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Overheard on Young and jobless? Oh, well.


Comment of the day: Thank you for caring. We need more folks like [David Frum] on both [political] sides. bringatowel


Does anyone care? columnist, David Frum—special assistant to President George W. Bush from 2001 to 2002 and the author of six books—takes on jobless rates among America’s young and why no one seems to care.   If the amount of responses from readers is any indication, there is reason to be concerned for youth’s job prospects.


Britney0224 said, “I was more independent when I was 16. Now with my 21st birthday tomorrow...I'm lucky to have this part-time job at minimum wage. And yes, I'm still stuck at home with my family because I can't afford to do anything else. If I were to move out at this very second, I would be homeless.” KaylPerr said, “I'm 24 and just graduated college. I'm at the same part-time job I've been with for the last three years because I can't find a full-time job. In this economy, you either need 5+ years of experience, or you need to know someone. It's tough. I have many, many friends with college degrees who are working in retail, in bars and restaurants, and I have one friend who is a parking attendant because there is nothing else out there.”


voter51 said, “With my two boys 21 and 20 still living at home, I feel for those who are struggling. The fact is that corporations are holding on to profits and not lending which would stimulate growth and hiring.” Bellanca said, “I graduated in '09 with a double-degree in Meteorology and Aviation with a minor in psychology, yet it is impossible to find decent employment. I really want to be an airline pilot, but we had literally two and a half years where the airlines did not hire anyone and they furloughed a ton of pilots. Now there is some movement in the industry but there all kinds of people lined up looking for work.”


Some readers’ offered general insight. David said, “The reason the young and jobless have no voice in Washington is because they are not seen as a large voting block.” rjk256 said, “I would say that this current crop of 20-somethings is more industrious than their parents.” BarryHussien said, “Anyone consider the major cause of teenage unemployment—minimum wage laws? Hear any politicians mention this when they talk about ‘jobs, jobs, jobs!’?”


Tree champions


Two of’s top stories involved planting and caring for trees. The first one is about a recent initiative and the second is about preserving an old tradition.


Thirteen-year-old Felix Finkbeiner, the head of his own organization, Plant for the Planet, addressed the United Nations General Assembly to talk about his mission of planting millions of trees around the world. With 100,000 children participating in 91 countries they’ve planted 3.5 million trees so far. readers commended him:


MrMajestik said, “Friend me Felix... I am totally on board! Nice story, wish there were more like this!” J1982 said, “Positive story for once highlighting that youth CAN make a difference. Why doesn't the news cover more of these events? immoral said, “Felix Finkbeiner. More mature than many twice his age. More power to him.” TimoReiss said, “Felix is way more developed than many adults.”


Auburn specialists are still working to remove poisoned soil—even though the chance of saving the trees is slim—after an Alabama fan poisoned them. readers were supportive of their efforts—particularly representatives from other universities.


CUBuff11 said, “Best of luck saving the trees, Auburn. Big college football rivalries are a very special thing. Hopefully these trees are miraculously saved, but regardless, we know the post-game tradition by Toomer's will never die. From your friends, the University of Colorado Buffaloes.” Guest responded, “May we join you with our hopes for the survival of Auburn's trees, Colorado? We also extend our congratulations to Auburn for making the effort to save them. From friends at Rice University and University of Houston.”


Hair care


Teen sensation Justin Bieber cut his hair and showed off the new look yesterday the same day that queen of coveted-hair-dos, Jennifer Aniston was spotted with a shorter look. So did readers care about their new looks? Yes and no.


Of Justin’s, MadCityBabe said, “Bye, bye career!” Brunna countered, “I don’t think his career will end because he got a haircut. He has a career because of his music not his hair.” Lab said, “It looks great. Hopefully all the teenage Bieber wannabees will chop theirs too. It was a dumb look.” steeve-0 said, “Ten bucks says he glued some of it to his chest.” Cheryl said, “Any hair cut that prevents him from doing the 'hair flip' and practically dislocating his neck is OK with me!”  But Fred said, “It is a sad commentary on the state of our country and society that the second most popular story of the day is: Justin Bieber debuts mature haircut.”


And what about Jen’s new do? Most readers couldn’t see much of a difference. Marie Claire said, “What new do? She has had that do since forever. Dcforlife said, “I think if she really wants a change she should try something like a chocolate brown [color].” arnold ziffle said, “Nope, nothing interesting here. Guess I'll go get a haircut.”





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