of the future at CES


If you're like us, chances are you like playing with new gadgets and dreaming about the next acquisition. Maybe you even like thinking about the future of these devices and envisioning how much closer humanity can get to the lifestyles in various science fiction universes. If that's the case, then this post is for you.


CNN is headed to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, an an annual expo that is a veritable paradise for the gadget aficionado. Check out CNN's coverage on this event, which runs from January 6 to 9; everything from tablet devices to 3-D TVs to video games will be there. So will our reporters, and they want to know what you want to see. 


The convention is overflowing with all sorts of gizmos that boggle the mind, and we would like your assistance in the tough task of combing through the sea of electronics to find the real gems. We've created a Twitter account called @cnnireportPRJCT where we can chat and be creative together. We hope you'll follow along and join us!


You can expect there will be a few quickfire challenges where you can upload an image or two to CNN iReport via e-mail, or respond to questions in unconventional ways. Maybe we'll ask you to jot something down on a Post-it note, or have you build a video game controller out of household objects. Our CNN reporters will be watching the discussion that takes place on this Twitter account and going on a scavenger hunt of their own to find the kinds of devices we talk about together. This is something of an experiment that we're trying with our community, but that hopefully fits the spirit of innovation that CES celebrates.


Follow the Twitter account and you'll get the instructions there. Be sure to comment below and let us know what you think about the future devices, and CES itself. If you're going, send us an iReport.

January 4, 2011
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I wish the ipad was a computer also so I would upload all my videos to post on iReport

January 4, 2011
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Kool.. Keep me posted.

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