Monday, January 10, 2011
Snow day in Atlanta

It was a snow day in Atlanta, Georgia, the city that CNN iReport calls home. Up to six inches of snow fell in parts of Georgia, while double-digit snowfall was reported in Tennessee and Mississippi. Winter-hardy northerners may be scoffing at us right now, but  this much snowfall is rare enough in the South that iReporters soaked in the fun while they could.


Susan Zepko of Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, sent video of her daughter and her neighbor's son jumping on a snowy trampoline. She said usually the area sees rain, not snow.


"They were just running around in the front yard and trying to find some fun things to do, since we don't have a sledding hill. So they said, 'Let's go jump on the trampoline and jump in the snow,'” Zepko recalled.


With the snow, ice and sleet creating major hazards for drivers, lots of folks left their cars in the driveway and opted for more creative forms of transportation. Aaron Greenwood of Atlanta, Georgia, watched people skiing down his street all night Sunday and joked, “Whoever said Atlanta doesn't have great skiing?”


Meanwhile, families came up with innovative sledding techniques. In Huntsville, Alabama, Matt Reid laughed when he saw a neighbor pulling his child on a sled with a lawnmower, while Virginia Hawkins of Decatur, Georgia noticed a sledder pass by on a kayak. In Chickamauga, Georgia, Daniel Ball was excited to film an all-terrain vehicle pulling a jon boat full of kids down the snowy road.


The snow was fun for photographers, too. Many were overjoyed to go outside with their cameras and document something that doesn't happen every day, or even every year. Here are some of the great snapshots iReporters sent to show how they were enjoying their snowy holiday:



Neal Piper of Mabelton, Georgia, made this giant snow angel scene while his girlfriend directed the action from up on a balcony on Sunday.



As the snow began to pile up on Sunday night, David Rein shot this photo of people having fun in the Virginia Highlands neighborhood of Atlanta.



Cody Wellons wandered around Grant Park, a historic neighborhood near downtown, and took this picture Monday morning after the snow had fallen, contrasting beautifully with the shadows of the trees.


If it's snowing near you, we hope you're bundled up and warm wherever you are. If you happen to venture out for a look at the snow, share your photos and videos on CNN iReport. Just remember to be safe.


Finally, how's the weather near you? Ever had to deal with snowflakes en masse? Most of us are relatively new to this, and we think it'd be interesting to hear any tips or thoughts you have to share on how to stay warm and make it through cold days like this without getting cabin fever.

January 10, 2011
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A northerner told me a winter rule of thumb today: if you have your car outside you should place a dry towel on the windows and pull the wipers away from the windshield when there are overnight snow storms & freezes.

January 10, 2011
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its lovely, it looks like huge icing cake and I feel like cutting a piece and eating it.  Beatiful photos

January 11, 2011

Good post!

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