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Overheard on Coca-Cola's fizzy logic


Comment of the day: "I love a good ol' cold coke as much as the next guy, but after seeing a deer steak dissolved overnight while soaking in coke, I've really cut down on my soft drink consumption. I've also heard that Coca-Cola uses the same acid that's in their product to degrease the engines on their trucks. You put enough sugar and corn syrup on a dog turd, you could most likely get it down." --Fric


Is Coca-Cola's secret out of the bottle?


"Givvvvve me de formulaaa! Givvvve me de formulaaa!" That's what Cesar said. The bigwigs at Coke say "This American Life" (and a newspaper clipping) hasn't given away the actual secret formula of their precious Coca-Cola. But the lore of this clandestine recipe inspired a sweet response from readers.


Old Vault Teller, who claimed to be a former SunTrust bank vault employee, said only the privileged have access to the written recipe. "I can assure you that there is no getting to that recipe." The recipe is commonly known to be closely guarded in a SunTrust-owned vault. The poster also mentioned avoiding Pepsi products on the premises, to which former SunTrust employee expressed agreement. And Brandon replied, "I believe this. It's hard enough to find a Pepsi in the gas stations in Atlanta! Row after row of Coke products, then one Pepsi row on the bottom, hidden away, near the microwave cheeseburgers."


SteveJ said, "I am conviced that the New Coke fiasco of the early '80s was a sophisticated ploy to mask the switch from cane sugar to corn syrup in the Classic Coke recipe. Distract people for a few months with a different and inferior product, then announce the triumphant return of the 'original' -- only it's not the original. Living in Texas, some local stores carry what we call Mexican Coke: bottled south of the border, it's sweetened with cane sugar, not corn syrup. A little more expensive but if you have a chance to try it I recommend it. The true original recipe." Daniel replied, "Agreed, Steve. 'Mexican Coke' is awesome ... but at $1 a (glass) bottle or nearly $20 for a case at Costco, a bit pricey for good taste."


Some poo-pooed Coke. Mare0568 said, "You guys can keep your secret formula. Pepsi all the way up here in northeastern Pennsylvania. Hardly anyone drinks Coke -- too sweet. Yuck." Mark said, "Honestly, I've found Stop N Shop's store brand cola is better than both Coke or Pepsi ... and less expensive too!"


Signs you might have a 'work spouse'


Some office denizens have a close, platonic relationship with their "work spouse." Readers debated the whole idea and shared their own experiences as well as a few snarky comments. enricorosan wrote, "I wonder if this so-called platonic stuff could lead to something more intimate. I don't like it and I don't think I would like my wife to tell me one day : 'Hey honey, my 'WORK SPOUSE' has gained a lot of muscle and goes to the gym everyday, you should his pecs when he takes his shirt off." opinalicious snapped back, "If you practiced choreplay and had a good relationship with her, she wouldn't care about anyone else's pecs. Women love men for who they are, not what they look like. They aren't men."


"I had what they call a work spouse," said one unsigned commenter. "We exchanged a ton of emails. We had lunch twice a week. We confided in each other over work-related and relationship issues. We even went so far as clubbing and concert-going. But nothing sexual. Shortly after I got married, I 'divorced' my work spouse. It was difficult, but all my attention had to be towards my wife. It's healthier that way."


oinkoink12 said, "This is about not being professional and seeking out approval the wrong way. I always went by one thing at work and realized that nobody here is my friend. Oh sure, we have things in common and such, but most coworkers would throw you under the bus if they had to. This whole spouse thing is an illusion to reality, and I'd suggest to anyone who truly has something like this, to grow up and come back down to earth." supertech5 said, "I was going to say you're a bit paranoid, but you're actually telling the truth. If I had to chose between my 'work spouse' and my job, work spouse goes under the bus and a few trucks."


Sayitisso was one of the cynics. "Talking about work to your coworker does not make you his or her spouse. If you are discussing personal stuff to your coworker that your home spouse would get mad about, you have crossed the line from colleague to creepy." Another unsigned commenter wrote, "I thought a person with whom you had a platonic relationship with yet you confided personal information to was just a friend. Why does the media have to coin cutesy names and act like it is anything new? Desperate for something to write about maybe?" Poupon wrote in agreement, "Marriage is an attitude. It's also a partnership, a team. No work friend will be taking care of one's children or elders, paying bills, etc."


Bieber talks sex, politics and puberty


Singing phenom Justin Bieber chatted with Rolling Stone about sex, politics and puberty. Readers discussed Bieber's comments as well as the idea of childhood celebrity. And Canada.


diwbd said, "I think he's a good-natured kid, but I honestly think that he should still be in school. I know he has 'people' for that kind of thing, but there's really no substitute for the school experience. I don't understand how he can become a functioning, intelligent adult if he's spending his teen years in the recording studio, but then again, I'm not in his position, so what do I know?" nonsmith wrote, "School is not an excuse to waste a good life. If I had a voice like he does, I would leave school. I think he makes more than any teacher." Mike313 noted, "@nonsmith, Money really isn't the point. Kids should have an education. For example, when asked about politics, all he said was, 'But whatever they have in Korea, that's bad.' A would-be junior in high school should know more about the world around them than that."


CdnJim said, "Once again it takes a Canadian to point out the lack of humour in the U.S. He was joking when he said, 'You guys are evil.' He was making fun of the interviewer. Americans son't get the punchline unless there's a laugh track. No wonder the funniest comics in the US are from North of the Border." anon182 replied, "Carlin, Pryor, Murphy, Martin, Rock, Seinfeld, and on and on and on ..." RabiaDiluvio said, "I hope his parents are paying attention. I give him two years before he is caught smokin' crack with Miley while his mommy whines about how constantly being in the public eye ruined him during his formative years. (DUH.)"


prplkat said, "While I don't care for Bieber's music either way (I let my daughter listen to it when she's in the car, but if she's not there I switch stations), I'm curious about the part where the article said his voice is changing. Earlier in his career people compared him to Michael Jackson (don't get me started), so this will make or break that comparison because MJ performed his entire life, not just as a child. Let's see what puberty does to his career and then make comparisons to one of the best known performers of our generation."


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February 16, 2011
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The coke recipe is all over YouTube. It was taken out of a ledger-like book from an old film. Amazingly simple formula, even had the cocoa leaf extract (cocaine) additive, its the original formula for sure.

February 16, 2011
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This american life is amazing and it was a great story. Peep PRI.ORG

February 16, 2011
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Actually, the ledger book formula was one of the variations Doc Pemberton was working on to perfect what became the original recipe.  It's not, in fact, the recipe.  And FYI, Seinfeld was born in New York.

February 16, 2011
Click to view nsaidi's profile

@CAgop All those comedians are Americans.


@chairman I have heard that at least one other formula of this sort has been found. See also: Mark Pendergrast. There's an interesting Snopes article on that subject.

February 17, 2011
Click to view wrcousert's profile

Does it really matter? Anyone who wanted to could reverse engineer the recipe and come up with something so close nobody would be able to tell the difference. The published recipes may be close enough with a few minor modifications.


From Nnopes:



As it now stands, only Stepan Co.'s New Jersey plant possesses the necessary DEA permit to import the leaves and remove the cocaine


from them. Anyone looking to reproduce the drink would have to go to Stepan to get one of the key ingredients, and Stepan would refuse to sell to them.



Simple solution. Make it in Mexico. You can find Mexican Coca Cola just about anywhere these days and I'm sure they don't bother asking the DEA permission to use Coca leaf extract.




February 17, 2011
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mt. dew is better than coke and pepsi is not better than dr. pepper and dr.pibb is better thab voltage.

February 27, 2011


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