Wednesday, March 02, 2011
CNN iReport Awards: Commentary

Everyone has an opinion – expressing it gracefully is the hard part. The nominees in the commentary category of the CNN iReport Awards used their knowledge, creativity and passion to create persuasive and entertaining arguments.


Most importantly, they were able to make their cases without resorting to the insults and ridicule that often seep into a debate. We appreciate their contributions to the lively and respectful conversation on CNN iReport.


Nominee 1:  Angry tainted egg


Animator Carter MacDowell entertains the CNN iReport community with the exploits of the porcine residents of the fictional town of Hamwood, North Carolina (they’re pigs, get it?). Carter’s porky caricatures of President Obama, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and even tennis star Serena Williams offer hilarious takes on current events. The cleverly named Sal Minella took aim at last summer’s tainted egg scare.


Nominee 2: Homeland security



Trevor Dougherty looks like a typical teenager in his T-shirt and jeans and describes himself as a white, American, Christian. Trevor’s a frequent traveler and said he had never been pulled aside for special screening until the day he flew from Los Angeles, California to New Mexico wearing a traditional Muslim outfit. He shared in an creative video that he thought he was pulled aside for a full pat down because of religious profiling and questioned whether that improved airport security.


Nominee 3: Health care circus show



Desire Glover has a strong visual style and an even stronger point of view. Desire uses fast-paced cuts and a hip-hop soundtrack to grab viewers attention and doesn’t let go. In her video, she blamed Democrats and Republicans for not moving faster on health care and accused both parties of loving money more than they love their country. She also criticized American voters for not standing up to politicians who weren’t representing their interests.


Nominee 4: I want to live in a world … filled with love



We asked iReporters to create short videos that finished the sentence “I want to live in a world …” and Doug Bocaz-Larson took the idea and ran with it. Doug shared videos of keepers working and playing with tigers, zebras, hippos and even cobras at the Out of Africa Wildlife Park in Arizona. He said he believes other zoos can learn from the park and should allow visitors to interact with the animals.


Nominee 5: Dear Gulf, I’ll miss you



James Amerson lives on the Florida Gulf Coast and photographs and paints the wildlife and the beautiful scenes he could see from his home. When the BP oil disaster threatened the area he took what he feared would be his last photos of Pensacola’s pristine sugar sand beach[remove extra space]. He also wrote a touching love letter to the Gulf and said goodbye to an important part of his life.


We'll be profiling all of the nominees this week in the blog and you can learn more about the breaking news, personal stories  and interview categories in our previous entries. Check out all of the nominees for the CNN iReport Awards  and be sure to vote for the Community Choice Award. You can vote once a day until Monday, March 7. We will announce all of the winners on Tuesday, March 15 at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas.

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