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Overheard on Florida is frozen, too

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COMMENT OF THE DAY: "C'mon Florida! Get with it. We need a perfect 50!" --shnawky1


Today is a big news day as yours truly sits at a keyboard working from home during Atlanta's deepest of recent deep freezes. So many big stories are happening: snowstorm coverage and the anniversary of the Haiti earthquake that devastated so many a year ago, on top of the Arizona shooting and Australia flooding. Given all of that, one of most-viewed stories by far is a story about "Ghostbusters III." Those of us stuck at home with cabin fever could probably use a shot of ectoplasm to wake up.


We have an eclectic selection of comments here, just a sample from the sheer number of stories coming across the wires. We'll kick it off with Floridians' impassioned response about being the one state out of 50 without snow on the ground. Check out what readers had to say about this and other stories:


Snow present in 49 of the 50 states


The snowy deep freeze is everywhere, and it seems no one is immune, except perhaps Floridians. They're the only state without snow on the ground right now. Even an idyllic vacation mecca like Hawaii has snow up on the peaks. But many residents of the Sunshine State took offense to the thought that they might be basking in the rays. While some told us of their enjoyable weather, many wrote to say that parts of the state do get cold.


Take Tallahassee. rightso said, "Even though there may not be snow here in florida, I will say that it is frigid. I live in Tallahassee and from what I can see, I don't think there is any way that anyone would want to go on a vacation to florida right now. South florida might be warm but don't get it twisted. Not all of the sunshine state is soakin' up the rays right now." Floridian responded, "Yes, but Tallahassee is really not Florida. It is south Georgia, just like everything north of Orlando. Nothing wrong with it, but Florida really should be split into two considering the differences between north Florida and (southern) Florida.


Some said Florida has had some snow this season. Bren wrote, "I was speaking with a friend from Marianna, Florida, the other day who told me about a few times already this year that he has seen snow and flurries in and around the Jackson County, Florida, area. It seems that not even Florida escaped the snow and this storm is batting a thousand if it was trying to hit every state, haha." Hannah said, "I live in Tallahassee as well, and from what I hear there were snow flurries on Christmas Eve. The current temperature is actually 30 degrees, so North Florida is getting the cold winter weather. My family who lives in Tampa, however, is enjoying weather in the 50s and 60s this week. I'm slightly jealous." randy said, "I live in Orlando and it's supposed to be 32 in the morning. Just because there's no snow don't mean it's not cold!"


Besides that angle, we heard lots of commentary on climate change. Is there global warming, or isn't there? And what is global warming anyway? Commenters hashed out this hairy question many times over. It always seems to come up whenever we start talking about unusual weather patterns.


Most have homes, but some Haitian orphans still in shelters


Readers were outraged about a story detailing how, a year after the earthquake that rocked Haiti, some orphans who were rescued and taken to the United States still remain in shelters instead of homes.


"They are confused, they feel rejected, they wonder what's going to happen to them and whether they are ever going to be with a family as they were promised," said Michelle Abarca, a lawyer with the Florida Immigrant Advocacy Center, which is representing some of the children who were taken to Miami.


Readers talked about Haiti's ongoing problems and the United States' involvement in the country's future.


practical46 said, "I wish our county and politicians cared as much for people as they do for the military-industrial congressional complex. I wish people would look around and realize that this life is short and we must do our best to help each other -- we are all in this together. Lets stop the wars and invest in people and the planet. Do you hear this Obama and other leaders who are focused on their own agendas? If the Republicans want to put on a good face, they will cut the military budget and renew their commitment to our people and other nations who need infrastructure, education, health care, etc."


Other commenters felt hopeless about the situation. ohyeaaaahh said, "Haiti needs to want to change. Nobody can force them to change. It's a sad situation, but there isn't much anyone can do except keep dumping money there."


Some asked why more attention isn't being paid to American orphans. Orge asked, "Why don't we as a nation start doing right by our fellow Americans and stop worrying about every other nation's poor and orphaned?" roy0001 said, "Time to take care of our own orphans and hungry. Help was always appreciated very little by the third world and taken as an insult many times. I'm not talking only about Haiti."


But Chickenz said, "An orphan is an orphan. Does it really matter where that orphan was born? Deanna19 wrote, "I for one value a childs life whether its in our own backyard or across the ocean. It doesn't matter what continent they're from."


'Ghostbusters III' a no-go without Bill Murray


Ivan Reitman's planned entry to the "Ghostbusters" franchise has one holdout: Bill Murray, aka Peter Venkman. Readers speculated about what might be holding Murray back and who would be able to step into such a role if that came to pass. Response was passionate and interesting, so a few inches are devoted to the discussion here:


Stephanie started a thread when she wrote, "This movie should have been done years ago. They're old, pudgy and Bill Murray has grown surly over the years. I can't even imagine them trying to run through the streets chasing ghosts. I loved the first one, was okay with the second one, but I think the third one won't be good. They waited too late." But those like Adam disagreed: "Wow they have not even shot one foot of film and you are going to say it's not going to be good. How many books have to you read by looking at the cover by the way?"


But SKSK came back in: "I have to agree. Sort of like pushing Harrison Ford to keep playing Indiana Jones even though he's almost 70. Even with that being said, I'd still go see it, just like I'll go and see every Indiana Jones movie they make. Even if it sucks." hater said, "I'd bet a million dollars that they bring in that Shia LaBeouf guy like in indiana Jones and completly ruin the franchise for me." Or, maybe the age thing doesn't matter. Spiza said, "I believe they are supposed to be mentors to a new team, or actually ghosts mentoring a new team." Tyler Smith said, "If Bill Murray did Zombieland, he should have no reason to do this movie."


banasy said, "Bill Murray can pick and choose his movie roles now, or never star in them again, if he so chooses. It's never a good idea (to me, anyway) to resurrect a sequel 25 years later. The movie-going bunch nowadays don't really care and it's not worth it to make a movie that goes straight to video. The people I talked to about this would rather wait for the video anymore, so I think it wouldn't be worth the expense of making GB3. And it will be expensive; imagine the effects costs 25 years later! But it would be cool!" Frank said, "It is not Ghostbusters without Murray! I hope he will do it, I love Bill Murray."


Finally, we had a lot of readers sharing quotes and references to the Ghostbusters pantheon. bert said, "It is Dr. Venkman, please give him the respect he deserves." Kathy retorted, "Yeah, back off man, he's a scientist."


YOUR TURN: Now that you've read what other people are saying, do you find that your views align with theirs? Think of this as a wishing well in need of your 2 cents. Post a comment below or sound off on video.


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