Thursday, February 17, 2011
Overheard on Wisconsin protests stoke union debate


COMMENT OF THE DAY: "Bad teachers, BAD!!!" -- NuYwk


Crowds swell in Madison as budget protests continue


Wisconsin is at a crossroads as protesters crowd the Capitol and its surroundings to oppose a bill that would strip teachers and other public employees of most of their collective bargaining rights, as well as require increased benefits contributions. Lots of readers in turn crowded our story's comments area, some vehemently opposed to unionization and others supporting it. We also received several iReports showing photos and footage of the protests in various places.


Many commenters said they felt the workers were getting much better treatment than other workers or were unappreciative of their good fortune. gotowork said, "What is it with these entitlement junkies that they feel the world owes them something? Plenty of people have lost their jobs recently and gone out to get new ones instead of protesting in the streets about how unfair life is! Hey, who knew Wisconsin and France had so much in common!?! Hah!" PaleinPDX said, "I'm sorry, but I DON'T feel sorry for any of these state employees. They are complaining about having to contribute more to their pensions and health care, yet they fail to realize how LUCKY they are to even have a pension and health care. Cry me a river." NONcorrect said, "Sorry, but 'workers' rights' are covered in every state by a state-run entity (in Washington it's Labor & Industries). You have the right to have a job, and you have the right to find a different job if the one you have isnt suited to you. Your employer also has the right to fire you if you don't work for them. I never did understand why government workers or union workers should get more "rights" than the rest of us."


SallyinChica said, "All of a sudden the working man/woman is bad. For decades from the 1940s to the 2000s, everybody loved the working man/woman. Now all of a sudden workers are bad. Don't blame the workers. Blame the lying corporations and banks that a) sold the fraudulent investments to the states that caused them to lose money; and b) the bad legislators who couldn't read tea leaves and project into the future. Who didn't have a 'worst case' scenario and didn't have a rainy day fund." pvwiscon said, "Talk about hypocrites, I'm a Wisconsin state employee who make less than $40,000 a year. We've done our part with furlough days. We've foregone raises for years in an effort to work with the state legislator's, we are prepared to contribute more toward retirement, and insurance. But to take away are rights to collectively bargain......NO!!!!!!!!"


Man arrested in poisoning of Auburn University landmark live oaks


A 62-year-old man was arrested early Thursday and faces criminal mischief charges for allegedly applying a herbicide commonly used to kill trees and brush to landmark 130-year-old live oaks on the edge of the Auburn University campus in east-central Alabama, police said.


WTigert56 wrote, "This is terrible. I am not a fan of either team but to take out some idiotic revenge on 130+ yr old trees is stupid. I hope they catch this person and punish him severely and to the full extent of the law. ... I certainly hope they can do something to save the trees, although it doesn't look promising. Sad!" Many likes were given to Bama67Grad, who said, "As a Crimson Tide fan of 50+ years, I am appalled and embarrassed at the actions of a single imbecile, and sincerely hope that Auburn fans will show more class and reason than the idiot who did this. I would be willing to contribute to a fund for a donation to the Auburn campus, on the behalf of Alabama fans, for the replacement of the trees, establishment of a scholarship, erection of a plaque -- whatever Auburn would like to do with it. Would anyone else be willing to participate in such a venture?" Finally, in another thread, MatarLaRaza asked, "When is it a crime to "root" for a team?" This unleashed a response from 2tired2care and a few puns:


TJ14: I'll go out on a limb and say he was joking.
Fontroe: Some of these comments are cutting against the grain.
2tired2care: Sorry I've got to be leafing now.
Muddyshoes: Don't listen to 2tired2care - His bark is worse than his bite.
MatarLaRaza: It was just Oak-K...
Fontroe: No, it was knot.


'Wonder Woman' actress revealed


NBC says "Friday Night Lights" star Adrianne Palicki is going to be the Amazing Amazon in David E. Kelley's upcoming "Wonder Woman" pilot. Some commenters talked about her acting ability, but a few others were thinking about different things. RS was happy with the decision. "She's a very good actress, one of the best on FNL, a show which featured a number of very good performances. I think she has the ability to bring a very solid take on Wonder Woman. She showed great ranged and was really good in a number of different storylines. She was also very good in her recent guest stint on Criminal Minds. I 'm actually most worried about Kelley's ability to develop a solid series that will not only bring in comic fans but also mainstream viewers (being on NBC doesn't help)."


