Tuesday, January 18, 2011
Overheard on CNN.com: A dog's devotion


Comment of the day: “I strive to be the person my dogs think I am.”–20 Year Veggie


Dog sits by owner's grave in Brazil


An image of Leao, a medium-sized, brown dog sitting next to her owner’s freshly covered grave has captured the world’s attention and CNN readers had plenty to say about the moving picture and the power of love between animals and people.


RD said “Pretty hard to beat the unconditional love, devotion and loyalty of dogs. They're the greatest creatures on earth.” Suz said, “Brings me to tears.” JoAnn White said, “Amazing. She (Cristina) must have cared deeply for her dog for her to show such loyalty. We can learn much from our canine friends.” Kim said, “So sad and so sweet all at once.” Patrick said, “What I find strange is that I feel more saddened by this article than any other news story I have read in a long time.”


Will Rodgers said: ‘If dogs don't go to heaven, then I want to go where they go.’ My sentiments exactly,” said Tom. And MDEBERRY said, “I once had a white lab and when I used to live about a mile from my grandfather, my dog would check on him every day. The day my grandfather died my dog became very sad and soon after he died. I know they are keeping each other company. I miss them both.”  On a slightly different note, Sleeping Beauty said, “Although this is a heartbreaking picture of the dog, this is also a heartbreaking picture of all the graves. So many lives were lost to this tragedy and we all need to be on our knees praying.”


China and American relations complicated


The increasingly competitive relationship between China and America came into focus with Chinese President Hu Jintao’s visit to the United States.


CNN readers shared their concerns about exporting jobs and debt to China, but they also had strong opinions about which country they see rising to the top.   Descarado said, “In a recent comparison of high school students from 65 countries, the U.S. ranked 23rd in science and 31st in math. We are witnessing the ‘decline and fall’ of America in real time.” TripleA60 agreed: “China pretty much owns America. 1. China holds a majority of our debt. 2. China controls a major majority of all imports to America. If China outright boycotted America, our shelves would be empty before we even knew what hit us. If they called our debt, our money would be worthless. So we pretty much have to play ball with them and they know it. But RU4RealIM disagreed: “If they stopped exporting to the U.S., their economy would collapse even faster than ours. We would just buy more from South Korea, India etc.” And yruymihunose said, “They need us as bad as we need them.”


In a slightly different exchange, menahem53 said, “China’s rising star is temporary, so before you open the champagne, think of this: The One Child Policy will bring the country to its knees. I predict China is at the bottom by 2020. Enjoy the moment.” But Norm38 said, “Really? If a high birthrate equaled economic success, we'd all be ruled by Africa.”


Self immolation in North Africa


Like Mohamed Bouazizi, the 26-year-old who set himself on fire and sparked protests in Tunisia, other protestors are turning to self immolation in North Africa.


CNN readers had a range of reactions to the extreme acts of protest.  Skwisgaar said, “I am pretty sure you can do a lot more alive to make a difference than you can setting yourself on fire, but that is just me.” arkagene said, “If you need to protest, get a sign and march.” But SilasDaRock responded, “It works. You have read about it and have written about it. Regardless of whether you like the fact, he affected you.” Makemlaff said, “I can't imagine being so desperate as to set myself on fire. It's one thing to kill yourself, but it's another thing entirely to do it in one of the most painful, agonizing, disfiguring (if you happen to survive) ways imaginable.” goingby20s said, “ Putting your ideals before your body in order to achieve a greater good is a heroic act. Not everyone would understand the situation, but many Arab countries have unemployment rates of 30 % or more and it's even higher among the young people. That's why so many people seem to seek help in religious fundamentalism. Arab royals and elitists need to go.”


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