Monday, January 17, 2011
Overheard on Gervais lays Golden eggs?

Comment of the day: “Ricky was the turd in their [movie stars] smug little PC punch bowl.” –lee


Gervais funny or not?


Host of the Golden Globes for the second year in a row, actor and comedian, Ricky Gervais certainly pulled no punches Sunday night. From “famous Scientologists,” “Sex in the City” co-stars, and even God, it seemed anyone and anything was fair game. And while the jokes caused some tension in the room, most attendees said they thought he was a hit. So what about CNN readers? Most of them thought so, too.


RabiaDiluvio said, “It was pure genius. Bring him back a third time. He was the best part of the show! MeganKI agreed, “He was laugh out loud funny ... hard to watch a few times, but they knew what they were getting with him.” C Daubney said, “Thought Ricky Gervais was fantastic! Yes I did wince at a few of his comments but I quickly followed up with guttural laughter.”


CNN reader, Martin sparked an exchange among other readers with his opinion, “He was disgusting. I won't watch again if he is the host. Showed no respect at all! Isn't there an American who would be better? Jules replied, “Oh Martin. Did your celebrities get their feelings hurt? Just goes to show you: Americans put celebrities on too high of a pedestal.” And Eliza said, “Yes, I'm sure it would have been much more entertaining for those of us at home had we watched him blow smoke up the superior Hollywood elite's a&ses.”


CNN reader BJ took exception with Gervais: “Did not like it at all, especially his last remark: ‘Thanks to God, who made me an atheist.’” But Matthew said “Oh no! Not a religious joke! How dare he?!?! Come on, get real.”




Steve Jobs takes second leave


Citing a medical condition, Apple CEO Steve Jobs is taking a second leave of absence in as many years. News of his leave sparked comments about him and the company he’s created.


iseultabq said, “I admire this man so much. He has vision and taste.” Reader48 said, “Get well, Steve. You changed the world and made it better.” rsprings said “Steve Jobs is a genius. Hope he gets well fast.” Emastmagy said “Steve, you are the epitome of the saying: ‘You can't keep a good man down!’”


Some readers commented on how Apple will handle his absence. Seke2 said, “I hope he recovers. Apple can't be Apple without him.” Exxtraz said, “Hope he gets better soon, but I am sure Apple can function just fine.” ecibu33 replied, “Function yes, but thrive? No way."


Others complained that his leave shouldn’t make headline news. android10 said “Hope he's okay, but what if my dad's co-workers get medical leave? Does that mean they get to be on the news too?” CyberSafe said, “Yeah as soon as they create a multibillion dollar company with 25 percent market share and worldwide love, then they'll get press too.”




Oldest African-American dies


Mississippi “Sweetie” Winn, the oldest African-American, died last Friday in Shreveport, Louisiana, at the age of 113. Some CNN readers paid tribute to the never-married daughter of slaves while others took issue with the identification of her race in the story.


kristilee said, “It's mind boggling to think what this woman saw and experienced in her lifetime. What a beautiful thing life is!” Outland said, “I sure hope someone wrote down her experiences and life history. Just think of what she heard, saw and participated in. Wow.”


karbvi said, “Why didn’t CNN simply state ‘113 old American dies?’ Who cares if they are black, white or yellow? No wonder the USA is still racist.” And Outland said, “I would have still read the article if it was titled ‘113 year old person has died.’ After all, I'm not a hyphenated anything. I'm an American.” But Racheyray replied, “The history she personally experienced in 113 years as a black American woman certainly makes her race worth mentioning. She was born to slaves and died at a time when a black man was president. Amazing!” And NwHawk said, “Who would have thought, that a child born of slaves would live long enough to see a black man as president?I hope my children live long enough to see the day when race really doesn't matter anymore, then maybe we'll get somewhere.”



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January 17, 2011
Click to view poolchick's profile

I thought most of what Ricky Gervais said was funny but I did not like his Thanks to God line.  Was in very poor taste and made no sense what's so ever.  Why thank someone that you don't believe in.  Was that the funny part?  Not to me.

January 17, 2011
Click to view boredin602's profile

@poolchick  That's what made it funny... because so many of the celebs thanked God.


I thought he did a GREAT job.

January 17, 2011
Click to view GossamerS's profile

I also thought Gervais was great. He just said what many people think of celebs. Obviously, Robert Downey Junior won't be a candidate for a celebrity roast any time soon as he can dish it out, but can't take it.