WonderLost said, "First, hire someone who understands who Wonder Woman was and still should be to write the scripts. Then let that person (probably a she) have final approval on the casting of WW. I doubt this actress is the best available. Why are we always turning iconic people into TV bad jokes? I'd rather have no Wonder Woman than a pathetic excuse for one." United States of Erica said, "Wonder Woman is first and foremost an Amazon. This means she is thick, curvaceous and looks like she can handle herself in any situation. Christina Hendricks would have been perfect for this role because she is exactly that. Wonder Woman had boobs, hips, butt and a figure that made mere mortal woman seethe with envy. Hollywood is too obsessed with these vomit queens with more fake parts than a Toyota." abby1 said, "It's hard to imagine anyone else playing the role of Wonder Woman besides Lynda Carter. The only other actress that I could possibly see doing a good performance in this role is Angelina Jolie." Mark replied, "Angelina Jolie would be exotic looking enough to have come from Paradise Island, but now way too old for the part...and the networks wouldn't be able to afford her salary."


Do you feel your views align with these commenters' thoughts? Post a comment below or sound off on video.


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February 17, 2011
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SallyinChica and pvwiscon are perfectly free to quit if they don't like how they're being treated.

February 17, 2011
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I hope the Governor of Wisconsin does what Reagan did to air traffic controllers in the 80's fire em all, they don't go to work just like any private sector job fire em.  Hire private sector replacements ban the fired workers from ever working for the state for life.  We ARE taxed enough in Wisconsin, to hell with these communists.......other people are really hurtin to hell with these selfish ingrates that by and large do a rotten em! And in 2012 Fire PinocchiObama the polarizing liar......

February 18, 2011
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She said, "For decades from the 1940s to the 2000s, everybody loved the working man/woman. Now all of a sudden workers are bad. Don't blame the workers."


We don't... We blame the unions. The USW and the UAW came into being in the late 30s, and industrial output peaked less than a decade later. Now we sit around jobless and import most of our manufactured goods from non-unionized nations.

February 18, 2011
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Where are the jobs Bambi, where are the f jobs.

February 18, 2011
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Did you see how little these teachers are paying in for their retirement and how much they get out when they retire?  I can only dream of a job that good.  I'm not sure why the unions are so mad - but at the end of the day ---  The govener has promised that no one will be laid off.  You still have a job.  It's not fair.  But there isn't any money left.  Which leads to a good question. Where is all the money going?    

February 18, 2011
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Tearing down unions will open doors by removing workers rights and create another dirty way to cut spending that otherwise might have been paid for had the tax cuts of the rich expired.  A lot of the job money is being hoarded in Republican bank accounts for the past couple years.  Google "unemployment rate chart" (Bureau of Labor statistics), see how close the chart jump is to Obama taking office.  Coincidence, really?



February 18, 2011
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Labor unions are a great idea in theory, like communism.  However, humans are imperfect and incapable of making something "fair" work.  Someone will always take advantage of the system and use it to hurt those who have ethics.

February 18, 2011
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spring of discontent=summer of chaos

February 18, 2011
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I am sick of unions and their entitlement! The market and your skills should determine your value, and you should be compensated accordingly. The automaker unions are what caused our domestic auto industry crash, which every taxpayer is now burdened to fix. Airline employees' unions are what allows intoxicated pilots to continue flying the skies without fear of losing their jobs. All of us non-union workers are forced to prove our value through good work and responsibility; I think it is time union workers should do the same.

