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Overheard on 'Sexy lady' photo fake-outs


Comment of the day: "OK, so unofficial poll: How many of you clicked on this article because of the hot chick on the cover link, skimmed through the pics, and didn't bother with the article? Be honest. OK, I'll start. I did." --1krr


'Sexy lady' and other hotel photo tricks


Whether you think marketing images are tricks or what happens when a skilled shutterbug does their job correctly, the story about resort reality versus image got a lot of people talking. Many of the commenters were photographers who spoke in defense of stylistic techniques. Check out some of the responses we got:


doonerist said: "None of the 'tricks' featured in the photos are trickery. Anyone who believes that the empty beach featured in the photo is what they will find at high season, midday, is too naive to travel. The Macy's looming next to the hotel pool? It doesn't affect the use of the pool. The tiny pool in Hawaii? You can always call the hotel to ask the square footage or gallon capacity of the pool, if you can't find that information on the website. And who expects a resort lagoon-style pool (which always have bars poolside) to be peaceful and empty?"


MCHammBohn said, "Would be nice if whoever took photo No. 9 remembered a few aspects of basic photography. It's horrible. I'm not referring to using a long lens to compact distance. I'm referring to the photo itself." cloud13 said, "Picture No. 6: My backyard swimming pool is bigger than that."


Some alluded to fast-food marketing. bluenile67 said, "How is this any different than McDonald's showing me a large juicy burger on TV only to be served a hockey puck? ... Honestly, I don't think the photographers should be blamed. Being one myself, our minds are automatically tuned into trying to find the best angle, eliminate clutter and only show parts of the image that convey the strongest visual message. ... Frankly, we should blame ourselves for continuing to be gullible at everything we see and hear through the media. Everything in our lives is just an illusion and every company in every industry over-promises and under-delivers, so why should some hotel pictures be any different?" amused2000 responded to bluenile67: "How is it different? A burger is less than $5. A 'resort' is a couple thousand."


Solar-powered 'smart' roads could zap snow, ice


Harsh winters cause problems when roads are clogged with ice and snow. Readers were excited about ideas for fixing this problem, for the most part. Some longed for flying cars, and others like NS151 didn't want the concept to spell the end of snow days, but most people were jazzed about the possibilities.


neptuneguy "This is a great idea. The price estimate is a bit staggering, but I bet that if it is proven to be effective and we decide to adopt it, we will build an infrastructure to produce the roads at a lower cost. I'm all for it if they can prove it will work." JAdams1776 responded, "I don't buy the economy of scale argument here. Sure, they might be able to reduce the cost significantly, but it would never be cheaper than an asphalt or concrete road. The cost savings from keeping the roads clear are more than offset by the increased cost of the road itself, and the interest paid on the bonds that fund said road. That's what often gets left out of these articles ... the cost of money itself kills small incremental advantages."


Several people talked about funding for projects like this. RSH wrote, "It's a beautiful and ingenious idea. Unfortunately, we have this ugly thing called conservatism which believes infrastructure improvements must be scuttled in favor of spending on wars and tax cuts for millionaires," adding, "And the snowplow or salt truck always drives by just moments after you slid into the ditch."


Will the world ever be ready for flying cars? oldsoldier52 said, "If they would just have given us the flying cars I was told as a child would be everywhere by now this would not be an issue."


Kelly Preston: Silent birth gave me peaceful kids


Scientology. The very word gets people talking. But with Kelly Preston's talk of the "silent birth" technique, intended to bring baby into the world in as stress-free an environment as possible, the chatter really started. Here's an excerpt from one particularly colorful thread:


LindsATL said, "Although I am not a supporter of scientology, I do believe that silent birth is a great way to immediately bond mother and child. What a precious and gentle gift to bring peace to the ears of a newborn in those first few minutes of life. I hope this will bring healing to their hearts."


Thomas in Vancouver replied, "Soooooo ... moaning, yelling and shrieking is OK, but talking during the birth would be traumatic and lead to a disconnect between mother and child. Gotcha!"


Some told stories of their births. Naomi said, "There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with wanting to give birth to your baby in a quiet, calm, peaceful way! Asking the nurses/doctors/midwives to accommodate that is not a wacky notion. ... This is nothing against those moms who need to yell during birth -- I have no judgment for you. But there should also be no judgment of those of us who want to give birth calmly and peacefully on our own terms. My first child came in under three hours and I ended up giving birth in triage surrounded by a bunch of triage nurses screaming like chickens with their heads cut off. I just wanted a dark, calm, peaceful surrounding and I couldn't have that. I only hope that I get to the hospital soon enough with my current pregnancy to get through the triage and get to my quiet room!"


Wendy said, "I screamed like a banshee during all 70 minutes of labor and delivery of my son. For anyone who thinks 'silent' birth is something normal, guess again. And by the way, mother and son have bonded quite nicely, despite the horrendous obscenities I yelled when he 'crowned.' I am unashamed."


YOUR TURN: Now that you've read what other people are saying, do you find that your views align with theirs? Think of this as a wishing well in need of your 2 cents. Post a comment below or sound off on video.


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January 19, 2011
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once again, people are morons.

January 19, 2011
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On a good day they get up to that level


January 19, 2011
Click to view Lone's profile

What was the complaint about the photos again? Haven't we been exposed to marketing that rarely lives up to the expectation for at least 50-60 years now? It doesn't matter what the intended sale is, the ad is always going do its best to sell whatever the reality.

January 19, 2011
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Sex sells........even "fake sex "

January 20, 2011
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The story reads "sexy lady vs resort reality".  So with the woman's back and resort, I thought it was a follow up to the woman who was arrested for wearing a see-thru shirt at that pool last year.

January 20, 2011
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I applAud the mother who admitted to screaming like a banshee.  Men are known to be put on narcotics for passing a kidney stone (lmao) but would prefer women to have a silent birth? Hell, the babies been listening to you for 9 months, wouldn't it be more upsetting if the mother & father were quiet? Tell ya what, when the head of the Church of Scientology can eat a 3" diameter (see-giving him a break) and then PASS it, QUIETLY, I'll be impressed. You know it's a crazy religion...I know all religions are founded by men, me also are most vocal about irthing babies & also abortion...They shouldn't have a say in anything THEY can't do.  Maybe it was a great idea for men to wait in the waiting room...I prefer epidurals, my husband doesn't like them.  So, I told him he didn't ever have to have one while giving birth:)  Have never heard a word since....

January 20, 2011
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Sorry for the typos, actually the computer is still recovering from a Venti Mocha Starbucks accident, happened while I was laughing about a Quiet Birth!!!

January 20, 2011
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As far as the comment bout false advertising for hotels, etc., by luring men in with pics of scantily clad-gorgeous women, meet a model without makeup & the advantage of'd walk right by...ahh, men soooo easy. Sexy dress, bra that adds up to 2 sizes (courtesy of VS) & that's false advertising too.  Believe it's called FANTASY, or wishful thinking...

January 20, 2011
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I don't find a woman that thin attractive.  Maybe 30 pounds heavier and about 20 years older.

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