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Overheard on CNN.com: Avoiding bad cats


Comment of the day: “Do not name your cat anything that can be associated with 'crazy.' I named mine Luna and she's nuts.” –missjuju


Good kitty?


One of the most popular stories on CNN.com today was an article that included tips and advice about how to choose a good cat -- or avoid a rotten one. CNN.com readers, including cat lovers, shared stories about their furry friends, how they drive them crazy and how they (usually) love them anyway.


meow7 said, “I am a cat lover to the core, but there are a few bad ones out there. My grandma adopted a small kitten several years ago. She was meek and quiet at first, but as her personality developed we discovered she had the surliest, nastiest attitude ever. She was vicious; biting (drawing blood) and scratching every day for no reason whatsoever. Grandma and Grandpa were both cat people who doted on their animals, but this cat was just a rotten apple. If you let her be, she'd attack. If you tried to pet, she'd attack.”


miamigrrrl said, “I let my daughter adopt a kitten from a shelter for Christmas a few years ago and from the moment we brought her home, she has peed all over the house. No infections, no health issues, spotless cat box. She just likes to pee everywhere but her box, which she uses when it strikes her fancy. Pees on our beds, in our laundry baskets, has even worked her way into drawers. And she isn't even that nice.”


TNopinion said, “I have a mischievous one as well and wouldn't trade him for anything. I come home to a new "find" every day, whether it be a Christmas tree on its side, an unpotted plant, a roll of toilet paper that has been killed, or stolen stuffed animals found in odd places. I walked in the door one day and he had a Barbie doll head in his mouth just sitting there waiting to show me his kill. Never a dull moment.”


Neoneocon said, “The first day I had my new kitten she peed in my shoes. I loved that cat.”


Unrest in Egypt and al Qaeda


What will the mass protests in Egypt mean for al Qaeda? Paul Cruickshank, an analyst on terrorism for CNN and Alumni Fellow at the NYU Center on Law and Security, say it spells bad news for the terrorist cell.


Many CNN readers appreciated Cruickshank’s knowledge, while some disagreed with his conclusions.


heather2011 said, “This is actually a great piece! I hope readers make it as far as the 5th paragraph, which ends with hugely important insight: ‘…for energized Arab populations, never has the group (al Qaeda) seemed more irrelevant. The Obama administration should not let the moment get away.’ Obama are you hip to this? You could end the threat of terrorism. This is YOUR sputnik moment!” NorthE said, “I'm glad to see rays of hope. I can't see any radical religion taking over this country. The younger generation wants change without religion in the government.” MeThinketh said, “This article clearly (and hopefully) illustrates that al Qaeda has preyed on the downtrodden with no future, and helped their cause by making sure their "brothers" had no future, other than with them.”


Shipdriver54 is not so sure about the demise of al Qaeda: “Al Qaeda will continue to recruit from Egypt. In the meantime, perhaps this author could enlighten us as to how many ‘democratic’ revolutions in Muslim countries have actually succeeded. I can't find one and I have a Masters Degree in European History and over 20 years service as a Naval officer with a political military subspecialty in Europe and the Middle East. Rule No. 1: You overstate the demise of al Qaeda, you do so at our peril.” sandpeople agreed: “Egyptians fuel al Qaeda. What makes you think there will not become a five-star hotel for al Qaeda when they finally wrest control? Osama will get penthouse accommodations instead of that dirty, drippy old cave.”


Super bowl causes heart attacks?


When you watch the Super Bowl this year, you may want to add an hour of mediation—before and after the game. A recent study published Monday in the journal Clinical Cardiology shows that the emotional stress fans feel after a loss may trigger fatal heart attacks, especially in people who already have heart disease or for those who are at risk due to factors such as obesity, smoking and diabetes.


CNN.com readers mainly scoffed at the study.