February 18, 2011
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as the middle class becomes no more. they will go some where.  as history repeats itself (1200-1800)  we are about to recreat our past. and just where does the middle class go??  stay tuned

February 18, 2011
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Yes, there are a few leaders at union that a corrupt,but union are there for the average working man.  The fact, they have less power today is one reason there is a bigger gap between the rich and poor.  This gap was also large during the great depression.  Kings, dictators and slave owners should be the only one that can tell people they have to work in conditions without any say.  Prehaps, we should have stay under King George and let him decide the conditions of our lives

February 18, 2011
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I think people who complain about union worker are pathetic.  Especially in the case with teacher, fire fighter and police officers.  Teacher don't make crap for money, it takes 10-15 years before they earn a decent wage.  These are the people who shape our youth, you'd think they'd garner a little more respect.  Then police and fire fighter risk their lives every day. Every day they put their lives on the line for your safety.  Why should they be punished, you'd think that with 20+ years of public service they'd get a little respect as well.  Anyone who as something negative to say should be ashamed of themselves.  How about you stay home all day every day and raise your kids, comfront a burglar who brakes into your house and run into a burnig building to safe someone whom you've never met.  You people are clueless and ignorant

February 18, 2011
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The debate over the unions role in todays work place is an issue that should be taken on by level headed people not involved in far left or far right politics. I am a public school employee of a small nationally recognized school that makes about half the income of my private sector counterparts. I currently am a supervisor and not under union contract, but used to be. The unions provide some protection to workers that otherwise would be subject to the whims of of a multitude of bosses,(Administrators,School board members,parents,students, and fellow workers looking for a piece of an individuals hide). I have worked in the public system for 35 years and have seen teachers and classified staff fired, so I know it can be done because I have fired employees. It just has to be done the right way and for a good reason. In our school teachers and staff put in long hours, overtime pay is forbidden, raises are few and far between, and as with most public service there are no bonuses at the holidays or gold watch when you retire.I believe most of us  believe in the public school system, and yes it can be improved. But please lets improve it with level headed individuals, not politicians that can't keep thier own houses in order, and lets keep in mind one the most important laws (separation of church and state). There is lots of praise for private,charter,church schools but these schools do not have to follow all the state and federal mandates, mostly unfunded that public schools have to.

February 18, 2011
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It seems to me that all of the arguments against unions for the most part stem from personal jealousy (They get paid too much! Let them get fired like everybody else! It's not fair!). The fact that so many workers in our country are against worker's rights is unfathomable. The only reason I can see for it is brainwashing. EVERYBODY who works should be part of a union. They should be the rule rather than the exception. Sure, unions like everything else have downsides, but just remember that if it wasn't for them there wouldn't even BE a middle class and you'd be making far less than you do now.

February 18, 2011
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Unions are a good idea in theory but the way they are implemented screws the economy for everybody else. They are one of the main reasons why the auto industry collapsed and they are the reason there are so many lousy workers. They prevent higher skilled new workers from getting jobs and protect bad workers from getting fired, its a ridiculous concept. Unions are great for making sure workers get appropriate pay and benefits based on how much money the company is making off their work but they should stay as far away as possible from the hiring/firing process and let competition and talent determine who stays or goes (except in obvious cases of abuse like firing someone right before retirement). They are a plague on non-bluecollar industries like teaching and creative where so many talented and passionate people are denied jobs because there are too many vegetables getting paychecks for doing the bare minimum.

February 18, 2011
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Unions are not the reason jobs went overseas.  The reason is greed.  The corporation could make more money using child labor and slave labor overseas.  They could short cut safety and kill millions as American corporation did in India because it is cheaper to short cut safety.  Unions are for the average joe to make sure they don't have to work in poor situations.

February 18, 2011
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The TAX payers of Wisconsin thank Governor Walker's resolve to cure a tax cancer for us all. Most of the public service employee union contracts have lucrative salaries and health benefit plans that are forcing tax increases to pay for them. Some of these people can retire very early at almost full salary. And guess who pays for that...the tax payers. These people need to pay for their own retirement and health plans like most of us do now. And if these people go on strike, they can suspend the public services payed for by our tax dollars. The Democrats that are hiding should be ashamed of themselves for shirking their duty. They need to be arrested and taken back to the chamber in handcuffs. Read our lips: Tax payers are saying enough is enough and the next election will prove us right. Tax payers can't pay for everything and everybody!

