Thursday, February 03, 2011
Overheard on Google + Bing + sting + hiybbprqag


COMMENT OF THE DAY from user sunpacific:

You have to admire Bing's succinct programming:
answer Bing(question) {
answer = Google(question);
return answer;


Google: Sting proves Bing copied us


The story of the Bing sting has been a big thing on the interwebs, and the result seemed to ring true for a lot of people, except those who thought this was an article about Sting and that other Bing.


Scatology wrote, "I thought this was an article about Sting (formerly of '80s band The Police) and Bing Crosby. I must say I am a bit disappointed." What th'? asked, "How can Sting possibly prove this? Bing has been dead since 1977. That was long before Al Gore invented the internets." Among those not thinking of music, Banned4NoRsn said, "Who doesn't appreciate a good hiybbprqag once in a while?" The commenter was referring of course to one search term traced from Google to Bing. RckStrBeauty said, "Never liked Bing, I actually avoid it, so I'm happy to read this." FarCenterGuy observed, "But I thought it was BING Because It's Not Google." fishkitty asked, "I primarily use Google. But sometimes I can find results I'm looking for on Bing that I can't seem to get to on Google. I don't know why any one 'search engine' thinks it needs a bleepin' monopoly.' " holkudla said in response, "I care. If I want to use Bing, I'll use Bing. But if I'm using Bing, I don't want Bing using Google and claiming it as their own. If we accept this type of behavior, where would be the motivation to be innovative? Why not just have Bing go directly to Google?"


Badorties said the technology needs further exploration: "This discussion is 95 percent emotion (Microsoft = Bad; Google = Good) and maybe 5 percent logical. ... There isn't much chance of a rational discussion in this forum." TomSki wrote, "Google created a fake result in their engine for a website. On a Google database. Somehow that result made it into Bing's database. The result on Bing's engine could not have occurred through searching the Net. Meaning Bing is using Google's data to create their own database." A few commenters wondered what this might mean. Paganone said, "Microsoft, No longer a business of innovation, only duplication. They duplicate Google (Bing), Apple (Windows 7), Adobe graphics and many many more. Microsoft is a failure in today's technology. They might as well hand the torch to Apple, people that actually innovate new ideas and think differently."


Kepler space telescope spots five Earth-sized planets in our galaxy


Readers talked about the science of planets and the philosophy of wondering about life "out there" and why human beings are compelled to gaze at the stars. elmo218 said, "So we find life on a planet 2,000 light years away. Now how does that help us here on Earth. We can't even go to Mars yet and we are spending money trying to find life 2000 light years away. Even if we were able to develop a way to get to these far distance planets, human nature on Earth tells me that we will only try to exploit anything that will benefit us or go to War with them. How about taking all of these funds and trying to better our life here on Earth. Not to mention trying to learn more about things that are a lot closer, like our own souls."


AstronomyGuy replied, "Studying planets like ours adds directly to our knowledge of how our home works. Traveling to those places is not a main concern. Learning from them is, and you can learn quite a lot from afar." He said in a different post, "Over billions of years our planet has experienced drastic changes -- catastrophic impacts, temperature swings, super volcanic activity blotting out the sky, ice ages, etc. Now imagine you've tracked down a bunch of planets like Earth. You could potentially catch any of those Earth-like planets in any of those Earth-like states and watch them happen in real time." CAlbertson continued, "Better Answer: Humans evolved and survived for a million years because they had this odd ability to walk long distances, remember what they saw and go back and tell others about it. ... A compulsion to do that is built into our genes. So we will look at far away things and tell people what we see because we can't stop ourselves from doing it."


Obama delivers major speech on personal faith


A common theme among responses to this blog post about President Barack Obama's faith was that religion is a choice, not something that someone embodies or is born into. For example, read this pointed exchange: Rob Johnson said, "I was born a Christian. I respect the Bible. I recognize Christianity as a legitimate religion. Are you really going to say that makes me a Christian?" white rose said, "You can't be BORN a Christian! Jesus doesn't automatically come into your heart the day you're born. You can be born into a Christian home, you can go to a Christian church, but you CHOOSE to be a Christian once you believe and accept that Jesus died for our sins and repent. That's the only way you can be a Christian!"