January 17, 2011
Click to view BrutusH's profile

He was brilliant...those Hollywood douchebags got what they deserved

January 17, 2011
Click to view genie1909's profile

He was a riot after all don't you think they all take themselves a little too seriously. They are just puppets that mouth someone else's words and sadly a lot of what they do is just dull and boring or silly and stupid. The memorable stuff is few and far between. So if someone gives them a kick in the rear they should show us they can be good sports and laugh and say the 19.00 you pay for coming to se me do junk is really worth it because I am going to let this guy skewer me for a laugh.

January 17, 2011
Click to view MHF44's profile

It was hysterical; that horrid little streak of searingly painful truthfulness everyone with so large an ego needs.  Keeps them human instead of believing they are demi-gods and reminds the local sheep of the same.  Downey shouldn't whine - he is fortunate enough to be there to hear it and not be in prison or dead.

January 17, 2011
Click to view Richxx's profile

I had never heard of him.  I realize I hadn't missed anything.  But what is worse is so many people think his mean spirited comments were funny.  That says a lot about us.

January 17, 2011
Click to view SeriousBlaq's profile

You wouldn't wince if you didn't get it.  That means he was just saying what everybody else thought.  Excellent job!!  Bravo!!!!!

January 17, 2011
Click to view dmwinsd's profile

No longer interested in Gervais.  I used to like him, but no more.

January 17, 2011
Click to view golfer01's profile

It's not like this should have surprised anyone.  This is Ricky Gervais humour:  Super dry and cutting.


Personally, I laughed out loud several times.  Anyone saying he crossed the line needs to lighten up a little.  It was all in good fun



January 17, 2011
Click to view TxEm's profile

Hollywood has a sense of humor. The constant critics easily force the actors to take it on the chin after every performance.  These major award shows used to be hosted with class.  Humor was intelligent and not aimed at heart of the next person walking up to the podium. I caught Gervais cable special last week and was astounded at the new depths of 'modern comedy.'  It's easy for comedians to shoot from the hip, create the insult and report the newest sexual quip.  The very talented comedians create humor that pulls us all up a little while helping us feel good enough to laugh.  The acceptance of Gervais sucker punching the approaching presenters with nasty humor makes me wince at just what civility we as Americans choose.  Take the low road if it makes laughing at this trash easier for you to accept, but just because trash humor is funny, doesn't mean it belongs in the venue where you heard it.

January 18, 2011
Click to view eboy's profile

Gervaris did it the way it should be done.  The way hundreds of comics have been doing it for years.  Truth in comedy.  Topical and relevant punch lines always hit hard and create the biggest laughs.

January 18, 2011
Click to view Blondcher's profile

Ricky's  behavior was unacceptable.. His jokes went too far. Insults too harsh not funny..  International film catagory..  WHO CARES ??   He should keep his religious views to himself.. I pray he never returns .. Americans if your find this man funny..We have a sick minded group of Americans.  He is no Don Rickels.  The Ladies & Gents all looked great.. True glamour at it's best !!

January 18, 2011
Click to view brightguy's profile

Ricky was just fine... he worked to make an otherwise boring Hollywood award show of celebs patting each other on the back enjoyable for the masses of "regular" Americans.  Frankly, comments like Blondcher's make me laugh too - when people fail to understand what comics do, the greatness of our country's freedom of speech, and the fact that there is more than one religion in our world - I find it very humorous (and sad).  As a Christian, I take more offense to the hundreds of celebs with their cookie cutter "Thank God" acceptance speeches.  It's like saying "I'm sorry" even if you don't really mean it - you do it to appease someone else or because it's accepted practice. 


Lighten up, Rickey's spilt milk and there is no using crying over it.

January 18, 2011
Click to view pranksterguy's profile

Ricky was fantastic!

January 18, 2011
Click to view BigJimSlade's profile

@Blondcher, I agree, so long as actors quit thanking god winning an award. I guess you absolutely missed the point of his comment.

January 18, 2011
Click to view CalBigGuy's profile

I felt many of his comments were mean spirited, however, the comment he made about the "poor and they stink".... I thought this was sick and poking so-called fun at those least able to defend themselves.  I did not find this funny... and was in extremely poor taste.  I don't understand the intelligence of people who find humor in jokes poking fun at the poor, mentally or physically impaired.   I am surprised he did not poke fun of people of color..... or was the poor joke his "clever way" his lawyers kept him out of trouble.  