February 18, 2011
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Tax payer in this country are cutting their own throat.  So the rich in get richer>

February 18, 2011
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You know the way I see it what if our Governor's, Senate, and President take a pay cut, such as being paid minimum wage. See how long that would last. I think that it is wrong that our schools and public service and are being targeted. Education in this country is falling behind and Wisconsins Gov. Walker is making a big Mistake with this bill. Walker needs to wake up and perhaps look else where to cut and not our Teachers. Also I have an Aunt and Uncle that were teachers and Educators, I have had friends that were or are in law enforcement and have known some firefighter/EMTS actually my Nephew is a EMT and a Niece is a firefighter and a sister in law that is a nurse. I was also married to an electrician. So all the above applies to me is some way or another. Bianca keep on teaching. If it was not for our teachers in the world we would not have the construction workers, nurses, policeman/woman, Firefighter, or our governors, presidents, or state legislators.

February 18, 2011
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You all love to shop at Walmart.

Wonder why they have such low prices?

Instead of paying high Union wages in the US, they outsource their manufacturing so Union workers can buy cheap foreign goods at Walmart, etc..

The Unions have priced themselves out of the labor market.

That's why so many manufacturing jobs have been lost in the US.

Think about it the next time you use the tired/uneducated response - "there are no jobs, the US companies are outsourcing overseas."

I'ved worked non union for the last 12 years.  Before that I work Union.

Currently the company I work for has had 6 rounds of layoffs in the last 2 years.

Nothing is certain.

A former co-worker of mine, used to work for Boeing.

We were told by that person that they did not have yearly performance reviews at Boeing, as I'm subject to now by my non union employer.

We have to prove our value in order to receive a merit raise, where as at Boeing they just had to come to work where a yearly performance review was not required - this from a former Boeing employee. They were assured a job no matter how they performed on the job.

I understand the need for Unions in some sectors of the market place.  The further away from the corporate professional enviroment the more unions are needed due the lack of a professional communication skillset & ability to work with direct reports by supervisors and management:i.e. Kmart, Walmart/Sam's Club, etc.

I do not do business with the above companies because of the treatment of their employees.

I'm also proud that the reason for my continued employment, is due the the value & quality of my job performance.

As workers you are all of value, that must be brought to the table and assigned a position of importance.

But the endgame/personal performance must be subject to review so all the players can achieve gains and be open to areas for improvemnt opportunities.

February 18, 2011
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I support the protests in WI. Fight for your voice. But why not go to where the money went. We bailed out Wall Street for $600 Billion dollars and in 2009 bonuses on Wall Street went up 17%. Go take it back from the crooks on Wall Street! It only took 18 days for the people of Cairo! Storm the castle!

February 18, 2011
Click to view Neecaps's profile

I think this problem goes considerably higher.  The country and every state is dealing with large budget issues.  Therefore, I think the leadership should come from the top and the Federal government should remove the automatic pay raises for the politicians and all of them should take a mandatory 10% pay reduction (including the retired politicians).  Then the states should follow suit do not take it out on the workers (union or not) until the politicians are willing to take the hit themselves.  Leadership by example!!

February 18, 2011
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I live in Wisconsin, and I feel that Gov. Walker did not take the time and talk to the people regarding this bill. I believe that Wisconsin along with the rest of the country is in trouble.

Also I agree with bbussm111 regarding bailing out Wall Street but also the Automakers and the banks.  Also yesterday I heard that the US sent money to Egypt (again) to fix their mess. Why is it that we can send money to other countries, bailout Wall Street, the banks and the Banks, but can not fix the big problems in this country.

February 18, 2011
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Unions have outlived their usefulness. There are numerous laws to protect the worker now. Unions also use members money to lobby for things workers don't want, but they benefit mgmt.

February 18, 2011
Click to view shoebox's profile

Unions, maybe once they served a purpose but now they have gotten out of control. They now are more like the mafia! Let's see I was informed that my health insurance was going to start costing me 20% more a year. Now I know why, so I can cover the cost that a union worker is not paying. Also, how many people in the crowd are not even from the state? Alot, they were bused in with union dues.

February 19, 2011
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Unions have become a joke! My husband was telling me at his job that if a certain union worker-say an electrician- is there before-say a plumber-the electrician sits(and is getting paid while sitting there)waits for the plumber to get done because it's a union job rule. One union worker can't do anything until the other union worker for another union job is done. I would love to have my husband sit & do nothing for hours & GET PAID for doing nothing. My husband is not in a union. His work only hires union workers when they have to build on to the carwash.  Having said this my Husband has not had a pay increase in 4 years & his boss hasen't matched his 401K contribution for 4 years And will not be contributing any time in the future and there is no pension. I don't feel sorry for Any State worker any where. You don't know how good you have it. Live a real blue collar workers life & you will stop complaining.

