Monday, February 28, 2011
Overheard on Duerson's last goal


Comment of the day: "Mr. Duerson went out from his life running interference. He laughed at death by giving his death meaning."



What will happen to former NFL player's brain?


Often, we enjoy and support activities that have dangerous side effects. Football and tanning booths were in the spotlight today. Many commenters wrote to convey their sympathy and admiration for former NFL player David Duerson, who shot himself in the chest last week but requested that his brain be used for medical testing.


justinfo916 said, “How sad. This man was very brave to do what he did. I really hope that they find what they were looking for and his gift will further scientific knowledge.” Ladrikius said, “Once you are in that shape, very little can be done to help you. He probably knew this. I don't fault him a bit for the suicide. I do praise his bravery in saving his brain for study.” Nmgrrl said, “His death is a great loss, and I hope that finding some answers will provide some comfort to his family and friends.”


Some suggested that replacing modern hard football helmets with their softer predecessors might help players avoid injury. fishfry001 said, “It's time to go back to the original ‘soft’ leather helmets. This way players will not lead with their head when making tackles. All this brain trauma is mainly due to helmet-to-helmet contact. At least if you get those hard hats out of the game it can force players to be more protective of their noggins.”  Ryandote agreed. “Having played a little bit of D-2 college ball, I can confidently say your helmet makes your fearless.”


But, argued smc77, “helmets are considerably safer today than they were 30 years ago. The average player today plays considerably fewer years than they did 30 years ago.“ JAFOAgain said, “except that advances in helmet technology were probably negated by the increase in size and speed of player. It wasn’t common to have 230 lb guy running 4.5 40 yard dash 30 years ago.”


The discussion inevitably turned to whether football needed to be changed or even banned. snowboarderf wrote, “I love NFL but this kind of problem has got to be sorted. Hitting is part of the game but more and more players are getting such terrible brain injuries.” Wildeone said, “The NFL will be extinct or greatly changed in ten years. Eighteen Pittsburgh Steelers from the 1970s-1980s have died since 2000. These were men in their 40s and 50s.”


Cookieknits wondered, “If you had a young kid, and someone said to you, ‘Hey, we're going to take your son, twist his body in ways it was never meant to be twisted, slam him up against a moving object, and hit him on the head with a rubber mallet, but it's okay, because we will let him wear padding.’ Would you do it? Doubtful. But put it this way, ‘We want your son to go out for the football team,’ and no one objects. Something wrong there. And, are we all guilty for loving to watch pro football?”


Teens should be banned from tanning booths, doctors say


Meanwhile, the American Academy of Pediatrics called for laws banning minors from tanning parlors, saying the radiation was just too dangerous. Many commenters agreed.lotusleave said, “I tanned from age 24-27 once a month to keep a sunkissed glow. I stopped cold turkey after running into an aquaintance I hadn’t seen in years. She was a perfect blonde bombshell that looked a battered 35-year old. She still tanned 3-4 times a week.”


poupon said, “Untanned skin stays soft and smooth with even coloring for a lifetime. Tanned skin often looks dirty (it gets those smudges from dry patches) and holds up very poorly, even if you escape skin cancer.” RalfTheDog agreed: “A tan is nothing more than a side effect of radiation poisoning to your skin. While you are getting that nice glowing tan, perhaps you would like to munch out on some strontium 90.”


But others disagreed. AjaDiamond said, “I've been a sunbather most of my life, but always in moderation. I'm 60 years old and have great skin, barely a wrinkle and very soft and smooth. I am much more careful about the Sun now and am concerned about skin cancer.”


SuperJase said, “I am from Scotland and a tan is sign of wealth or it used to be. If you were tanned it showed you had money to holiday abroad but now it’s cheaper to travel abroad rather than stay in Scotland. Tans are out of fashion and it makes people look unnatural, not to mention the damage it does to your skin.” Ctim agreed, “It is accepted throughout the island. When I visit Britain everyone is pasty white and they all seem pretty okay about it, and a lot of them think it's more attractive.”


FireFly526 said, “This is not to start anything racial but African Americans think it’s hilarious that white people tan to get darker (just sayin)!”


European governments send rescue missions to Libyan desert


Many sent kudos to the UK and Germany for rescuing their citizens from the Libyan desert.  Kspace1 said, “Hats off to the British! They may serve their beer warm but they showed the world how it is done. In out quick and clean. Fantastic! God Save The Queen!   LarryRollins joined in: “Hats off the German Luftwaffe too (you don't get to say that often). This was a British-German joint mission; they work extremely well together. mintymint said, "Like a thief in the night! Wow! Libya's military must be extremely weak or they're gone over to the other side.”


There was a bit of back and forth about whether it was the proper thing to do. FMArouet said, “This might look as a humanitarian effort from the British Army, but one question: who gave the British the right to send planes to a country without authorization? Like it or not, Libya is still under Gaddafi's authority and they have not been authorized to send planes.” tinwatchman said, “So you think it's immoral for the British and Europeans to evacuate *their own citizens* out of Libya?”


DoubleW chimed in: “By that line of reasoning, I am not allowed to rescue a child from a vicious dog, because they are in somebody else' back yard? Screw that noise. When dealing with a criminal government, rescuing potential hostage victims takes precedence over diplomatic niceties.”


While they’re at it, suggested MikeV2011, the UK’s secret service “should take advantage of the chaos and arrest/abduct Abdelbeset al Megrahi (who was convicted of the Lockerbie bombing in 1988 but released two years ago by the Scots because he ‘had only 3 months to live’).”


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