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Overheard on Revolution in Egypt


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Note: Comments like this began going viral in the hours leading up to the revolution.


As the world's eyes turn to the revolution in Egypt, we're following the incredible conversations taking place on Thousands of comments have poured in, creatively and passionately demonstrating the global interest in this issue. Here are some of the best we've noticed, although it's impossible to even begin to summarize them all:


Quote gallery: Readers watch revolution unfold in Egypt


25891 said, "I have the utmost respect respect for the protesting Egyptians and congratulate them on their freedom! This could have turned into a bloodbath but they controlled themselves and by using passive resistance they have received their reward. Peaceful demonstrations do work." Neilcassidy wrote, "Congratulations, Egypt, from an Israeli who hopes to work together in peace and good spirit! Religion may distract us, but Democracy will unite us! "


Salymk added to the congratulations: "History created! Amazing Egyptian people, non violent protest, peaceful, mature army,understanding police, worlds must learn, you can achieve if you are together and united...Long live people's power!!" Finally, BillLumbergh said, "Does Egypt have a Facebook account? I'm totally going to friend them."


kwrad expressed concerns about the delivery of the message. "It worries me that the vice president said this, isn't this something that the president should announce?" WVLady63 said, "These ignorant people will not be so happy when the terrorists, i.e., Muslim Brotherhood, take over their country. They will then know the real meaning of fear. For those of you who are obviously in the dark about what is going on in Egypt, you have no idea what has happened. To coin an old phrase, 'what fools these mortals be.'"


Krozar was one of several who referenced other countries: "NOW IT'S TIME TO LIBERATE SAUDI ARABIA!" DoctorBombay suggested Kuwait, and a couple other commenters talked about China. Joes4evr2, wrote, "Whoever comes to power next must give Egyptian national issues priority over American agenda." BellyBums responded, "Egypt is the next Iran. History repeats itself. Everybody loses, even the people of Egypt." But Archbound said, "I doubt it, We acted faster in Iran and I dont think the people of Egypt are going to let the radicals take over."


We heard from lots of others with strong opinions, especially those of Egyptian heritage. MinaSherif wrote, "For all the Egyptians, this is a historic day, at least he gone away. Note: I am Egyptian and now I am proud to be Egyptian. The demonstrators that have been in [Tahrir Square] since the beginning are truly the founding fathers of a new, democratic Egypt."


And we heard from Americans talking to Egyptians. Reason2be sent this cross-cultural message: "Warmest congratulations to the Egyptian people from this American. You did it yourselves, without anyone's help. I salute you for that, and hope that my own government will start to let our ideals dictate our policies rather than our 'interests.' To be honest, I think living up to our ideals is in our interests.


Do you feel your views align with these commenters' thoughts? Post a comment below or sound off on video.


Compiled by the moderation staff. Some comments edited for length or clarity.

February 11, 2011
Click to view ManinMiddle's profile

Dear Friends,


Many years ago I wrote a song called "We're Standing Tall" and it was inspired by the protestors at the Berlin Wall and in Tiananmen Square in China. I am finding the same inspiration from the new generation of protesters in Egypt, Tunisia and other countries who are standing tall in pursuit of new freedoms. It is the power of the internet and satellite communications that carries the message around the world-- "you can't keep people in the dark anymore".


Were Standing Tall


by Doug Adair © 1990 +1 (703) 932-6667



Verse 1


the winds of change that sweep the lands


are crumbling barriers like the shifting sands


and in their wake we have a golden chance


to shape the future, now it's in our hands





we're standing tall (standing tall)


like never before (like never before)


no, you can't keep people in the dark anymore



Verse 2


the world is headed for a bold new age


where peace and understanding take the center stage


communication is our guiding light


for truth illuminates the darkest night





we're standing tall (standing tall)


like never before (like never before)


no, you can't keep people in the dark anymore



Verse 3


the tide is turning we can reach our goals


if we find the courage in our hearts and souls


now's the time for us to take a stand


if we work together, you know we can





we're standing tall (standing tall)


like never before (like never before)


