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Overheard on CNN.com: Was 'The Social Network' robbed?

Comment of the day: “Puh-leese. “Social Network” is one of the most over-hyped movies ever!" -- Seraphim Models


Spacey says “TSN” should have won


After this year’s Oscars wrapped, Kevin Spacey, executive producer of “The Social Network,” said the film would now enter the "pantheon" of movies never to win the top prize. Time, a CNN partner, included the movie in its list of top-10 all-time Oscar snubs. But what did readers think?


Lord Langley said, “’The Social Network’ works only as a social and cultural record not as an entertaining movie that stands alone. ‘The King's Speech’ is slightly more entertaining, better acting but a weak best film. My choice is ‘Toy Story 3’ which will stand the test of time. Shoulda won!” Taylor T said, “Obviously people have different opinions of every movie. I was bored in the ‘Social Network.’ Overall it was good, but take away the soundtrack and I feel like you lose the drama.”


Readers who thought the movie was snubbed included Will H., who said, “’The King's Speech’ is a great movie. Wonderful performances, builds nicely, classical structure. But the best film of the year was probably ‘The Social Network’ -- gripping, timely, directed with style, with an amazing script that renders a complicated series of events in a compelling, very human way. Fincher is a cold fish but I was sorry to see him lose Sunday night.” And Michael Locher said, “’The Social Network,’ in my opinion, was indeed the superior film. ‘The King's Speech’ was elegant and well-crafted, but it was also a conservative film with none of ‘Social's’ daring, complexity, and innovation. It's easily the trickiest, most sly and most contemporary study of modern life and work the Oscars have considered in years.”


Other readers pointed out other snubs:  DRFII said, “How can you omit the ‘Out of Africa’ win over ‘The Color Purple’ in 1985? This is certainly more egregious than ‘The Social Network's’ loss.” Mw Joiner said, “The only Academy Award ceremony where I recall a movie being snubbed is when ‘Forrest Gump’ beat out ‘Pulp Fiction.’ “ Rob Darden said, “One of the biggest Oscar snubs of all time was the total ignoring of Malcolm X for any awards. This was one of Denzel's finest performances, which was not even recognized in any category.” And Kim S. Marshall said, “OMG. I STILL remember the pure SHOCK that ‘Shakespeare in Love’ could win over a profoundly moving, educational, realistic and historical movie like SAVING PRIVATE RYAN.”


Governor overreaching?


As protests continue in Wisconsin, some political experts wonder if Gov. Scott Walker, in a battle with public employee unions over the right to collective bargaining, has overreached in his attempts to shore up the state's budget shortfall.


CNN.com readers’ opinions on the matter varied greatly, but many attempted to clarify the growing controversy.


Among readers who stood behind the protests, Flocktrie said, “Speaking of things states can't afford, Gov. Scott has proposed over $140 Million in tax cuts. If there's really a budget problem, why is he reducing incoming revenues? Oh, that's right. We must give welfare to the rich via tax cuts.” Anotheralt said, “This concept of workers and employers contributing to retirement is ridiculous, in this instance. Contractually, it's literally ONLY the employees who are contributing to their retirement. Walker's rhetoric is pathetic.” 2tired2care said, “They agreed to cuts in pay and benefits that would help cover the budget shortfall but that's still not enough for Walker.”


And other commenters supported the governor. Snakebite201 said, “If you look at states with the most debt imbalance you will find the states that are not right to work. You may say that people in right-to-work states make less money. Well they do, but the cost of living is way lower. alboze said, “I was shocked to hear how much money these unions grab from the workers and they have no choice, it is deducted at gross with or without their agreement! No wonder the unions are fighting back so hard, its money for doing nothing. They might have to go out and get a job themselves.”



A $3,000 water bill? Really?


An Atlanta woman recently received a $3,000 water bill, and Atlanta water officials received more than 22,000 calls in January about problems with their water bills. Water bill spikes were also reported in Ohio, Massachusetts, North Carolina and Florida, and many CNN.com readers shared their concerns.


pauld79 said, “I have lived in the city of Atlanta for seven years. Last month we received a bill for $1700 for an unoccupied condo that my wife and I used to own. We have been disputing this charge for a few weeks, but the 3rd party biller will not budge.” cbmary said, “Maybe these folks should check into what has been happening in Brockton, Massachusetts for months.” lkcolb said, “Why doesn't CNN look into the privatization of water in America? The bigger issue is who owns the water in Atlanta? And who owns water in other major cities in the U.S? It may surprise CNN.”


But Sammie1eye88 said, “The water department in the community where I live installed an automatic meter reading system 5+ years ago; we never had any problems like this. And doonerist said, “I have a wealthy relative who likens her water bills to paying for Perrier. She complains bitterly about the injustice, but has almost an acre of manicured lawn and another couple acres of landscaped garden—and a 60k gallon pool.”


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Compiled by the CNN.com moderation staff. Some comments edited for length or clarity.

March 2, 2011
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On the story about weight.  Every person can do something about this.  After a lifetime of fighting a weight problem, I found the answer thru Weight Watchers.  If you work it, it works well.  I'm down 42 pounds and dropping weight every week.

March 2, 2011
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About "the social network" v "the king's speech," I think the best film won. "The king's speech" was about 2 men overcoming barriers (speech impediment and social class) through friendship. "The social network" was about an intellectual elite screwing his best friend in order to become even more elite. Both are great films with great acting, great music and great atmosphere, but only one transcends entertainment to become an inspiration.


I walked out of the king's speech feeling uplifted. I walked out of the social network feeling entertained.

March 8, 2011
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I uplift ''the social network'' movie because nowadays the social network site is one of the essential things in our daily life to be updated with family, friends and even for news. May be its quit not good for someone due to various reason.

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