Thursday, January 06, 2011
Changing the world with $380 million

With the news that two winners would share the $380 million Mega Millions jackpot, we asked iReporters what they’d do with that kind of cash (hat tip to Jason Asselin for sparking the discussion). Perhaps these difficult economic times have made people more sympathetic to those who are struggling, or the iReport community is just a philanthropic crowd, but just about everyone told us they would use their winnings to help the world.



Before the winning numbers were announced, Asselin told CNN he would invest at least half his jackpot to open businesses in his hometown of Iron Mountain, Michigan. He notes that Michigan has one of the country’s highest unemployment rates, and "I would love to do my part in getting these people back to work."


Continuing on the employment theme, Sherbien Dacalanio of Pasay City, Philippines, would spend most of his money to produce a TV show that would teach skills to poor people. He said, "I will make sure that the TV show will teach and inspire other people to work hard for their own and not leaving their fate to the government or to TV game shows."



John Becker, a software company owner in Coral Springs, Florida, would also create jobs -- for soldiers. After setting aside $10 million for his family, he’d create a foundation to put injured troops back to work. He’d also fund projects in Haiti. He said he has traveled all around the world and “it's time to give back.”


“I don’t need to be blowing money on houses and cars and garbage like that. I think I could do a lot of good for a lot of people with that type of money,” Becker said in his iReport.


Some of you were inspired by personal struggles. Amanda Guyton, the mother of an autistic child in Fredericksburg, Virginia, would build a school and center for children with disabilities and their families.


"Our inspiration is not just our own son, but the myriad of families we meet and have spent time with in the therapy offices and school offices," she said. "We are not just concerned with the special needs kids, but also their brothers and sisters, who often have to sit in waiting rooms while their siblings get the services they need."


Of course, many of you would splurge a little, but no one mentioned quitting their job.


Jessica Farrow, 36, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, said she might switch careers and work for a nonprofit, but "I like having a job to go to every day -- makes me feel like I am giving part of society. It also helps to reinforce to my kids that making an honest day's living is the right way to go."


Sadly, none of the iReporters won this time (as far as we know). But you can still help the world. Check out CNN's Impact Your World for ideas on making difference.

January 6, 2011

THANK YOU!! And I will continue to live this dream of IF I ever won.. I so would love to open a restaurant that I could call my own, as well as Build the convention Center that Steve Mariucci and Tom Izzo failed to build as a promise to our city. So much I could do to help other people.. That is my Dream.

January 6, 2011
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I would first spend a year thinking about what to do with that windfall.

January 6, 2011
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I'd pay off my college loan, my parents credit cards, my uncle's house, buy my own house, donate huge lumps to specific charities of preference, divide what's left with family and closest friends, and live off what remains. It's healthier not to keep it all.

January 7, 2011
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Very good and very nice, all the people want to help the lesser fortunate in some kind of way.

January 7, 2011
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thanks so much

January 8, 2011

Great Blog post...It's nice to see that most Ireporters would help the world...

January 9, 2011
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great. i may not win, but maybe 10 years from now, i will have my own earning and make one. i got an inspiration from interviewing a man with P 20 only and now his money is worth 600 billion pesos and he is still humble....

January 9, 2011
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by the way, sometimes i'm in pasay city and sometimes i'm in quezon city.

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