Thursday, January 13, 2011
Overheard on 'Golden Voice' Ted Williams heads to rehab


Photo: Ted Williams became famous for being the homeless man with the remarkable voice.


COMMENT OF THE DAY: "It's like a train wreck that was wrecked when everyone first saw it. Then it got back on track, now it's wrecking again. Enjoy the show." --happyhiker


The story of the homeless man with the "golden voice" has taken a little bit of a twist, and readers are practically on the edge of their seat following the new developments. Ted Williams has voluntarily checked into rehab for alcohol and drug dependency, which came after "a lengthy one-on-one conversation with Dr. Phil [McGraw]," a spokesman for "The Dr. Phil Show" said Wednesday.


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'Golden voice' Ted Williams admits drinking, heads to rehab


Commenters talked a lot about how fame changes a person, and also the ways that it doesn't. jeffmg said, "Good for Ted. I hope he can get the help he needs and I'm pulling for this guy to become one of the best comeback stories ever." But ranmic said what many others also were thinking: "Looks like this guy is not what everyone thought, eh? If anyone is surprised by this, they need their head examined."


LeeInOceansi said, "There's a lot of us out here with great voices. I used to be on the radio in the '70s doing shticks with Rick Dees but eventually took another direction in life. Since that destination is now gone how I would love to be rediscovered and given the opportunity to work using my voice again. This Ted Williams was given the 'instant golden key' and he is fortunate. He needs to clean his act up and deal with the instant fame and he will be on his way again in life. I cleaned up my act 12 years ago. Clean as a whistle all the way. However my attempts to get back in the business have been futile. I may not have 'the' golden voice but mine is pretty darn good."


Many wrote about Williams' family, with many questioning their motives after Williams' publicity. mizeryone said, "Now that fame is at his feet, his family's interested more in his financial earnings than his recovery."


CHHoosier said, "In most people's eyes, this guy's life was out of control, but now he is a star in the media and is being run by the people. Who has control of his life now? I hope the best for him."

Services held for youngest victim of Arizona mass shootings


The Tucson, Arizona, shooting continues to light up comment boards. A night after  President Obama's speech at a memorial on the University of Arizona campus, the services for 9-year-old Christina Taylor Green broke many, many readers' hearts. Some thought of their own children, and some were overcome with grief.


wallster said, "I honestly can't think of anything as heartbreaking as this story. If this doesn't put your life into perspective I don't think there's anything that will. It's so sad that it takes the loss of this wonderful little girl for us to stop and realize how blessed we are. My deepest condolences to the Green family, may you find strength from Christina's spirit in your time of grief."


lovemyFloyd said, "Oh my God, this is just too sad for words. I cannot even imagine the grief and emptiness her parents feel. May God help them through their tremendous sorrow, one day at a time."


Some referenced Green's birthday, which was September 11, 2001. One commenter went so far as to compare her to Neda, a slain woman who came to symbolize the horror of violence during protests in Iran. joewood1 wrote, "This little girl is going to be remembered, I think -- and should be -- by our country, much in the way Neda was and should be in Iran. Both were innocent, beautiful creatures, gunned down for the stupidest and most evil of reasons, and are huge losses to our collective future, as most innocent lives cut down are. But the fact that this little girl symbolizes in a way the tragedy not only of Tucson, but of 9/11 and the innocents cut down on that day, makes her an icon at 9 years old we should shower with love. Instead of focusing on celebrity, we should celebrate the goodness around us, found in ordinary yet extraordinary flickers of hope like Christina Green."


brianwaz was one of many who talked about punishments for the killings. "Honestly, I think one thing that we are not taking away from this is that this is the first time in a long time that something like this has happened and the perpetrator was caught alive. It's about time one of these scumbags will finally have to face the music."


Obama: 'The hopes of a nation are here tonight'


We also received lots of feedback about Obama's speech at the McKale Center in Tucson. Commenters debated whether the president was taking advantage of the situation for his own political gain. Overall, most people said it was not a politicized event, but there were a few who said it was.


Here's an excerpt from a thoughtful comment by douglaswv: "To those who felt inspired by our president's words, I wonder how you would feel if 72 hours after one of your loved ones was killed, a politician used a memorial event to try to make political hay? Those who praise our president for returning to the Obama of the campaign trail are confirming what I believed when I saw him speak: This was all about politics."


baboons responded, "You either didn't watch the speech, or watched wearing those rose colored glasses you have. There was no political 'grandstanding' other than the president, who is a political figure, giving the speech. I felt that the tributes did just what you said you want at your funeral: They celebrated the lives of these people."


RobertFTL wrote, "I think President Obama's speech was what the country needed. Anyone who disagrees that civility is lost has been living in a bubble." But leadyourself wrote, "Until Obama changes his ideology of expanding government over its citizens, I don't care what he has to say about anything. Same soup, different bowl."


Gliese581g said, "Just because you are a politician and make a speech does not mean it is a Political Speech. OK? Can we just clarify that right now?" Realist1981 wrote, "Agreed. As a conservative I thought President Obama was on point and delivered a great speech focusing on the humanity of the tragedy and equally reminding us to not use tragedy as a reason to divide us and point fingers for no reason. However, just because I liked his speech and thought it was appropriate doesn't change my opinion on his administration's polices, but like you said that's not the point. I think people on both sides have forgot you can like someone as a person or a specific event and still differ in political opinion without hate and angst."


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January 13, 2011
Click to view Jigsaw3Dxxx's profile

I'll drink to that.

