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Overheard on Treacherous Super Bowl travel

Editor's Note: We thought we'd take a look at some of the conversations taking place on about Super Bowl Sunday. We also have a bunch of awesome iReports along similar lines, so we decided to wrap it all into one succinct little package. Behold the result.


Dieter Sturm and Mark Madson show off their snowy, icy window of their PackerMobile as it pauses during the long and chilly trip from Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin, to see the Super Bowl in Texas. The two buddies departed on their slow-and-steady trek Thursday morning after being delayed two days by weather conditions. They hoped to be in Dallas by Friday evening to make the Packers fish fry. They also became just a few of the iReporters who shared perspectives on this year's epic Super Bowl matchup.


COMMENT OF THE DAY: "I thinks it's cool that they're trying to make both teams feel like they're at home, now that's a nice Super Bowl host. GO PACKERS!" --jj20091991


Icy weather stifles pre-Super Bowl fun


One big talker right now is all the snow and ice in Dallas with the Super Bowl happening in just a couple of days. Many offered alternate suggestions for locations, and several said Super Bowls should not be restricted only to warm-weather places:


pokerstarr noted, "Here in Anchorage, Alaska, it is sunny and a balmy 30 degrees F." busybiz chimed in that temperatures could hit the 40s for Super Bowl Sunday. ChefWahoo said, "It would be nice if this leads to 'cold weather' cities being given a chance at hosting the Super Bowl. It might not be sunny in Seattle, but it's quite a bit warmer here than it is in Texas. Our airport is open, the roads are clear, and all of our hotels and restaurants have electricity. Too bad we're just too far north to be in consideration." PLoudmouth wrote, "All NFL franchise cities should host Super Bowls, it is unfair to the cities and stadiums of the cold teams to never get to share in that revenue and exposure. it sure would not have hurt the economies of Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Chicago, Green Bay, Denver, Cincinatti, Buffalo, Foxboro, Baltimore, Philidelphia, and Kansas City as most of those cities sure could use some big events as well. It's football and it's played in the winter time. Suck it up and play it like its suppose to be played."


Still others advocated the warm places. screenname35 advocated Phoenix, Arizona, as did detroitjames. (Note: Phoenix is having its own version of a cold snap right now.) BlueLucy said, "They should've held the Super Bowl in South Florida again! Hey, it's 78 degrees and sunny here! Gorgeous tourist weather and a place fans would really like to go." MAXIMUS5150 described "a cool 79 degrees outside right now with birds chirping and gorgeous women walking around ten fold! Ha ha ha!" BobHopeGhost replied, "Real football fans like cold weather games. Especially Steelers and Green Bay fans."


Starskristen defended Dallas' response to the weather. "For the 15,000th time: No, DFW was not prepared for the worst winter weather in 30+ years. It is rather hard to prepare for something that no one has ever seen. Yes, people up north have worse weather than this all the time. They also have an army of snow plows, chains and, best of all, the experience of an entire community to know how to deal with it. It is just really bad luck that this happens to be the week when the Super Bowl is happening." Rulerocks01 asked, "What would you expect? The NFL has pushed further and further back into basically middle winter the Super Bowl in trying to milk the season for all it's got. Now they want an 18 game season. That would help in their case since it would probably push the Super Bowl further back into probably the desired spring weather."


Your Super Bowl tributes


While we're talking about it, we just wanted to give a shout to all the fantastic iReports we received about the Super Bowl. We saw a lot of snow creations, which seems appropriate given the above story.


Steelers fans gave us some solid posts, like the solid steel from whence they came. Ronnie Ray Jenkins, currently on holiday in British Columbia, sent us a song he composed called "Creamed Cheese." In his song, he suggests that the Packers will be wrapped in foil packs. David P. Fulmer took a photo of a festive Storm Trooper at a rally for the Steelers in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Storm Trooper was wearing a "Terrible Towel" cape. Waving the Terrible Towel is a fan tradition for the Steelers. David Roscow of Bethesda, Maryland, shared a video of his kids waving Terrible Towels as well. He said he remembers the Steelers' heyday when he was growing up in Pittsburgh and is excited that his kids will get to see the team succeed as well.


But the Packer showing was very, very strong. Nell Gelhaus shared this photo of her family's snow helmets in Medford, Wisconsin. Gelhaus says everyone is a Packers fan, despite this agnostic creation. Funda Ray of Hibbing, Minnesota, shared a photo of the two Super Bowl snowmen at her home, and also declared allegiance to the Packers. We also saw a straight-up cheesehead snowman from Vivian Knoble of Roscoe, Illinois. Finally, we were intrigued by photos sent by Cindy Schultz that show all manner of costuming and fandom as her Packers family attended a skiing competition in Eveleth, Minnesota.


The other big game this weekend: Puppy Bowl


OTHER COMMENT OF THE DAY: "Who wants to watch this stuff? All the puppies are roided out, there's so much trash talking and primadonna antics. Puppy bowl I was very pure hardnosed dog football. Nowadays it's just whining overpaid puppies and medical freaks. Thanks but no thanks." --SadPanda


People love the Puppy Bowl. The comments we got on this story were some of the most passionate and funny and huggable and cuddly that we've ever seen.


sunkenroad62 said, "My 5-year-old daughter simply loves the Puppy Bowl. We've watched this for the past three years. It's usually the highlight of my Super Bowl Sunday too since my team (the Eagles) can't seem to get in. I usually DVR this so she can watch it again and again. She can't wait 'till Sunday!" The commenter then added, "BTW...I miss Harry Kalas. He was one of, if not the original, commentator for Puppy Bowl. Phillies games just aren't the same ..." themoi said, "Puppeh Bowl is LOL funny! And the kitteh cheerleaders are a riot! I think I'll have a cheezburger with that show!"


laojsemz aptly observed, "This may be the first comment board I've read with no snarky comments. I guess that it's hard to be mean when faced with puppys." JustAreader replied, "Yep, the puppies are too young to have chosen a political affiliation, so for now they are all independents. Makes for a much nicer game and much nicer comment board." But maybe EarthPlanet said it best? "Puppy Bowl is eventually going to get so big that they're going to have to start calling the other one the Human Bowl."



Do you feel your views align with these commenters' thoughts? Post a comment below or sound off on video.


Compiled by the moderation staff. Some comments edited for length or clarity.

February 4, 2011
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That Packermobile is EPIC! It's the journey of ultimate devotion in that thing through these snow conditions! That's the spirit! If I were nearby, I'd so be BEGGING to to hitch a ride to get in on that adventure!

February 5, 2011
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Try this on for size.  The Super Bowl should be held in a 100,000 seat super facility in Las Vegas permanently.  No jumping around from city to city.  Dallas?   Brrrr......

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