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Overheard on Readers take Christina and Groupon to task

Comment of the day:  “If she had spent as much time going over the words as she did with that tortured arrangement or her makeup, then there might have only been two mistakes.” –Atlanta


Super Bowl: Chinese offended while Christina Aguilera takes heat


Nearly 24 hours after it ended, people are still talking about Super Bowl XLV—not the game necessarily, but Christina Aguilera’s lyrics flub and Groupon’s Tibet-themed commercial.


Of Aguilera fumbling on the National Anthem, CNN readers were split:


Annsrum said, “Oh come on, she messed up the words a little, big deal. She kept going and made it work which is what you are supposed to do when performing.” Alex said, “Get a life, she was caught up in the moment and made a mistake, life goes on. Those putting her down need to remember: nobody is perfect, not even you! You were amazing, Christina! Thanks!” chaseurdream said, “Christina was awesome! I thought it was one of the best anthems I've ever seen performed, despite its imperfections. Gave me goosebumps! Nobody's perfect.”


But Barry said, “I believe she shouldn't have personalized the song, but as far as the lyrical mistake goes, I'd take that over lip syncing any day.” 0beaumartin0 said, “I believe that Aguilera's performance was poor not because of her mistake in the Anthem itself, but rather her personalization of it. This is our nations Anthem. When it was written in 1814 as a part of a poem, Francis Scott Key meant for this to be a beautiful song. Christina Aguilera's version was far from beautiful.” Paul Willson said, “I thought she would have known the lyrics. Maybe celebs doing the anthem should be replaced by a military band leading the anthem.”


Readers weren’t as divided about the Groupon ad -- nearly everyone thought it didn’t work:   Marsetti said, “The commercial should have upset both the Chinese and the Tibetans. It was just in really bad taste.” Jess2010Jess said, “I unsubscribed from Groupon after I saw the ad and I bet I'm not the only one. The ad’s offense wasn't about "being PC" or not. Anyone who spends five minutes researching what's happened in that country for the last 60 years isn't going to think the ad was "awesome." Would we think it was an "awesome" commercial if references to the Holocaust were used to sell discounts on kosher pickles? Subsist said, “Kind of sad really. Not only did the commercial completely miss its mark, but try as it might it wasn't even humorous. It was in poor taste, ill-conceived, and ill-advised.”


A few readers encouraged people to lighten up about the ad. Goss said, “I bet the Dalai Lama has a sense of humor and wouldn't have minded this one.”


Assange attorneys plead for money on Facebook


The lawyers for Julian Assange, head of the WikiLeaks’ site, are asking for financial help via Facebook. Assange is currently under strict bail conditions in England and faces a hearing this week on possible extradition to Sweden. And based on reader comments, not only are most going to skip making donations, they won’t be supporting him in any way.


opus512 said, “He wanted fame, now he's got it. Too bad for him it goes both ways.” jrseygypsy48 said, “Not one cent to this smug, pompous idiot! You are no hero for releasing pages of information that are out of context and no one knows how one thing connects with another. Information without explanation is just as dangerous as no information or perverted information. Those of you who think he is some sort of hero are just as blind and twisted as he is, so go ahead and carry your ‘information’ king on your shoulders and fund his personal bank accounts.” Rick1948 said, “$5,700? Guess the number of people who think WikiLeaks is a great idea isn't as huge as everyone claims.” IMUSAPatriot said, “The lawyers themselves have their hands out for the donations?! ‘Our client needs donations so that he can afford the hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees that we're going to charge him. Please help!’ LOL!”


Other readers support Assange and plan on giving. Camar0RS said, “Both Manning and Assange are international heroes. Their action revealed the long corrupt and deceptive nature of the West and compelled more transparency among Western governments. The international community and Human Rights Watch group should call for the immediate release of these two political prisoners.” geoffwood61 said, “I’ve given money to WikiLeaks and I pay for a WikiLeaks mirror site and if you or anybody else, including the FBI, don’t like it, tough.” Cthulhu said, “I will certainly help Mr. Assange. If you don't want to know what your government is doing and like the lies you are being fed, don't read WikiLeaks. Simple.”


Passengers mutiny over baggage fees


A group of students on a Ryanair flight heading from the Canary Islands to Brussels, Belgium, on Saturday caused a ruckus after some of them were told to pay a fee for oversized luggage at the gate. The Irish carrier is famous for its low-base fares and variety of fees.


Some readers reported firsthand experience with the airline: gebby12 said, “I flew Ryanair with five friends once. They weigh your bags when you get to the check-in counter. The first five of us checked in no problem, but then they decided the last girl in our group had to pay the absurd extra baggage fee, even though her bag weighed the same as ours and wouldn’t let her on the plane until she did. It really put a damper on the trip since we were all pretty low on funds at the time. They always appear to have the cheapest fares but then smack you with all these hidden fees after you book.” Wobbles said, “Flying Ryanair is like being forced to ride in a cattle car of a train while being poked with an electrical prod even on its best days. I'd rather ride a donkey to my destination than to fly with them. Better customer service at the DMV. “


Other readers sided with the airline. PNWwriter said, “You want cheap, you get cheap. They are the Walmart of the sky.” james1095 said, “I hate the fees as much as the next guy, but to act up the way they did is like picking up a bunch of stuff in a store marked with prices, getting rung up and then flipping out at the clerk.”


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February 8, 2011
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I think she did great and that she was the best I've ever heard:)

February 9, 2011
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What would you expect when the public schools don't teach all the verses. Much less recite the 'Pledge of Allegiance'.

One 'elected' politician refuses to do the pledge because she doesn't believe there is 'liberty and justice for all'. The pledge is what we as individuals pledge to do; not what we believe someone else is responsible for. Their oath of office is to pledge to consecrate their efforts to fulfill that pledge. If they refuse to do that then they should not be sworn in to fill the post that they were elected to honor.

February 10, 2011
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the superbowl In Dallas was a success

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