February 19, 2011
Click to view Aeromechanic's profile

Boy I have seen some very outrageous comments.


"The Union autoworkers ruined the US auto industry". Sure they did, the guys building cars, making $60,000 a year ruined it, it wasn't the CEOs and upper management making millions a year thst did it, right.


You people complaining about Union are just trying to rip them down. Why not organize and demand the same benfits as them? You all have what is known as sour grapes.

February 19, 2011
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npeters, unions haven't priced themselves out of the market. Greed by the corporations and shareholders have caused businesses to seek even more profits. This greed has cost millions of good paying, American jobs.

February 19, 2011
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If you think teachers are so lucky and so rich, why don't you all do the work and be a teacher yourself? Just because you have too little does not mean they have too much. They are not asking for entitlements, they WORK for their pay and their benefits, isn't that supposed to be how it works? How can you act like millionaire CEOs earn their money and shouldn't have to pay their share of taxes, but teachers are just lazy entitlement junkies?

February 19, 2011
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stubby1, people are sick of the entitlement behavior. I don't care if you're a teacher, a policeman, fireman, clergy, or military like myself, you are compensated based on qualifications that you would otherwise be tempted to employ somewhere else. When jobs get harder to fill because there's demand for whatever degree and skill set you have, employers (including Uncle Sam) are incentivized to sweeten that compensation. Unions unjustifiably strong-arming companies and Uncle Sam is the natural suspicion based on the greed of individuals and the influences that unions have allowed themselves to be corrupted by over the years. I just hate when they try to hide behind patriotic and civil rights crap when it's all about money.

February 19, 2011
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Henry Miller, luckily quitting won't make a bit of difference soon, because EVERY job will be just as horrible in this country, thanks to pro-corporate goons like you.

February 19, 2011
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Here are some truths about unions and the economy the GOP and Big Business interests don't want you to know;

The facts are this, Corporations and Wall Street have driven "Private Sector" unions to the brink of extinction

‎40 years ago, 36% of all private sector jobs had union protections. Today that number is 6%. Most of those jobs were either outsourced or de-unionized through position manipulation or clever bankruptcy claims.

Now with a bevey of GOP govern...ors owing allegiance to folks like the Koch Brothers (oft sued for labor abuses) looking to take over government sector jobs (Privatization), they realize the biggest block to their move is UNIONS.

So, how do they deal with that?

Get the politicians they bought to legislate public secot unions into extinction.

Most states pointing the target on the backs of puboic sector employees are misleading the people as to where the problems with their budgets REALLY source from... WALL STREET.

The states lost BILLIONS in investment values due to two things; taking employee pensions into crappy sub-prime investment packages and borrowing from those same funds. Now that they have over-inflated interest debt on devalued pension funds they borrowed from, they are trying to blame the people they took the money from.

So, it really looks more like they are double victimizing the public sector employees.

Here is another myth that needs some busting. All the tax payers don't pay for unions, the MEMBERS do. They pay out of their own pockets. The unions perform two jobs for employees. They act as negotiatiors on contracts and representatives for employees targeted for discipline or treated unfairly.

They aren't some mythical beast out to kill business and bankrupt government. They want those jobs to remain and remain stable.


To listen to the GOP, you would think they union and their members were trying to commit job suicide when exactly the opposite is true.

Look at those first numbers I put up and look at an economics chart.

You'll notice three things

1) As unions declined, so to did middle class wealth.

2) As unions declined, business gathered more money to themselves

3) As unions declined, Wall Street became a bigger factor in the economic de-stabilization of the nation than manufacturing and employment numbers.


Ask yourself this; How come Wall Street is over 12,000 but the middle class is poorer now than it was 10, 20, 30 or 40 years ago? Put THAT tracking line on your graph too. In the end, you'll notice two things WE lost union strength and got poorer and Wall Street is rolling in money.S

February 19, 2011
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I think unions are a problem now; unions were formed because of employer abuse.


Today’s unions are nothing but big business, and have become corrupt, Creating all of these different benefit pyramids, for each employee that they represent.