PaddyWagon said, “Easiest way to avoid the heart attack: Root for the Bears.”  SarahInTexas said, “It probably has less to do with emotional stress or excitement related to the game and much more with lazy, chip-eating, beer-drinking couch potato football fans.” ScotsSlant said, “Now that's a relief: Since my team didn't make it to the big game I'll be around for another year.” Byrd33 said, “Well, I am a Lion’s fan. I never have to worry about Super Bowl stress!” erik99 said, “This is why the entire greater metropolitan Buffalo area died in early 90s. I'm not sure why I survived. Damn u Scott Norwood. Damn you.” Wabbit said, “There are worse ways to go out.”


YOUR TURN: Now that you've read what other people are saying, do you find that your views align with theirs? Think of this as a wishing well in need of your two cents. Post a comment below or sound off on video.


Compiled by the CNN.com moderation staff. Some comments edited for length or clarity.

February 1, 2011
Click to view gunnertank42's profile

my grandmas kat was calm utill me and my sis came over now she never comes out of hideing untill we leave :)


February 1, 2011
Click to view larena's profile

the liitle kitten I adopted in a shelter in Houston had neupmnownia

thanks God SHA is fine now

and what he is doing at my friend´s house I wish I could share it here its hillarious we both adopted him


February 1, 2011
Click to view larena's profile

SHA jumped in my friend´s bed and make him bleed and he called me and told me hey look what your cat did to me I was worried for the cat bleeding no it was not my cat it was my friend bleeding lol

February 1, 2011
Click to view larena's profile

I love Shah my kitten

February 1, 2011
Click to view Sasha317's profile

Miamigrrrl:  I'd be willing to bet the cat is declawed.

February 1, 2011
Click to view EmmaTheGrey's profile

There are no bad cats, just bad people.  Maybe your cat had a bad person in the past.

February 2, 2011
Click to view greenbird321's profile

first of all, that photo is fantastically hilarious!


now: I have 8 cats(5 boys, 3 girls, all fixed, all indoors, none declawed--had them all since they were 2-3 months old, each). every day is an adventure :)


tips for cat owners: female cats will ALWAYS be drama queens. always, always get your cats fixed(or else? more drama, spraying, etc...depending upon the gender). and, never let your cats roam outdoors(unless you don't care about the risks of cars, other animals, etc--and generally don't care about your cats).


as much as I love my female cats(Princess, Izzy, and Leela), I will never adopt another female. even though mine are all fixed(reducing the drama factor...a bit), they are still nervous and a bit insane. my boys(Sushi, Marley, Severus, Albus, and GusGus) are way more chill, with the 3 fluffy boys being the most laid-back.

February 2, 2011
Click to view Bombardier74's profile

When I see they have issues with a female cat the one thing they fail to mention is the obvious one is the cat spayed (fixed) cause the peeing all over is the tall tail sign of Heat. It says here I am boys... Anyone that has lived with cats that had gone into heat would know this. Trouble is breaking the cat of the habit once they are fixed. Citrus and cats don't mix. Clean the area where the cat likes to mark it's spot with any Citrus cleaner and watch them. Never hit or throw things at your cat, instead buy a squirt gun use it only when they miss behave and you will see they will stop.


Learn to read your pet better cause they are truly readable with their posture, movements and such. 

February 2, 2011
Click to view fox123's profile

In all these cases above, the cat doesn't like something or someone treating them the way they are being treated. Cats are different so it takes a little research into what it might be. Cats are clean, they do not pee anywhere but a catbox unless they are upset or unhappy about something. Do your homework. It's not always easy or obvious but diligence and an openminded approach will usually payoff. I've been a cat wrangler for over fifty years and have always had success and many, many great cats. Love cats and pups and always have both, usually in pairs of each.

February 2, 2011
Click to view fox123's profile

Also cats should always be fixed (unless breeding and there are just too many that need homes already), the younger the better and should NEVER be declawed (declawing is amputation of the fingers. TERRIBLE), particularly if you still let your cat go outside (which is not too wise this day and age). Any bad clawing habits can be redirected to clawing poles and such with a little effort. My cat Roxanne is helping me write this. My cat Louis is snoozing with Nutmeg, the pup. Happy catting.