January 13, 2011
Click to view MissMay1920's profile

I haven't bought Kraft Mac and Cheese in years, but will now!  I will eat a little of it, as I am watching the calories and especially salt,will donate it to food banks, will donate to my block's food bank which we put together unofficially, etc.  Kraft, you are TERRIFIC for giving Ted a job!!!  Thank you!

January 13, 2011
Click to view MissMay1920's profile

Jigsaw, you are the bee's knees!  Go eat now.


Love, Granny

January 13, 2011
Click to view 60AT's profile

"This little girl is going to be remembered, I think -- and should be -- by our country, much in the way Neda was and should be in Iran."


You mean there is going to be a large amount of attention directed at her, and what her death stood for, then we are all going to forget about it after a few weeks and do nothing to prevent it from happening again?


Yup, I think you're right.

January 13, 2011
Click to view Fabi2010's profile

I am sure if he's as committed to God as he says he is, he will say no to drugs and alcohol for good. I really hope he doesn't take God given voice and life for granted.

January 13, 2011
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January 13, 2011
Click to view blivit's profile

Why this worthless bum gets in the news is beyond me. His "voice" is just an ordinary phony DJ voice not golden. Are you so desperate for news you keep on writing articals on this bum?

January 13, 2011
Click to view JohnSmythe's profile

Interesting way to say "Remember your place".  Have you considered that you may be the one being played Happy Hiker? or is it happy hack?


January 13, 2011
Click to view Waymon's profile


Rehab isnt his last hope.God is. Jesus was born in a poor Jewish community,he turned out 2 be the Lord and Savior.

January 13, 2011
Click to view Kado's profile

Addictive personalities have a life-long battle to stay ahead of the addiction. Alcohol will always be around us. The best thing Ted Williams could do is to avoid further publicity, accept no further appearances, and get on with life.  Realize that the only thing different now is that he wanted a job and now he HAS one. Concentrate on getting to it in good shape every day and being on target....attend AA as often as he feels the need and be his own best friend.  He got out there with that sign.  Now, he has to get behind himself and PUSH.

January 13, 2011

the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.  This guy is an addict and always will be.  The best he can do is manage it and for that I say 'I wish him the best of luck'

January 13, 2011
Click to view Murray22's profile

Anyone who has had a family member addicted to drugs or alcohol can appreciate what this man deals with on a day to day basis.


Ted just needs to do the best he can every day.


That's all any of us can do.

January 13, 2011
Click to view BigTSims1's profile

I'd love to have that chance. The man with the Silky Silver Smooth Voice.

January 13, 2011
Click to view Southstar7's profile

I concur.  Another warm and fuzzy story typlifying the influence of the network and internet media tempest. The sad part is that this guy is being thrust into an instant stardom he is unlikely able to handle.  I also agree with those of us who have worked in broadcast field for decades,paid our dues and struggled to make a decent living, AND no one knows are name because we followed the rules.  Excelsior

January 13, 2011
Click to view MeanRabbit's profile

I think of so many people I know in the broadcasting industry who actually worked hard when I see all the hype about the so-called "Man With The Golden Voice". What he does is not remarkable, DJs have been doing it since radio was invented. He's being exploited by the media. Dr. Phil has had his dramatic fling with him. Probably soon he'll be interviewed by Oprah, who will cry for us. Yet there are thousands of more talented and deserving people out there in the industry who have never been bums and addicts who will never be acknowledged.

January 13, 2011
Click to view iam2's profile

I know that Alcohol and drugs are a devils tool for the weak.Not only these adictions some are addicted to sex and gossip and ECT.Sometimes these overwhelming powers controls every thought.We had a person in our town that was known for being the town alcoholic.No one ever believed that this man would ever change,but one day he dicided he was going to rehab and his dad said son i'll pay for it if you'll go twenty thousand dollars his dad had confidence that he would recover...Hmmm. He took his dad up on it. There was never a day of soberness. His testimony to me was I drank the night before til I passed out.I stood there with tears rolling down my face.My dad came and got me the next morning and i went to rehab.I made my mind upto get help.Guess what he went through all the testing and what ever you have to do and he got down on his knee's before God and ask for his help.He was in there for 30 days and after the second day of rehab he was helping others in there to cope with withdrawals.They found he had a young mans heart no liver damage no damage to his internal organs.A miracle from God.NO Withdrawals..Folks don't give up on Ted...Of you that are agnostic and close minded get a gripe...God gives second chances and I serve a God of second chances..There is hope.. today my friend the town drunk has been sober for 5 years and people cant believe it .. The uptown first church where his family attended was ashamed of him but today they want him in their congregation..Funny how peoples lives change and those uptown folks see it and where they didn't want to be around you,now they want to hear"The Rest of The Story"Hmmm prayer changes things..Pray for Ted..You might find some piece too...Good Day !!!

January 13, 2011
Click to view iam2's profile

To the green family that had their daughter taken at such a young age i say "God had another plan"Not easy to say but true...It wasn't my child nor relationship except through Christ..God had a plan for Christina. We may never know it but He does.Question? yes you have that right. But knowing we know not. May someday we will.MY prayers to you

January 14, 2011
Click to view Maxstorm's profile

Man I was pulling for this guy but when I seen him on good morning America. I knew he had the itch he looked like he was on something you cannot fix a house without repairing the foundation first yet another case where they did not take the time to fix the real problem so failure to one degree or another was in evadable hopefully now he can get the help he needs on a basic mental level you can’t fix every problem by throwing money at it especially when it comes to people

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