Tuesday, January 18, 2011
Come find us on Instagram!


If you use social media at all, you've probably seen a ton of toy-camera-ish, too-cool-for-rectangles pictures "cropping" up lately. Many of those elegant little photos were created using Instagram, an extremely addictive mobile-only app for the iPhone that a few CNN iReport staffers have recently fallen in love with.


We started an account just for fun, mostly to share some of the precious moments we enjoy around our office. It's a running joke that we're the most-documented team in the CNN.com newsroom, so this makes things a little easier for us.  Photos show everything from newsroom yoga to morning meetings to my surprisingly popular lemur beanie. We're starting to see that the whole thing is really catching on.


We like the ease of sharing, and the built-in filters are simply adorable. But the best part is the community members who've stopped by to say hello and drop some love or post a comment.


A warm shout-out goes to Instagram's very own Josh Johnson, who issued a challenge to post a photo of something red. We put up a red image of a CNN iReport logo, and Johnson spotted it and gave us a tip of the hat. He even posted a note about our account. Ever since then, we've seen our tight collective of followers grow by leaps and bounds. It's been fun to meet new people through these fun, quirky little squares on our phones.


If you have the Instagram app -- it's free -- we hope you'll track us down at username cnnireport to see our pictures. We'd love to see your images, too. You can also check out our team tumblr, where we post many of the images as well as lots of other goodies that inspire us. Sharing is caring, after all.


Now, we want to know: What sites and apps appeal most to you? Let us know where we can find you online in the comments area below.

January 18, 2011

To be totally honest with you- That only Apps I use are the ones I fill out to get a job. Keep filling them out and wasting paper but I keep doing it..

Free App? Cool but without a job can't afford these types of cell phones/computers to have the app. :)

January 19, 2011
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I'd love to use this... but I dont think the iphone is available in SL as yet.  I love cool applications including new high tech gadgets

January 19, 2011
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Looks like the photos I take with my Bronica SQ-A. =/

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