Thursday, January 13, 2011
Documenting the flooding in Australia

Residents in Queensland, Australia, are beginning to assess the damage caused by the worst flooding in decades. Though floodwaters have begun to recede, authorities say the clean-up from what they've called an "inland tsunami" could take months. The death toll rose to 15 Thursday, with 70 people still missing, and more than 20,000 homes were inundated with water.


iReporters in and around Brisbane, the state capital, have been documenting the flooding and shared photos of the devastation:


Skye Reeve, who lives in Brisbane, was shocked to see so many areas affected by the flooding Wednesday. "Power is down in many parts of the city, mass evacuations are now necessary and the relentless river is pushing our amazing rescue workers to their limits," she said.



Queensland's premier soccer venue, Suncorp Stadium, was submerged in three feet of water, as seen in this photo shot Wednesday by Mairead McKinnon. The stadium also caught fire Thursday when the rising flood waters short-circuited a generator box, according to news reports.


People used boats and canoes to cross flooded roads, said Mark Ignativ, who shot this photo in Gailes, a suburb of Ipswich, Queensland. "Houses are flooded in low lying areas, and parks have been turned into lakes."


Our hearts go out to those affected, and we’re hoping for a speedy recovery. If you're in one of the flooded areas, we'd like to know how you are faring. Please share photos and videos if it is safe to do so.

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