Or this one: Tafa said, "I have been reading for years about skepticism of the faith of a president who is admired by all nations around the globe. ... Why do we twist the truth America? He is our Christian brother in Christ. God bless him again and again! Matt said, "Even if he were born a Muslim, and converted Christian, he would be a Christian nonetheless, because he believes in the Christian religion. I personally think he is neither, and rather an agnostic, who knows that he must fake faith to hold the presidency. I wish that it were possible for we agnostics/atheists to come out of the closet and show the world that many people that they hold to be truly good are non-believers."


HPV vaccine effective in men


There were two big issues being hashed out with this story: the difference in each gender's health care and the safety and utility of vaccines in general. roginac said, "I am glad steps are being taken in men and women to lessen the spread of HPV. My sister-in-law passed away 1.5 weeks ago due to uterine cancer. She was only 31 years old. There is no way to know if the cause was HPV, but even if there was a small chance that it was, it makes me relieved to know there is a vaccine out there that could possibly prevent the same fate for other women in the future. Or a man from a different type of cancer. NAK- I am not sure how men are checked, but women are checked yearly as part of their physical . Maybe there is a way men can be tested yearly as well." kmcg replied, "No way to check in males, right now at least! (unless it's affected their throat or mouth) ... and just like in women, sometimes you can carry a wart or cancer-causing strain and you yourself will never have a negative symptom... but it's always good to know you can try and keep you partner(s) safe as well as yourself!"


xula1996 said, "Folks, we need to be careful as our government is practically run by big business with pharmaceuticals being one of them. I just find it very interesting how our kids suddenly need so many vaccinations. While what they claim these drugs offer sound amazing, we have to be careful not to allow our children to be used as test cases and a means for folks to make a lot of money." candymancoug said, "They need the vaccines because they prevent the diseases that were common in past generations, including our own. Vaccines are the main defense against many diseases, and the more there are, the better the progress we have against these major diseases."


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February 3, 2011
Click to view brett9897's profile

I like how the moderation staff only presented the ideas saying MS was bad not comments explaining how the experiment proved nothing except Bing learns quickly.  Google should try an experiment where they enter nonsensical phrases in Bing then go to page 5 and click a link.  Bet you that link jumps to the top too.  My god! Bing copied Bing's search results!!!!!!

February 3, 2011
Click to view monkeyland's profile

Ahhh get over it already

February 3, 2011
Click to view ToddV's profile

When I first saw the article, being from the Detroit area, I thought it was about Detroit Mayor Dave Bing.  LMAO!!!

February 3, 2011
Click to view xyzzy's profile

Let me go back to watching Looney Tunes. That is more real.

February 3, 2011
Click to view Basir's profile

Anyone with a basic background in computer science would understand the meaningless shameful ploy by Google.

February 4, 2011
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February 4, 2011
Click to view kaplooie's profile

Maybe MSFT does pilfer Google results maybe they don't... I don't know and I don't really care. They're both bazillion dollar corporations so I'm really not interested in taking one side or the other. As long as I can get the answers I need, I'll use either one.

February 4, 2011
Click to view KsheeraSagar's profile

Bing, I guess is really coping the Google's results. I tested it for my own confirmation. I once thought Microsoft was the world's best software company by the way they designed their operating systems.Now, whenever I hear these copy-paste stories about Microsoft, the respect fades away.


Microsoft, seems to be in its ending/close-out phase and really cannot focus on innovation. They got to survive first and only then they can innovate. Microsoft doesn't believe in open-source policy and this makes the things more costly and in a way makes us avoid in businesses.


I wish Microsoft comes out of this old policies soon.

February 4, 2011
Click to view nsaidi's profile

Hey -- so we try to represent the views expressed as best as we can, in the proportion they're expressed. We sometimes find that different stories on the same topic may yield completely different crowd responses, so these summaries are sort of a moving snapshot of society. If you disagree, please by all means share your opinion and justification with us (respectfully and in a civil manner of course). Also, we'd love to hear what you think about the other three stories described here as well.

February 4, 2011
Click to view Penryk's profile

Just watched CNN coverage of the joint meeting of President Obama and Prime Minister Stephen Harper and am aghast at the coverage of Prime Minsters remarks CNN should apologize for its blatant disrespect of a foreign leader never mind the fact that Canada is a major ally major trading partner your lagrgest oil supplier

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