Friday, February 25, 2011
Signs of uprising

Technology may have played a major role in political protests from Egypt to Wisconsin, but good-old-fashioned paper signs remain a staple in the protest efforts. Although people around the world are protesting over different issues, they are expressing themselves in similar ways: With cardboard and markers.



iReporter Johnny Colt was in Amman, Jordan, documenting a large protest in support of the Egyptian people, when he spotted this little girl and her sign. The sign read in Arabic: "Stop the revolution, I want my Cartoon Network back." The girl’s father explained that because all the TV channels ware covering the unrest, his daughter couldn’t watch her cartoons.



In Isa Town, Bahrain, one iReporter attended a pro-government rally and spotted protestors carrying pictures of the country’s king, Bahrain’s King. "It was really awe inspiring and made me really proud," said Bahrainia, who asked not to be identified to protect her privacy.  At anti-government protests elsewhere in Bahrain, demonstrators echoed a common slogan: "We demand a trial not a dialogue. We demand the truth about the protestors who have been missing. People want to overthrow the regime."



In the United States, Wisconsin Governor, Scott Walker’s controversial budget bill apparently left a bad taste in one little boy’s mouth (if there was any doubt, iReporter Rachel Hanson added that the boy didn’t like broccoli.)


Plenty of others sided with Walker’s proposed budget cuts, including some Atlanta members of the Tea Party who carried signs reading "Gov. Walker U Rock" and "Wisconsin teachers need to learn how to spell broke" during a recent rally.


The messages from these three iReports may be totally different, but the creativity is similar.


If you spot protest signs that catch your attention, we’d love to see them. Share signs from the Middle East or North Africa here and the Midwest here.

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February 28, 2011
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