Wednesday, February 02, 2011
Snowy conditions bury cities, halt travel

Groundhog predictions notwithstanding, massive winter storms are sweeping much of the nation. The Midwest and Ohio Valley have been walloped with major snowstorms, and Chicago, Illinois, is at the epicenter.


We put up our assignment asking readers for photos capturing this event, and in a span of less than 24 hours, you responded with more than 500 new iReports showing just how much snow and ice you're contending with.


We then made a map of iReports with the images we've approved for use on CNN, and it's interesting to see that they lined up in a similar pattern as the official CNN weather map. The map is constantly changing, but a rough line of iReports can be seen running from the plains to Michigan, with a separate stripe on the East Coast and sometimes a dot in New Mexico. Here's a sampling of some of the images we've received:



In Chicagoland, iReporters struggled to dig out. Sruthi Swaminathan lives downtown and took this picture of the famous "Cloud Gate" structure reflecting the snow in the city. Roy von Helms of Arlington Heights, Illinois, spent an hour and a half trying to clear the snow at his home. He estimated that 22 inches of snow had collected. Even his snow blower wasn't tall enough to do the trick. "I had to use a shovel and a snow blower. Knock it down, flatten it, then snow blow it." Inside the city, Saskia Harak ventured out to Lake Michigan and found an eerie frozen scene outside, as well as several feet of snow piled up inside the tunnels under Lake Shore Drive.



Texas saw a significant splattering of snow and ice, and some iReporters were left baffled. Mary Hudnall of Carrollton, Texas, wondered if the cold-weather dwellers going to the Super Bowl in Dallas were responsible for the pervasive chill, and shot photos of the frozen conditions around her home. Dallas drivers, and fliers, were stalled by icy conditions. Hudnall said she's been staying at home due to all the ice and snow, echoing many other iReporters who said the storm system was affecting travel in their area.



Blizzard conditions provided a prime photo opportunity for Jill Wellington of Saginaw, Michigan. She says she was awakened at 3 a.m. by thunder and snow, and felt like she had to get a picture of herself. She threw on her coat and went out, still in her pajamas, to capture the scene.



Some places got more deep freeze and less of the white stuff. Caroline Esch of St. Louis, Missouri, sent us photos of ice coating branches and berries throughout the city.


The amount of snowy iReports we've gotten is almost too difficult to summarize, and it's a bit awe-inspiring to thumb through all of it. What kind of weather do you have near you? Share your thoughts in the comments area below, or share photos and video of your own.

February 2, 2011
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I enjoyed seeing  Mary Hudnall's photographs of her frozen conditions in Carrollton, Texas.  It was very creative to use the windowpane to see the layers of snow and ice. 

February 2, 2011
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Thank you, mskents.  I enjoy your iReports, too.  Glad you enjoyed the sleet photos.  We are still iced in here!!

February 3, 2011
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In this Month of Black History, Can we make history too, Snow storms have cripple air travel, Can we take this time to repeal these damn Bag chargers that were only there til american citzens bail out the airline companies, andthey still  gip us and make us pay for stuff that was free, (150 extra) they even make u pay for those nasty snacks. Whats next quarter slot on the bathroom, lets take a page from egpyt and see what we can change!!!!!

February 4, 2011
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I love the photo of the ice berries!!! And the Chicago pic looks like a "snow globe"!! Love all these submissions! And I just saw seeitnow's latest ireport submission about igloo building. It seems a lot of people could use that right now!! haha.... ireporters are the best!

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