no, you can't keep people in the dark anymore



February 11, 2011
Click to view agbobu's profile

Not yet Uhuru, progress what progress? Is this not the same military that has sustained Muberak all these 30 years? Is it not the same military that was put in place by Muberak? Is it not the same military that receives 1.3 billion dolars yearly from the USA? Mark my words this is the beginning of uncertainties for Egypt, the Middle east and by extention the rest of the world, i mean crude oil, gas and the canal. Very soon Venezuala, Nigeria etc. will be laughing to the banks, as crude may hit 200 dollars and above, if the implosion takes place in Egypt and the Middle east. The next flash points are Yemen, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait. So people should step back, take a deep breath and review the situation. I am very sure now, that the USA, Isreal, the rest of the Wes,t are having serious constipation and sleepless nights. What happens if the people of Egypt, make a C turn and embrace extremists. The future is very pregnant with uncertainties. We will waite and see how this video plays. 

February 11, 2011
Click to view 1freeegypt's profile

I do agree with you BUT let's give these people a chance first. Yes, take a step back and pray that it turns out successfully. Hey the man stole 70 BILLION dollars!?!!? Look around how the average Egyptian lives. I highly doubt he lives on 70B unlike Mubarak. To have his assets frozen not just his but his family also says something. It could turn out good or bad but again let's just all take a step back for a moment.


February 11, 2011
Click to view Tararabbit79's profile

Good job plagiarizing from Reddit. Sucks you be you, Reddit is a virus, malware infested site. Your comp is going to blow up.

February 11, 2011
Click to view Mubarak4Life's profile

Mubarak should be able to crush these revolts with ease!!!

February 12, 2011
Click to view A4humans14's profile

USA shud not interfere in the internal matters of a country as they are the main terrorist state in the world. they support terrorists of afghanistan in 90's. they are continuously supporting the Israel(those who shud not be named as human beings).

Israel lobby is has decisive role in USA,otherwise american people are not bad.

February 12, 2011
Click to view Skidder1's profile

I think it's great to see the change in Egypt.  A couple things.  It's not our country, or ours to "dictate" to.  We meddle way too much as it is.  Even if we deem it in "our best interest" it doesn't make it "their" best interest.  We don't have the right.  For those who are paranoid about muslim extremists....are "democratic extremists" really any better?  We also don't have a clue what the military is going to do.  While we hope it works out for the best, there's no way of telling.  Remember we once supported the Shah and others and we see how well that worked out for us.  We just have to wait and see.

February 12, 2011
Click to view marn7271's profile

I think you are going to see revolutions all over the world. People have had enough of their governments and their policies. No country in the world is immune from revolution.

February 12, 2011
Click to view m5poe's profile

The events of the last few days present an amazing view of modern, intelligent and inspiring Egyptian people giving the world a view of what 'Hope' can really mean. Yes, it is too early to know where it will go but for the moment we can believe that these heroes can usher in a real pluralist democracy. The real question I have is -

Is the real threat to Isreal not the chance of an Islamist government coming to power, but rather a real, independent democratic government? Would this not remove the excuse the West has used to prop up the theocratic state of Isreal as the only 'democracy' in the region? Can the US be liberated as well and enter an era of engagement with the area based not on self interests (oil, Jewish lobby) but on a mutual belief in a set of secular values and the good of the people?

February 12, 2011
Click to view tntaangela's profile

I LOVE the comment and song posted by ManinMiddle,

February 12, 2011
Click to view larena's profile

thanks NSaidi

February 13, 2011
Click to view Emotions2011's profile

Install a liberal and humanitarian person for President, free of radical and extremist beliefs for a true democracy to flourish for the beautiful PEOPLE of Egypt to prosper in love, peace and happiness. 

February 13, 2011
Click to view donellcox's profile

President Obama should be praised for his speech in June 2009. I believe that his speech inspired the young Egyptians' call to action. This was undoubtedly the most important speech of his term as President and resounded loudly through the Middle East and the world. I recommend that you re-broadcast this speech to drive the message home that people around the world want and deserve freedom at any cost.

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