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Overheard on Charting for 11-11-11 babies


COMMENT OF THE DAY: "My father was born 11-11-11. 1911, that is. One of eleven children. He was always proud of his birthdate. His gravestone is marked 11-11-11, just to honor his special day." --luffing


11-11-11: How to get the coolest birthday for your baby


Simple mathematics says Valentine's Day lovers could end up conceiving children born on the above-mentioned numbers. Many commenters said they thought the whole idea of trying to have a child with a certain birthday was silly, but there were quite a few commenters who bragged about a special birthday of someone they know or themselves.


talleyhoo was excited: "My niece turns 11 on 11/11/11. Fun!" On the other hand, eygoodwyn wrote, "My daughter was born on 6/6/06. I am not very superstitious but she has had some pretty bad luck. ...But you couldn't tell her that because she is the happiest kid ever." IfUSeekMe wrote, "Our daughter was born 01/01/01 at 1 second past midnight. She was due Feb 2, 2001. No inducement, no c-section, just Mother Nature messing with our New Year's Eve party." An unsigned commenter noted, "My daughter's birthday is 06/07/08, which I think is pretty cool." Goss quipped, "I would rather try for leap year. 2/29/12." cyndirella wrote, "My mother in law's b-day is 10-20-30, I think that is very cool! Besides back then there wasn"t much 'planning' to having a child!" Finally, heyitsme had this to say about the trouble a special number can cause: "My daughter was born on 9-9-99. That is a cool number, but if you remember thats when everyone was running saying 'my computer is going to stop, blah blah.' It was horrible for me. I finally turned to the nurse and said, ya know, last I checked that computer cannot catch!!!! NOW GET OVER HERE!"


Not everyone was eager to have a special birthday. Smellie said, "My due date was 08/08/08. I hoped my baby would come early (or late) bc so many women were requesting/opting to be induced that day. I did not want to compete in a crowded maternity ward for resources, e.g. doctor, nurse and anesthesiologist availability, or for a overnight room on the high security maternity floor. Nor did I want an over crowded nursery with babies possibly getting less attention. Something to think about, in my opinion. My son was born 2 days early, when the hospital was not very busy. It can and did make a difference." LDRP said, "Just PLEASE don't get induced early to get the cool birthday. 37-week babies can get very sick from premature lungs, especially if they are electively induced." luvmychai said, "I second this! Elective induction is such a crime to these poor babies. On the other hand, I am trying to get pregnant. If it worked this month, I will be due on Oct 27. My last baby was 17 days overdue, so the 11th could be a possibility for me!" Nor was everyone successful. Elnok said, "At the risk of TMI, we conceived on Valentine's Day, were due on November 2, and had the baby on October 26. And we did a whole lot of the old wives' tale things in order to have a boy (the first time) and a girl (the second time). Luck (and only luck) allowed both to happen. But alas, no 11/11!"


Few customers lining up for Verizon's iPhone


Typical Apple product releases feature long lines that make for a crazy spectacle, but the release of the Verizon iPhone 4 wasn't quite like that. Commenters cited a variety of theories as to why that might be.


DudefromCali said, "Verizon screwed up. The introduction of this iPhone on their network has rejuvenated AT&T iPhone customers. And its all in the ad campaigns. As much as Verizon has captured better network status on the web and in the culture of techies, the lack of true multitasking -- No Data and Voice at the same time -- will be the phones' downfall." Tularockstar said, "Weather may have been a factor, but it's not the main one. People are smart and they know that iPhone 5 will be out this summer on Verizon 4G network. So, why would they pay $199 for an old 16gb iPhone 4? Let alone pay $299 for a 32gb version? The price of $199 for the 16gb is quite steep. Verizon should have debut this phone for $99, then they would have had more customers lining up!" tensor responded, "Precisely. Next gen is the one to watch. Apple haters also fail to take note that the company's primary customers going forward are global, not the matured U.S. market."


Droid fans also spoke up. dixie12 said, "I was lusting for an iphone for years on Verizon Wireless. Since having the Droid X for 7 months now, you couldn't pay me to get an iphone--would seem like a major downgrade (screen size, voice commands, etc.). And all this hype about the pre-orders selling out, every droid phone released sold out sometimes for weeks. It is part of marketing strategy." Lastholdout said many iPhone fans use "faulty logic" to justify their preferences: "Absolutely lovely. There'll be an explosion for the next iPhone. In the meantime, Droids will still continue to outsell the iPhone and rightly so." jec2004 replied, "Now that is outright labeling. I have had both and still have both and each have their high points and low points."


Or ... Blammie wrote, "I am still waiting for the technology of attaching a small chip to my brain when I crave a Starbucks, I will just know where to go. Same with Apple, I just think about Angry Birds and it just plays in my head."


Guitar Hero: What went wrong?


Falling sales have led Activision to shutter the division that created "Guitar Hero" and its sequels. The comments on this story were a battle between people advocating playing the real instrument and those who said the game was good fun.


aaarrrgggghh said, "People discovered you could spend the same amount of money and have more fun with a real guitar. Girls seem to like the real one better, too." someguy02 said, "Answer is easy, 'Call of Duty' happened. Instruments were expensive and after you master them it was not satisfactory anymore, I wanted to really play the guitar but felt more like a wannabe. Also, all it tested was accurate timing of notes, which is not what music is about. I remember a good guitarist saying the game was hard even for them, but in no way it tested their ability." ProSe22 said, "It's pathetic to spend countless hours pretending to play guitar when the time invested could make you a guitarist. Now, if Activision HAD A BRAIN it would convert these wannabes into guitar lessons and starting guitar purchases. BUT that would take a vision, a brain, and a staff -- which as I understand it -- is now unemployed. What a mess. Someone 'took the billions ROI and ran.' That is my opinion."


But a lot of people said the game is just for fun. ThreeDotOne4, whose avatar is quite appropriately the pi character, said, "Wow! So many bitter, failed musicians in the house today. Listen, it's just a fun party game. That's all. It's not meant to threaten your now-dim dream of becoming Johnny Rock Star, so there's really no rational cause for all the outbursts. I've been playing guitar for 22 years and I love these games. They're cool because they let me share something musical with my non-musician friends, which make up the majority of them. I also know a few people who have been inspired to try the real thing after playing the games. How is that not a net positive?" Billclam said, "A lot of people here can't seem to separate the idea of people wanting to play a video game and get instant satisfaction as opposed to putting hundreds of hours into becomming a decent guitar player. The latter of which is something you can't pass around at parties. That's like suggesting that I should become a real serial killer as opposed to just playing most shooters. Way to go, guys." rlaracuente said, "I hate how some want to make players of these games feel somehow 'guilty' and apologetic just because this isn't 'the real thing.' Video games are works of fiction, which means 'not real.' Most things you can do on a game can be done in real life, specially sports and other simulation type games."


Do you feel your views align with these commenters' thoughts? Post a comment below or sound off on video.


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February 10, 2011

Aaaaah, precious baby!!!!

February 10, 2011
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My brother turned 8 years old on 8-8-88.....very cool.

February 10, 2011

My son was born on 9/09/90.

February 11, 2011
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