Monday, January 24, 2011
Government protests around the world

We've all heard so much about the protests in Tunisia that led to a revolution against former government leader Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. But Tunisia's actually only one of three countries that have seen massive popular uprisings in the past couple of weeks.


The Tunisian rallies, seen above, sparked much smaller protests against governments in nearby countries such as Algeria, Libya and Egypt. But two more countries, Belgium and Albania, have been experiencing huge protests against their governments that are unrelated to the situation in Tunisia.


Thousands of Belgians came together in Brussels to voice their frustration about their country effectively not having a government since June 2010 elections. "Most people present in the streets of Brussels find the political situation intolerable and have had enough of the inability to find consensus by the political establishment," said Peter Vandenplas, who shot the above photo. He says the march was very peaceful, and Tey-Marie Astudillo, who also attended, agrees: "There were street vendors and music.  For a protest, it was very upbeat and friendly, almost like a parade rather than a protest," she said.


And in Albania, protests against government corruption turned violent. They began after a video surfaced of government officials leading extravagant lifestyles. "For anyone that thinks Albania is a democracy, think again," said Ladi, who participated in the protests and shot photos. [His full name has been omitted out of security concerns.] "You call a country a democracy that has government workers buying themselves out of trouble and into luxury while the people starve and have no jobs?"


Have you been participating in any of these protests? Share your stories and photos with CNN iReport, but please put your personal safety above all else.

February 3, 2011
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Thursday 11:30 am EST.  Contacts in Egypt report efforts apparently by pro government forces to stop supply of food from reaching protesters in Tahrir square and some reports of arrests of lawyers as well.  If true, this is a clear escalation of efforts to suppress dissent.

February 4, 2011
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Any group portraying the peace maker while enticing violence and division to ignore others by imposing their version of religious or others oppressed laws on the majority including the silent majority is the enemy of Union and the peacefull World.

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