These pyramids rely on permanent full-time employees that are paying in with matching employer funds and all the other benefits.


Today when an employer hires someone it is a temporary position they do not pay in, which causes the pyramid to cave-in due to lack of support.


In the many ways the unions were thinking to better the American way of life, but unions became corrupt.


February 19, 2011
Click to view ThomasOL's profile

It's an indirect way for conservatives to attack unions.


Unions provide protection from business running amok. Not having unions resulted in business doing whatever it wanted. Having 12 year old's losing arms in complex machinery was not cool.


The less power you take from the people or unions = more power to the conservative/business aspects of society.


It's a double edged sword but seeing the mess wallstreet, banking and business interests have us in atm I don't care if they dislike unions.


They are lucky we haven't rioted in the streets and took all their money away.

February 19, 2011
Click to view dojoel's profile

When a businessman negotiates a good deal for his company he is an excellent and shrewd manager. When workers negotiate a good deal for their product(labor), they are labeled as greedy and selfish. The destruction of unions is a major reason why the rich get richer and the rest of us get poorer. Wake up people, we are going backwards to the 19th century when the there were only 2 classes; the rich and the poor!

February 19, 2011
Click to view annie64's profile

Many state budgets are in the red because of the actions of unregulated banks and the stock markets ,in the first place. After 8 years of Bush we are broke.  Now the same people who brought  our country to financial ruin are putting the burden on the middle class, working and poor classes to fix it all.

We, the middle class are the goose who lay the golden eggs.  Our country was great because we had a middle class.  We pay more taxes and spend more for basic needs.We have every right to be angry with the corporations and uber-wealthy.  Their greed has put  us on the path to ruin.


I stand with the people of Wisconsin and will be protesting in my state. I am proud of the Democratic legislators who left the state in protest.


February 19, 2011
Click to view RangerDOS's profile

Think about this:  If it wasn't for unions American workers wouldn't have any rights at all, no 40 hr week, minimum age, laws against unfair labor practices.  My grandfather worked in a coal mine in Kentucky, lived in a company town, was paid in company script.  Do a little history studying to find out about this life, where the company own everything that you thought you had earned when you left.  Unions aren't left or right, Dem or Repub - their workers. Americas benefit greatly by the unions in this country.

February 20, 2011
Click to view 12seek's profile

LibRliars I agree the Wis Gov should do just like Reagan,and support the unions just like he backed Lech Walesa a politician, trade-union organizer, and human-rights activist. Guess what? the Founding Fathers of this country were Progressive and Liberal not a conservative Tory among them. You need to go back and read our country's history. The good ole days weren't so good. Pro life and family values? Killing people and abusing children for company profit. 

February 20, 2011
Click to view 12seek's profile

Hey Sarahln Texas, we don't want to join you, living in one of the most poverty strickin states in the union. We have had it pretty good until Republican Governors and Presidents dragged us down to about your level. Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Nevada, and Arizona the Meccas for rightwing, pro big business types. All types of workers’ wages are the lowest in the country. The right-to-work, huge wealth gaps between the rich and working class are more so than what is causing riots in the Middle East, hardly any unions and no collective bargaining for public employees. If that is the right thing why do they have extremely high deficits? No unions and low taxes are supposed to be the formula, which means this does not work. Live in your poor depressed state. I am for one glad I don't live there.

February 20, 2011
Click to view 9phx's profile

Workers rights did not come from Corporate America.  It was Unions and hard working men and women who did that.  The people in Wisconsin have every right to protest and be worried about their future.  Would you give up any of your freedoms at your job?  What is to stop your boss from cutting your pay, taking away your vacation, and making you work longer hours?  I guess you would quit that job and get another one because the new employer would treat you fair.  Until they wants to increase their profit.    

February 20, 2011
Click to view Preacher1Man's profile

I am so glad that this country is full of illiterates like people who don't think that unions have a right to exist.  It's about America, people.  Over half of you haven't put a military uniform but yet you love this country.  Sounds like a bunch of "Tea Party" members.  Well, let me educate you "Tea Party" people.  They call it the "Tea Party" because of the Boston Tea Party.  You are aware of that part of history.  Dress up like savages to raid British cargo ships because "taxation without representation."  Well, guess what "Tea Party" people, you're doing it again.  But this time it's against your own government.  And those countries that hate America are waiting for you to destroy it.  Power to the "Unions."

