Friday, January 21, 2011
Looking for something to do this weekend?

Problem: I’m boreddddddddddd. What is there to do today?

Solution: Check out the fresh assignments on the iReport desk!


I’m looking for something newsy

If you’re a newshound like me, you probably know the president’s State of the Union address is just around the corner on Tuesday. To prepare, we’d like to hear about the state of your community. Send us a photograph that best sums up the conditions where you live, whether it’s negative or positive trend. Is it unemployment, neglected roads, new construction, or something else? Show us in photos.


I’d like to reminisce

If you’d like to look more into the past instead of the present, we’ve got another idea for you. It was 50 years ago that President John F. Kennedy gave his famous "ask not" inaugural address. The message of service led to Kennedy’s founding of the Peace Corps on March 1, 1961. Did you serve in the Peace Corps? We want to hear about your experience and see photos of your service.


I want a fun challenge

For lighter fare, share your top school lunch secrets with bored lunch goers everywhere. Send us your favorite lunches – the ones you love to make (or eat) and the ones you know your kids devour. Post your recipes, time tips, or go-to foods.


I want to get away

Whether it’s a winter vacation getaway or a jaunt to a favorite summer destination, we know folks love to travel. HLN’s Clark Howard is a travel junkie too! Have you ever taken a great vacation and spent only a little dough? Send us your budget travel secrets and share images of your low-dough trip.


Explore and find out what strikes your fancy. We’ll be waiting to see what kind of stories come rolling in this weekend. Go forth with fresh assignments and be inspired. Happy weekend!

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