January 18, 2011
Click to view rossdboss's profile

Bring back Ricky next year!

January 18, 2011
Click to view naes's profile

TO - Blondcher - this guys has been writing American Humor for the past 7 years – everything you watch has his style of humor in it!!!


You may as well switch your TV off……


January 18, 2011
Click to view janedoe2011's profile

I think his jokes were all in good fun and if the actresses and actors took offense they are way to sensitive. Bring him back next year and if you took offense then you need to turn a cheek and deal with it.

January 18, 2011
Click to view manhandler63's profile

How many awards to these people have to give to each other, anyway?  They're all pathetic attention hounds...parading themselves around, hoping to get noticed. What fools.  

January 18, 2011
Click to view Derc's profile

Loved it, he's awesome!

January 18, 2011
Click to view tigerish11's profile

Gervais was great. It may have been inappropriate 10 years back, but lets face the truth, that threshold has changed and people's sensitivities have evolved and safe is now just BORING. As a relevant and modern comedian, Ricky hit the spot.  

January 18, 2011
Click to view nightowl79's profile

Oh Ricky Ricky are a comedic genius.  Thank you for not sucking up to Hollywood and putting them in their place.

January 18, 2011
Click to view wildnfree's profile

note that most of those who thought Gervais in bad taste were my fellow Americans; and/or were religious. Thanking a god for a entertainment award is the height of stupidity: a god helped a rich star, but couldn't stop the deaths of millions by starvation, war and draught? And then, many of those who took offense made their name and fortune playing characters who thumbed their noses at society, so why act uptight in public when doing so ruins their reputations as society's rebels? Robert Downey should have laughed at the reference to his run-ins with the law; probably made him a bettr actor for it! Of course many of these stars havent been rebels for decades; they are now the status-qua they used to thumb their noses at. Embarrassing but true.

January 18, 2011
Click to view Ante's profile

This guy kicked royal ass

January 18, 2011
Click to view BronxBomber's profile

Ricky was spot-on. Better than last year even. HFPA needs to take a deep breath and get over it.

January 18, 2011
Click to view Boblw60's profile

Ricky was brilliant! Downey had a big attitude, then ripped into a tasteless routine about "sleeping with his co-stars" that was worse than anything Ricky said. The bigger question is why do we have this cult of celebrity worship?

January 18, 2011
Click to view Loriel's profile

I agree about the celebrity "Thank God" speeches that they constantly throw out.  How big can your ego be to think that "God" would have anything to do with winning an award of any kind?    Ricky made me very uncomfortable and I found myself almost hiding my gales of laughter in the privacy of my own living room!  He opened the Pandora's Box where all of the "stars" try to tuck away their dirty deeds behind their PR people.  No American comic would have been brave enough.  In England they do not pamper their celebs like we do in America.  They call them to task with humor and that is what he did.  It was the least boring Golden Globes I have ever watched.  He dared to call out Depp, Jolie, Downy and those idiot scientoligist followers.  He was brutal.  He was honest.  He was brilliant. 

January 18, 2011
Click to view Midloo's profile

Absolutely hilarious.  Not taking oneself to seriously and having a sense of humor about your position in life is one of the hallmarks of true intelligence and confidence.  A little bit of a roast never hurt anyone that wasn't setting themselves up for a fall already.  Relax, celebs...  we'll still pay to watch you stroke your own massive ego in your latest blockbuster release.

January 18, 2011
Click to view whatshappen's profile

Thankyou GOD is wonderful he doesn't get enough thanks,GOD gives them there talents and health to do the job they do.  And as for Rickey GEESE man dissing GOD are you NUTS he can take you out in one blink.

January 18, 2011
Click to view MrsFudd's profile

Hollywood is so self-absorbed, they need a good kick in the pants every now and then.  I don't watch award shows anymore because of their liberal  left content.  I want to be entertained, not have my political views slammed, so I just don't watch.  From what I've seen in clips, it sounds like Gervais was as biting as usual.  I think it's great how he made fun of Scientology, homosexuals, that horrible movie "The Tourist", etc.  These egotistical prima donna's need to be taken down a notch.  Of course he always makes fun of God, but what do you expect from anyone in Hollywood?  These people have no morals and want to be treated like royalty because they pretend for a living.  How warped is that?

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