February 20, 2011
Click to view Preacher1Man's profile

Hey, Newone,


This country, just this past election, has elected a bunch of corrupted officials, men and women.  And we voted for them because of party affiliation rather than for the betterment of the country.  And the majority of them are anti-union but for sending jobs overseas.  That makes sense.

February 20, 2011
Click to view tnthutch's profile

Labor is prior to, and independent of, capital. Capital is only the fruit of labor, and could never have existed if labor had not first existed. Labor is the superior of capital, and deserves much the higher consideration.

Abraham Lincoln


It is essential that there should be organization of labor. This is an era of organization. Capital organizes and therefore labor must organize.

Theodore Roosevelt


All wealth is the product of labor.

John Locke


Every man is dishonest who lives upon the labor of others, no matter if he occupies a throne.

Robert Green Ingersoll


We must find new lands from which we can easily obtain raw materials and at the same time exploit the cheap slave labor that is available from the natives of the colonies. The colonies would also provide a dumping ground for the surplus goods produced in our factories.

Cecil Rhodes


When money is controlled by a few it gives that few an undue power and control over labor and the resources of the country. Labor will have its best return when the laborer can control its disposal.

Leland Stanford


Legislation has been and is still directed towards the protection of wealth, rather than towards the far more important interests of labor on which everything of value to mankind depends.

Leland Stanford





February 21, 2011
Click to view myrtlemay's profile

It's sad the number of commenters who believe that unions are to blame for their economic suffering.  You think state workers won't (or haven't been) be laid off unless they're unionized? You honestly believe that unionization is what is preventing megacorps like Exxon (who recently posted world record-breaking profits & receives gov't subsidies) from hiring US workers? The only hope of fairness between labor & business is unions.  Has either side been greedy in the past - sure; the pendulum swings constantly & the goal is in the middle.  But this is about killing the only groups that frighten the GOP, because they're the only groups fighting for working-class people.  My prayers are with the protesters & the Dems courageous enough to fight this attempted coup.

February 23, 2011
Click to view GeorgeGeo's profile

e-mail sent to Gov. Walker,


"Walker was kicked out of college for cheating and he STILL only had a 2.3 GPA. Just how stupid is this man?"


Dear Mr. Walker,


It has come to our attention the information that is mentioned below.  Since the American people should know, because you and your fellow Republicans are trying to destroy our society this information will be sent to all national and Wisconsin News Organizations over and over by close to a hundred people (at this time) until you are fully exposed for your fast talking, lies, distortions of the truth and evil intent.







February 27, 2011
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First I'd like to say to the President who I voted for (YOU ARE NOT A MAN OF YOUR WORD) you should be putting on those comfortable shoes and standing with the people you made that promise to! I would still vote for you in 2012 but only because you would be the lesser of two evils. Second the republicans have done a good job pitting union workers against non-union workers but truthfully to me the non-union workers who are siding with Mr. Walker sound like jealous children. They need to understand that the unions help them, help all of us, with 5 day work weeks, fire safty doors, setting what the minimum wage is for everyone and it is not the teachers for snowplow drivers who created the deficits its the tax breaks given to corporations and big business by these republican governors, all you need to do is the MATH! In Michigan where I live and I do not nor have I ever been in a union our governor Snyder has given massvive tax breaks to big business and his cuts are hurting the poorest Michiganders and his cuts aren't even enough to compensate for his big business tax cuts so he is raising our taxes as well. To blame hard working people when WALL STREET caused this recession and these new republican governors tax breaks to the rich have caused these deficits, why attack the workers. This is ridiculous and uninformed. Shame on CNN for not doing a better job letting the people know the Math OF THESE DEFICTS. Also, why are you not telling the people what Scott Walker did when he was state budget director and fired all the state emplyees and hired private contractors ( show the video of them naked and drunk doind drugs while on the job, tell how they all had to be fired and the state workers had to be brought back and the man who replaced Scott Walker in that position is still dealing with what that all caused. Do Americans really want to be the TURKEY at their own Thanksgiving Dinner! The Rich are getting richer and the poor are being attacked by their own.

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