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Overheard on CNN.com: Is America ready to win?


Comment of the day: “State of the Union address: "Tomorrow, tomorrow, the sun will come out tomorrow. We’re only a day away!" --bailoutsos


President Obama to address the nation


The focus of Tuesday night’s State of the Union address will be jobs and "America winning," one of President Barack Obama’s top advisers said. So what are viewers hoping to hear? Here are some of CNN.com readers’ views:


wordswords said, “I'd love to see a plan to be out of debt to China ... and anyone else. We're the U.S. We shouldn't owe anyone anything.” mikeofiron said, “I hope he tells us how to stop gas from going to $4 a gallon by summer. The last time we hit that our economy went into a tailspin. Will history repeat itself?” Commander21 said, “Start a program for the common people who would love to own their own business (like me) but because of the current economy have not been able to save enough to do it.” fredastaire8 said, “Lower corporate taxes tied to new jobs created in the U.S. and held in place for five years or more.”


Some readers saw answers that seemed obvious to them. Taikon said, “Want to turn it around? Opt out of the free trade agreements we signed. With that the age of cheap products from China would be over. It really is that simple.” poiop said, “Easy. Cut all foreign aid and all foreign military 'adventures.’ Scale down to a real, tight efficient military force that can defend our country when necessary, not when someone needs some 'protection' for their overseas investments.”


Did you watch the State of the Union? If so, leave your impressions below.


And the nominees are?


The Academy Award nominations were announced Tuesday, and some CNN.com readers shared their opinions about who made the list and who didn’t.


Readers were enthusiastic about “The King’s Speech.” Fred Hoffman said, “’The King's Speech’ and the actors in it deserve to zoom to the top. Incredible story well told.” Rob said, “’The King's Speech’ for all of it.” And nnenna said, “So happy Colin Firth is getting his second nomination, twice in a row. I hope he wins it.”


What did many readers say was the biggest Oscar snub? Christopher Nolan didn’t get a best director nomination for “Inception.” Marcus said, “Wish there was room for Christopher Nolan for best director since ‘Inception’ was the best movie of 2010, IMO.” ana montagne said, “It’s a shame Christopher Nolan is not nominated as best director. I hope ‘Inception’ wins all (its) nominations.” GCS said, “Christopher Nolan missing for best direction?!”


The movie most readers said they weren’t familiar with? The critically acclaimed “Winter’s Bone.” Pat said, “What the hell is ‘Winter's Bone?’ I've never even heard of it.” Mary said, “That's a shame. No one has heard of it since it didn't get a wide release.”


And “Black Swan” was the movie that readers seemed either to love or hate. Monique said, ‘Black Swan’ was a bizarre movie.” Lisa L said, “Not sure what the hype was about. ‘Black Swan’ was confusing and strange and seemed foreign.” But KRG said, “I have seen eight of the 10 films nominated for best picture. If I was an academy member, my vote would go to ‘Black Swan.’ It is a film that stays with you long after you leave the theater.”


Frank talk with terminal patients


The American Society of Clinical Oncology has released a new policy statement and a patient guide for conversations about the time when treatment options run out, prompting these readers’ comments:


musica1 said, “When my mom’s cancer got to a point her oncologist just said, ‘We can't cure this, but we can do things to extend your life somewhat and make you as comfortable as possible.’ Plain talk and didn't take hours. Then she and I talked about what she would like the end to be like.”


A nurse said, “Not only do physicians need to have these talks from the beginning of any serious disease, patients need to be empowered and search for factual information and learn what they are dealing with.”


C said, “This is so important. I am an ER (emergency room) physician and can't count the number of times that a patient with end stage cancer, or other terminal conditions, has come into the ER near death, and when I ask the patient and their family what their wishes are for end-of-life care, they just look confused and tell me that no one has ever asked them that before. Not their primary care physician, not their oncologist, no one.”


Richard said, “My 4-year-old son was DX (diagnosed) with recurrent Wilms Tumor and has a short time left. Over the course of three years the oncologists were very clear regarding the treatment options and prognosis. The words were often difficult to hear, but ultimately we are further ahead in this journey. I can still remember the doctors saying, ‘He could die at home or the hospital, it is your decision.’ I appreciate the doctors being open and honest.”


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