Friday, January 14, 2011
Snow in 49 states

Update: As of Saturday, we received a few iReports from Oregon, rounding out the map of all the snowy states! Congrats to everyone for representing their state!


With snow storms that churned from the Northern Plains to the southern states, we were interested to learn earlier this week that 49 of the 50 states had snow on the ground.


iReport loves a challenge, so we set out to collect and showcase photos from all 49 of the snow-covered states. Within just a few days, we had heard from all but one -- Oregon.


We were beginning to wonder if all the snow in Oregon had melted, but CNN meteorologists assured us Friday afternoon that there was still plenty of the white stuff in the Cascade Mountain Range as well as much of the eastern part of the state. In fact, Crater Lake was reporting a whopping 88 inches on the ground.


Meanwhile, we’re told that Louisiana’s snow has melted, which explains why it was so hard for us to find photographic evidence. The closest we came was Todd Walker’s photo, shot Monday, of his 9-year-old son catching snowflakes in his mouth.


Thanks to everyone who participated. Be sure to check out the map of snow across the U.S. -- it's fun to see the wintery images from iReporters all over the country. And, Oregon, if you’re out there, send us your photos!

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