February 2, 2011
Click to view rosiebeth's profile

I agree about the female cat not being as mellow as the male.  Washing your clothings in BIZ is objectionable to female cats.  They smell the fresh laundry like it has buffalo urine all over it, wrinkling up their entire face and then they pee on it.  She also attacked the altered male cat when in heat because he wasn't interested in her wares.  And the term catty refers to a female cat's attitude I think.  At the same time, I've had many very nice MALE cats and they have been true loving friends and 'familiars.' 

February 2, 2011
Click to view blueparadise's profile

My 3 boy cats are cuddlebugs, but all were psychotically wild kittens. Biting, scratching, etc. BUT the older they get, the calmer they become. After about 2 or 3 years old, there is a marked change in their behavior. The hard part is having enough patience to deal with the nuttiness until they grow out of it.

February 2, 2011
Click to view Gilasevi's profile

It's not the cat, its you.


If you call a cat "bad" and complain about it, it really is you that may be the problem.


You didn't expect to have a pet so independent and unique. You got into the cat business and you're basing your expectations on a comparison to other pets, mainly - dogs.


Dogs will kiss your bom-bom up and down, shower you with over enthusiasm and do anything you tell them to. Thats key as to why people love them. Thing is you have to baby them, pick up after them when you walk them, if you're that good of a human being, and wash them, its like a furry permanent baby. There's something positive in that if you can see it, if you want to see it.


On the other hand cats are not easy, they require patience, acceptance of their aloof ways, you have to adapt to allergies. I'm super allergic to them, but I adapt, because I love them. Stray or "nice" cats, I love them all and 'work' with them. Getting a cat to be your friend, literally, is beyond amazing.


I understand the stray-ness, I understand them ignoring my commands, I expect and accept their scratches. It comes with the territory. I have grit with these creatures, I'm prepared to deal with them because... I love them.


If anything its incredibly rewarding when you get into this zen like ways after working with what they bring. Meaning, if you suddenly or overtime develop like a communication with them, like a real bond thats beyond petting and so on, thats a fantastic feeling.


Articles like this always end up in some way, believe it or not, your choice, affecting the perception that people have of cats. Thus, they are actually abused, mis-cared for, you know, like feeding them cheap food, milk, which is bad for them, abusing them and videotaping it, basically doing atrocities to these wonderful creatures. Prove me wrong.


I mean look at the words used in others posts here, psychotic, attacking, cat's "attitude", cats are "drama queens", etc. All in the negative, pushing bad perceptions of cats based on human behavior. I wish that would change, but people keep passing on these negative perceptions on to others about cats. Thus they get abused, run over on purpose, killed, maimed, you name it.


Cats also have something amazing to give you, the ability to accept what you perceive as faults. If you can actually love a cat, you can be a better lover.


In other words, if you can tolerate, key word - tolerance, a cat, you can learn to love others and work with them if you really love them. Cats can teach you about love and loving someone. Its not just all rosey and oh so cutesy and cuddly sometimes, in the real world, human relationships aren't either.


Thats key to loving cats, good whatever that means or "bad" cats, whatever that means.




February 2, 2011
Click to view elminero49's profile

I never met a cat I don't like.  I loves cat that have personality....the crazier the better.

February 2, 2011
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February 2, 2011
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February 3, 2011
Click to view anakin8054's profile

Cats are great. The older, lazy ones who just like to come around for a pet every once in a while are the best. Kittens, on the other hand, are nothing but a bunch of cracked-up, retarded, dumb-a$$, s&%t bags. They're only cute when they're asleep.


Oh yeah, and guys....if she owns more than 2 cats....RUN...SCREAMING...and never look back! There's something wrong with anyone who needs to own more than two cats. Seriously.....you have no idea!

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